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Can anyone recommend a free VPN I can download before my trip to Iran so I can access Facebook, Gmail, BBC and so on?​ I heard that certain VPNs work only for certain areas.​, all other websites we generally access, gmail, yahoo, viber, what's app, skype, google maps. Hi, well I'm afraid you will not be able to use websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Putlocker in Iran without having an anti-filter app. Best,. Arshia. In the first few years of the 21st century, Iran experienced a great surge in Internet usage. As of , Iran's SmartFilter is configured to filter local Persian-​language English-language sites, such as the websites of the BBC and Facebook. Khamenei alluded to bans on Nazi-related or anti-gay sites in some countries.

In the first few years of the 21st century, Iran experienced a great surge in Internet usage.

iranian in facebook anti for filter

The blocked sites have a wide range of topics including health, science, sports, news, pornography and shopping. At the beginning of MarchIran began implementing an internal intranet. This effort is partially in response to Western actions to exploit its Internet connectivity, such as the Stuxnet cyberattack, which have fueled suspicions of foreign technologies.

The government's and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Sepah response has included requiring the use of Iranian email systems, blocking popular webmail services, inhibiting encryption use by disabling VPNs and HTTPS, and banning externally developed security software.

Iran is one of the countries most strongly identified with internet censorship.

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When first introduced, the Internet services provided by the government within Iran were comparatively open. Many users saw the Internet as an easy way to get around Iran's strict press laws. Regime opponents in Iran are said to rely heavily on Web-based communication with the outside world.

Many bloggersonline activistsand technical staff have faced jail terms, harassment and abuse. One of major accusation of Vahid Asghari was creating a national plan against censorship by the government.

In preparation for the March electionsthe Iran government instituted strict rules on cybercafes and is preparing to launch a national Internet. The body which is called The Supreme Council of Virtual Space will consist of the president, culture and information minister, the police and Revolutionary Guard chiefs.

Their task will be to define policy and co-ordinate decisions regarding the Internet. This is thought to be the country's authorities strongest attempt at controlling the Internet so far. ISPs face heavy penalties if they do not comply with the government filter lists. At least twelve ISPs have been shut down for failing to install adequate filters.

As ofIran's SmartFilter is configured to filter local Persian -language sites, and block prominent English-language sites, such as the websites of the BBC and Facebook. The software effectively blocks access to most pornographic sites, gay and lesbian sites, reformist political sites, news media, sites that provide tools to help users cloak their Internet identity, and other sites nebulously defined as immoral on various grounds. Iran has been accused by its critics of censoring more Internet sites than any other nation except China.

Iran has since developed its own hardware and software for filtering purposes. The architecture of the Iranian Internet is particularly conducive to widespread surveillance as all traffic from the dozens of ISPs serving households is routed through the state-controlled telecommunications infrastructure of the Telecommunication Company of Iran TCI. The Kurdish Wikipedia was blocked for several months inaccording to Reporters Without Borders.

Iranians can sometimes access 'forbidden' sites through proxy serversalthough these machines can be blocked as well. The proxy website changes whenever the Iranian government blocks it.

However, even the U. The banning of "ass", for example, blocks access to the website of the United States Embassy. Following the Iranian presidential electionthe U. Senate ratified a plan to help curb "censorship in the Islamic Republic". The possibility that Nokia Siemens Systems sold, inTCI a deep packet inspection countrywide capacity for monitoring or even altering content of Internet voice and mail communication was raised in a Wall Street Journal report in June, Iranian government uses speed throttling as a means of frustrating users and limiting communication.

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Significant speed drop of Internet communications in the days following the Iranian presidential electionweeks leading to electionand during times of international political upheaval, including during the Arab Spring are examples of such behavior.

