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Dual-language books are a tool for language learners and/or bilingual readers. They offer text in two different languages. Often, this text is side-by-side in each. Johannes Schumann: Books -,English (USA) - Slovene for beginners: A book in 2 languages: Dr. A book in 2 languages Slovene for beginners. Learn Thai Language best price, easy, convenience from a great GUIDE TO SOUNDS, TONES AND THAI WRITING SYSTEM (+2 CDS).

This book was edited by Mario Pei and in the foreword, he explains why a book of this kind is needed:. This work is an answer to the conscious and unconscious needs of these students and teacher of Romance languages.

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It is a book the necessity of which has long been felt, but somehow no one has ever taken the trouble to supply it. There is some inconsistency in the fact that Departments of Romance Languages are far more common in our system of higher education than separate Departments of French, Spanish and Italian, yet nowhere are the Romance Languages taught as a unit from the comparative angle that would permit the learner to avoid major confusions and major pitfalls.

Learning three related languages at once should certainly prove no more difficult than learning them separately.

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Notley is a similar book though it is much older. The good news about this book is that it is in the public domain, and I have scanned my copy so you can download it as a PDF or flip through it online. Some copies show up on Amazon. Not only does it explain grammatical differences, it also includes vocabulary lists in English, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German and English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian — however, some of the language is quite dated.

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It focuses on learning to read and comprehend five Romance languages. You can buy it from dicoland. I just bought the only copy available at amazon.

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The newer edition with words is available at amazon. Unfortunately, Shaker Verlag does not seem to be selling it anymore, and the EuroCom website is a nightmare to navigate. It is also currently unavailable at both amazon. Download the full text for free from eric. It also includes some Dutch vocabulary.

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You can read it online through Google Books. Wagner has a PhD in Linguistics and is dedicated to learning and teaching languages online and abroad. Jennifer Wagner.

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    I've updated the list of multilingual sites for learning multiple languages together, but if you're interested in multilingual books (some as PDFs).


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