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View full-text. Book. general microbiology. January FEBS Book Reviews. Principles and Techniques of Practical Biochemistry​; Edited by K. Wilson and J. Walker, Cambridge University Press; Cambridge. Volume , number 1. FEBS LETTERS December General Microbiology (​Sixth Edition) by H.G.. Schlegel (assisted. Cambridge by K. Schmidt; translated.

Attribution CC BY. This covers the basics of microbiology, starting with a brief history of microbiology and the impact microbes have had on humans.

The text covers the application of genetics in Microbiology research, microbial metabolism to provide a background on Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. The text covers the application of genetics in Microbiology research, microbial metabolism to provide a background on the function of microbes before delving into their role in diseases and human health.

This text is ideal for students planning to pursue a health related field.

microbiology free pdf books general

The book is missing several key words in the metabolism section, like lithotroph, chemotroph, and autotroph. There is no mention of reverse electron flow in the section on phototrophs. The glyoxylate pathway is missing and there is no mention of Gibbs free energy.

From a public health perspective, this book is missing a section on indicator organisms and how they are used for water quality monitoring. However, it does do an excellent job covering early epidemiologists John Snow and Florence Nightingale. The immunology section was much easier to read and understand than my current textbook.

The content is presented in an unbiased manner. The content provided is accurate, but their are errors of omission and errors of over simplification.

For example, the nitrogen cycle is described as having only three steps: denitrification, nitrification, and nitrogen fixation. These aren't really steps, they are multistep processes. There are many other steps in the nitrogen cycle that are not included here. The content will not become outdated quickly. It is easy to build on the content that is provided.

This is both a strength and a weakness.

General microbiology (sixth edition)

With commercial text books, each chapter provides too much information and I can delete the excess info. With this text book it would be necessary to spend time providing additional content to increase the depth. The content provided will not become obsolete because it is cursory information that is unlikely to change. It is easier to delete excess information than it is to produce new content to supplement the text. The latter option is probably a better education experience for students, but it is a substantial time commitment for faculty.

This book is very easy to read, but I worry that it does not meet the academic standard necessary for an upper-level biology course at a 4-year college. The textbook is highly consistent and easy to follow. One of it's advantages is how easy it is to read and the clarity of the diagrams and figures. The book is highly modular and it is easy to embed sections into the LMS for students to read. The review questions at the end of each unit are also very thorough. The book follows the standard set up of other text books, beginning with a short history of microbiology, moving into the structure of a cell, how prokaryotes are different than eukaryotes, moves on to discuss genetics, biochemistry and metabolism, and finishes with microbes and human health.

It is logical and well organized. I really liked the interface. The online rendering produced detailed images that were in line with the text.

I thought the text was broken up into digestible pieces with clear and easy to read diagrams interspersed. The layout was well thought out. The book is culturally sensitive and presents discussions of disease spread and nomenclature using correct and unbiased terminology.

I was impressed with the chapters at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book. The middle chapters that are not focused on what makes a microbe or on human health are the chapters I would like to see increase in detail and depth. The breadth of topics covered would be good for a range of at least undergraduate-level micro courses. This is definitely a strength of the text. Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less.

I really like the later sections dealing with newer methods being used to study microbes, as well as the organ system specific infection chapters. Though the book is clearly written for students interested in the health professions, I think that the text is also applicable to those interested in other applications of microbiology. Some of these non-medical applications may also be added in later iterations as well.

It would be fairly easy to customize teaching from different sections of the text to meet the specific needs of my students. I think that the overall organization of the text was great.

free general microbiology pdf books

There are some sections that require updating however as newer technologies are now being used in medical and academic research that are not included in the current iteration. The interface is clean and straight-forward. I do also really like the links that are available to access additional information resources for selected topics.

This is a really neat feature.

Very very important 5th sem Microbiology book

As with many STEM texts, the best described history of the beginning of this field only includes white men. A suggestion would be to layer in examples from more contemporary science as new discoveries are made to more evenly distribute the representation within the book.

Additionally, there are some historical references from at least the early 's that could be added in so that contributions from women and scientists of color are recognized among science students.