Although no reason for the decree was given, it is widely believed the move was designed to reduce the amount of western media e. Note these prices are just for Tehran. Prices are usually higher in other cities. However, the situation got better in the years afterward, and as of Oct. According to the American newspaper The Washington TimesIran is using lawful intercept capabilities of telecommunications system to monitor communications by political dissidents on the Internet. A "monitoring center" installed by Nokia Siemens Networks NSN for Irantelecom intercepts Web-based communications and archives them for Iranian law enforcement officials.

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Lily Mazaherya human rights and immigration lawyer who represents Iranian dissidents, reported that one of her clients was arrested because of instant messaging he had participated in with Ms. He told me he had received a call from the Ministry of Intelligence, and this guy when he went to the interrogation, they put in front of him printed copies of his chats with me.

He said he was dumbfounded, and he was sent to prison. According to a newly passed legislation, Internet Service Providers ISP in Iran are required to store all the data sent or received by each of their clients. ISPs may delete the data no sooner than 3 months after the expiry of each client's contract. Out of country protests following the elections resulted in Iran increasing their monitoring of online social networks, especially targeting Facebook.

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Upon re-entry to the country, citizens that have lived abroad have been questioned and detained due to the contents of their personal Facebook pages.

In Aprila senior official, Ali Agha-Mohammadi announced government plans to launch a " halal internet ", [49] which would conform to Islamic values and provide "appropriate" services. Myanmar and Cuba use similar systems. As of earlyIran's ministry of information and communication technology was reportedly testing a countrywide "national Internet" network it is planning to launch aimed at substituting services run through the World Wide Web.

In addition, by late JanuaryInternet cafe owners are required to check the identity cards of their customers before providing services. According to the news website Tabnak, an Iranian police statement states:. Internet cafes are required to write down the forename, surname, name of the father, national identification number, postcode and telephone number of each customer. Besides the personal information, they must maintain other information of the customer such as the date and the time of using the Internet and the IP address, and the addresses of the websites visited.

They should keep these informations for each individuals for at least six months. In May Iran criticized Google for dropping the name "Persian Gulf" from its maps, leaving the feature unlabelled.

Six days after Khamenei's statement, Iran announced that Google and Gmail would be added to the list of banned sites, to be replaced by a domestic Internet network largely isolated from the World Wide Web. Iranian media reported that the new system would be ready by March The isolation of the separate network was also touted as an improvement to network securityin the wake of the Stuxnet worm attack on Iranian's main uranium enrichment facility.

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A computer virus was also found in Iran's major Kharg Island oil export terminal in April. Communications and Technology Minister Reza Taqipour said, "Control over the Internet should not be in the hands of one or two countries. Especially on major issues and during crises, one cannot trust this network at all.

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Khamenei alluded to bans on Nazi-related or anti-gay sites in some countries, asking "How there is no room for freedom of expression in these cases, but insulting Islam and its sanctities is free? As of mid, the government of President Hassan Rouhani is seeking to ease Internet restrictions in the country, with Ali Jannatithe culture minister, likening the restrictions to the ban on fax machines, video recorders and video tapes that was implemented following the revolution.

During the —18 Iranian proteststhe Iranian government blocked Internet access from mobile networks and blocked access to Instagram and the messaging mobile app Telegram in an effort to stymie protests. At some points, the government completely blocked Internet access in parts of the country.

American technology companies block their services inside Iran in efforts to over comply with United States sanctions which outlaw financial transactions with Iran. In Augustaccess to free services on GithubGitlabas well as Amazon Cloud services were suspended for users inside Iran.

In Decemberthe platform Slack temporarily suspended access to its services for all users who had ever connected to the platform from Iranian IP addresses. Slack reinstated those accounts under public pressure, while continuing to suspend its services to users connecting directly from Iran. Since MarchApple has made the App Store unavailable in Iran, [62] with significant impacts on the ability of people in the country to communicate online.

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Users inside Iran using Apple devices were unable to access the App Store through their usual proxies, and were unable to download new VPNs or communication apps. In NovemberIranian government imposed a week-long total internet shutdown in a response to fuel protests.

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