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Ann Cleeves is a British author who is best known for her work with Crime Fiction. She was born in in England and grew up in the English countryside.

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She spent her childhood living in Herefordshire until her family moved her to North Devon. Cleeves comes from fairly working class background, as her father was a teacher in a local school.

Order of Ann Cleeves Books

She had a happy and simple childhood. Her adult life is interesting, as she did not graduate from college immediately as you may expect from a published and acclaimed writer. Her adult life began in quite the opposite way actually as Ann dropped out of University after only a short time. She went on to work in a variety of different jobs, most of which she considered temporary and uninteresting.

However, it was not until she eventually decided to go back to college to become a probation officer that she felt she had found her true calling. Despite the fact that her previous occupations had almost no impact on her current writing work, she did find something very important in one of her random jobs.

It was while working in the bird observatory that she met her now husband, Tim. This got her attention immediately. From then on Ann and Time were inseparable and they were married soon after.

Publication Order of Inspector Ramsay Books

They had not known each other long before they married, but despite this, their marriage is still strong. Soon after they were married, Tim was appointed as a Warden on the small island of Hilbre. This is a tiny island nature reserve.

This island was so small that they were the only inhabitants and access to the mainland was extremely difficult. Therefore, it was on this remote Island, away from civilization that Ann Cleeves began writing. This move may have been the most important move of Cleeves life, as it was where her love and talent for writing started. Bythe Cleeves family, which now included two young daughters, moved to Northumberland. This is why so many of her novels use the Northumberland as their main setting.

However, it was always Ann and her husbands dream to eventually settle in the Northeast and inthey finally did. Both her daughters are now happily married to men from Newcastle, England. Ann Cleeves has written many novels in her time that focus on crime fiction. She has a way of keeping her readers interested and intrigued enough to ensure they are always asking for more. One of the most successful book series that Ann Cleeves has written are the Inspector Ramsey books.

This novel takes place in a small, uninteresting town. However this changes very dramatically when the Head Master of the local school is murdered.

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This novel is an example of very early work from Ann Cleeves, however the moving yet endearing plot ensures that it has stood the test of time as an important work of crime fiction. Another novel from this series is The Baby Snatcher.

Ann Cleeves

This was published in and is the last book in the Inspector Ramsey series. When she appears on his doorstep acting distressed and claiming that her mother has gone missing, he kindly invites her in.

However, after returning young Marilyn to her home in Headland, it is clear that her mother is safe and well. It is then that he is forced to investigate the strange goings on in the coastal town of Headland. Cleeves uses her unique style of writing once again to bring the readers into this twisted yet charming novel.

What the Shetland Series is about?

The character of DI Vera Stanhope, is not only one of Anne Cleeves most remarkable and moving characters, but thanks to the television series Vera, she is also one the most successful. The character of Vera appears in six novels and this sassy detective has proven entertaining for even those who have not read the novels. Vera is now on its fourth television series and airs on the British television channel known as ITV.

The very successful actress Brenda Blethyn portrays Vera, which has undoubtedly added to the success of the show. Anne Cleeves is very proud of this and is delighted by the overwhelming success of the series. We recently conducted a poll among visitors and the Memory Man series was voted the 8th most favourite series by all readers.

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Ann Cleeves and Louise Penny on writing, mystery, and friendship

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However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series. He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion.

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