I would be interested in using this book for future microbiology classes.

Essential Microbiology (2nd Edition) – Free PDF Download

I think that as a reference for some basic concepts it is a great tool for students. As an instructor, I also appreciate the instructor tools that are available, given the format of the book OER. Some updating would improve the text, both for content and representation of scientists, but overall, it is a great text.

The comprehensiveness of the text is in line with a commercial publisher's Microbiology text.

Conditions of Use

The approach is different, and this text spends the initial several chapters introducing the topic of Microbiology in a survey type fashion. Instructors will need to take care not to lose the students interest as they introduce the material in the first 6 chapters followed immediately by 3 chapters covering Biochemistry, Metabolism and Growth.

Students find the content of these 3 chapters drastically different than the first 6, and instructors should consider reordering the 3 chapters and the remaining content to provide a smoother transition from microbial phenotypic traits to genotypic traits. I have used the text in a level introductory Microbiology course for one semester, and found it to be free of errors, accurate and unbiased.

Read this book

The authors have done a great job of editing the text. Commercial textbooks in the field of Microbiology are updated every 3 to 5 years, this text is currently in the fourth edition and is mostly up to date. An example, the section on recent viral outbreaks such and Zika and Ebola. One area that required some updating was the section on horizontal gene transfer, which was easily updated. The figures included with the text are not of the same quality one finds in commercial texts and are more sparingly present throughout the text.

Both of these issues can be addressed by the instructor, possibly by supplementing the text with both additional and higher quality figures. I used a commercial Microbiology text in the spring semester and this text in the fall semester. Both classes had approximately students with similar backgrounds and preparation. Although the students appreciated free access to the text book, the quality and frequency of the figures was an issue for some students. The text flowed well from chapter to chapter and it was not apparent that multiple authors had been used.

The chapter quizzes were well liked by the students as well as the online interactive quizzes.

I found the chapters and sections self-contained and free standing. This made it very easy to rearrange the order and delete sections to fit the needs of the course and the students. The flow to this text is well organized. It follows a logical approach.


I personally prefer presenting the "Genes and Genomes" topics before microbial metabolism, and it was easy to rearrange the order of presentation for the students. I did not find anything that I believe could be interpreted as offensive or culturally insensitive during my use of this textbook. In summary, this text was a reasonable replacement for the commercial text that I normally use.

pdf books free general microbiology

I have mixed feelings about continuing with it in the future. The free access for the students is a major plus and makes the decision a difficult one. As this text exists, the commercial Microbiology texts have a clear advantage in the quality and frequency of the figures as well as the PowerPoint outlines that are provided to instructors.

This text would be much better if the instructor had the time to modify and add, probably double, the number of figures that accompany the text. The issue with this is finding a source for better quality and additional figures? Using figures from commercial texts is not a possibility and free-source figures are rare or not available for each topic and again the quality can be an issue.

The text would benefit from a major effort from all the open users to contribute their individually generated figures to a data base that all users to access. This textbook authored by Nina Parker et al. Each chapter provides a sufficient historical background regarding pioneers of scientific discoveries, advancements in scientific technologies, and global health impacts. The subject matter includes basic science, empirical and clinical reasonings, thus an impeccable textbook for aforementioned student demographics.

Additionally, the authors elegantly provided fundamental supplements to physics, chemistry, mathematic basics, metabolic pathways, and taxonomy relevant to microbiology within the Appendix.

It includes a thorough glossary of terminology and an index of symbols and terms with associated internal link to respective section web-based or page number. The content is presented accurately, inclusive of proper citing and footnotes at the end of each section. The textbook is written in an unbiased manner with appropriate attention to inclusiveness and cultural sensitivities.

One particular example is highlighted in the background of Henrietta Lacks Section 6.

General microbiology (sixth edition)

The text further proceeds to Eye on Ethics and promotes an unbiased approach to ethical and critical reasoning regarding current research standards, informed consent, or compensatory actions.

Overall the material presented is relevant and exhibits longevity. Subsections provide auxiliary explanations and background e.

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