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test revision book free cscs

The CSCS mock test below will cover most of the health and safety If you have questions about the CSCS test, please ask them below, or if you would like to book a test you can do it here. Very good mock test and it's free. test was a doddle all the answers are right there in the revision that your. Book a FREE min Q&A chat – today! Health and Safety Services · CDM Consultancy Services · Principal Designer Support Services · Competent Person​. There is a range of revision materials to help you prepare for the Health, safety that you are confident with the topics and questions before you book your test.

The real CSCS operatives test consists of 50 multiple choice questions which you must complete in 45 minutes. As with the real test, some questions will require multiple answers, so please ensure you read through the question requirements carefully before submitting your answers.

If you have questions about the CSCS testplease ask them below, or if you would like to book a test you can do it here. Which of these are common fire risks on a constructions site? Choose 2 answers. Disposable ear plugs are essential when working in loud environments.

HSE Test and Exemptions

How many times should you wear disposable ear plugs? Which of these should NOT be used on electrical fires? When should you report a health and safety concern to your supervisor? What should you do if a load is too heavy for you to move on your own, there are no colleagues around to help you, and the load cannot be divided into smaller parts? Which of the following could help you to protect the environment while you are working?

Which of these is NOT normally included in the general site rules?

50 Questions eBook PDF - CSCS Test for Operatives 2018

What would you do if you notice a live electrical wire fall into a puddle of water? What equipment should be used when digging close to underground electrical services? If a worker is uncomfortable climbing to a certain height on a specific type of ladder, he or she should:. What should you do if you have to work near an electric cable which has exposed wires? Maintaining a clean working environment helps to: Choose 3 answers.

What should you do if you realize you cannot carry out a job as described in the method statement?

The CSCS Operatives Test

What should you do if you are working and your helmet gets damaged? What should you do to protect yourself from electric shock if you have to use a volt tool? What is the first thing you should do if you discover a fire on-site? How would you know if you need a permit to work before starting a job? Which of these is most likely if you can see frost around the valve of an LPG cylinder? What type of fire extinguisher should be used on cooking oil fires?

For safety purposes, what is the optimal ladder angle when placed against the wall from the ground? Choose 3 answers. Which of these could be used to verify that a signaller is trained and competent?

Prepare for the HS&E test

What is the most common way of keeping traffic routes free from pedestrians? What should you do if you are witness to an accident on site? Who should a signaller be in contact with at all times while giving signals? Which of these could help a signaller stay safe while carrying out their job?

Did practice test and I got 48 out of The citb website is a vary good for revising for your real test. Brilliant for revising this mock test. Hello Jel Weeks, I just had a look at the test logs and it show you got 3 questions wrong. I can email it to you if you would like. My own fault.

The answer are relatively obvious. This site is very useful. Thanks for a great site. I have no construction experience or skills, just needed the card to put signs up. Passed my test today at Liverpool collage, 49 out of 50 Pass rate is 45 and above.

Tip — — read all questions slowly, 2 or 3 times if need be, you wont run out of time, 45 mins to answer 50 questions. Make sure you read the question then re-read it as a few questions might trip you up if you rush.

A very helpful tool. Or can anyone else reply to this if u see it cheers guys. Good mock test to practice on and some different questions in each attempt. Doing the test in a few days.

CSCS Mock Test for Operatives 2020 – Full 50 Questions

Keep doing the tests and best was 46! Great help, thank you. One thing I did notice is there are now 6-types of fire extinguisher there used to be 3. Both sides of the card could be utilised. Food for thought…. Just need to learn, fire extinguishers, site signs, ladders, and the rest is common sense. Good preparation, Thanks.

Tried is a few times, never lower that 47, always fire extinguishers questions wrong, test this Saturday. It was so helpful to me, but the extinguishers are so complicated.

CITB Construction Skills Health Safety and Environment Test

I ask that if you could add more questions about the fire extinguishers. Thank you. Thank you so much for making this revision accessible. I am so glad and i found it really helpful.

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Great job and well done. Good mock questions and test. Lost my book.

book free cscs test revision

Spent a whole day on this site and passed my test. A great website. Do wet chemical extinguishers still exist? Ex fire safety trainer.

We can book you in at any one of 350 nationwide CSCS Test, Health & Safety Test Centres.

First attemtsecond attemtthird attemtfourth attemt It helps to understand if you keep doing the test over time, but is the exam going to be thesame as this mock test? If not then im in trouble, my exam tommorow. Please let me know. Thanks this is very helpful done this two times got 48 first time then 50 second time and you need to get 48 out of 50 to pass as they are health and safety questions so you need to know them 46 is a fail im afraid.

Thank you very helpful and handy. Great start for any person just starting his work on construction. Hope i will pass my test now.

revision free test cscs book

The test is just worded slightly differently but the answers are the same. Really worried about the fire extinguisher questions. Any suggestions? My progression went 47, 49, 48 and 50 lol could not stop until I maxed. Good tool to build confidence. Uncontrolled hot works. Transport vehicles. Waste build up and poor housekeeping. Get a colleague to help you drag the trolley the remaining distance.

Find another way to move the load. Stop using the trolley and carry the load the remaining distance. Drag the trolley yourself. Three points of contact need to be maintained when using a ladder. A ladder should always be painted to avoid excess wear and tear.

Fibreglass ladders can help lessen the chances of electrical grounding. Discussed after your first shift has ended. Sent to you in the post. Discussed at your first lunch break.

Discussed during your site induction.

CSCS Test For Operatives Full Test PDF

Three times if they are cleaned after. Only once. As long as the sound is inhibited, they can be used indefinitely. Green safety signs signify:.

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