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Compaq Presario CQEV Chipset XP Driver Windows XP SP3: Download (KB) Benq Joybook R45 Windows 7 Driver. BenQ's Joybook R45 is a good laptop at a great price — and will be even created a new RAID 0 array, and reinstalled the graphics drivers, we played the Equipped with Windows XP Home (with Service Pack 3), the Aspire one system is the Gateway's 4GB of MHz RAM, plus the bit version of. UAA drivers (Must be installed before installing the audio driver): Windows XP SP3: Download (KB) Driver for HP · Benq Joybook R45 Windows 7 Driver · Atheros AREG Wireless Network Adapter Windows.

The place where You can find all information about the latest mini notebook that available in the market. Design The Joybook R45 is an odd mix between premium and entry level. It's certainly built solidly enough, and when closed it paints quite the attractive picture. Even the brown vinyl surrounded by a silver trim, designed in faux-leather style gives it a nice, refined touch, if a little fake. The standard battery extends beyond the back of the laptop, but only slightly, and given the laptop's The interior is a mix of black, silver, grey and a single red trim, along with glowing red buttons for power and wireless — giving the impression that we were typing on a Cylon, which is all types of cool.

Nonetheless, the cheap silver plastic may offend some in its old-school nature, and the single bar used as a both left and right mouse buttons requires far too much pressure to activate. Crapware is kept surprisingly light, the only annoyances being the bundled Arcsoft webcam software which pesters you to register and is also very slow to load ; Trend Micro's antivirus which also harasses you to register for a day trial and although it only requires an email address; we do wonder when antivirus firms will start harvesting personal information much like the malware they're trying to stop ; and BenQ's bundled "Q-MediaBar 2", an annoying program which consists of a big "Qmedia" logo, around which rotates program shortcuts in 3D.

Sounds impressive, but sadly is not, and you'll be switching it off quickly.

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Performance 3D performance was expectedly low considering the GeForce M, scoring 1, in 3DMark06 — this is not a gaming laptop. In PCMark05 the R45 scored 4, making this more than adequate for day-to-day tasks and office usage.

Turning off all the power-saving features, setting the screen brightness and volume to maximum, we played back a DVD to stress the system. Under these conditions, the battery lasted one hour, 24 minutes and 41 seconds.

Obviously under normal office conditions with power-saving features turned on it will last significantly longer.

BenQ's Joybook R45 is a good laptop at a great price — and will be even better once you get an extra gigabyte of RAM in there. Its differences are mostly cosmetic -- whereas the Wind is available in a number of colours, the is available with a black lid and silver interior only.

You only get one choice of operating system, too -- Windows XP -- but there is other useful software.

There's also some drive-based recovery software that'll let you reinstall Windows XP -- should the unexpected happen -- without using an optical drive. Read our full MSI Wind review for more information. The Aspire one sports a classic look and its Intel Atom processor gives it a decent amount of power for surfing the Web and light multimedia use.

We just wish this netbook lasted longer on a charge. Sleek, Small Design The pearl white Aspire one also available in navy blue, pink, and black looks far from cheap. Compared with other 8. Measuring 9. With its included pleather sleeve, the system was perfect for tossing into a shoulder bag or slim briefcase.

The keys were quite responsive and offered nice tactile feedback. Measuring 2. The result is a lot of back-tracking.


Similar to the trackpad on the HP Mini-Note, it is vertically straddled with the right and left mouse buttons, forcing us to use both hands to access the buttons. Acer includes both a 5-in-1 card reader for transferring photos, music, and other files and an additional SD Card slot so you can expand the measly 8GB of storage capacity on the system.

Fun houses the Media Master multimedia player, Photo Master picture manager, and a slew of causal games. Though most of the essential programs come packaged with the system, adding applications is a challenge.

book driver r45 win7 sp3 joy benq

We recommend the XP version of the Aspire one for those who want to run additional applications. Decent Display and Speakers The 8. We were even able to keep a Web page and a document in OpenOffice open side by side. While a clip from Saturday Night Live streamed from Hulu. The horizontal angles were better, but sharing the screen with another viewer to watch a YouTube clip was a struggle. The integrated 0.

The microphone, located to the left of the webcam, picked up a bit of background noise, but our caller could hear us quite well without having to speak up. Acer Aspire one Performance The Aspire one uses the same 1.

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Nevertheless, programs loaded relatively quickly even when we had several others running in the background. Keep in mind that we were testing the Linux version of the Aspire one. We were able to listen to music, surf the Web, and write a document in OpenOffice Writer all at the same time with no hang-ups. The mini-notebook packs an 8GB solid state drive, which helps boot the system in a quick 20 seconds. However, despite the durability and speed of the SSD, we were disappointed by its limited 8GB of storage space, of which only 6.

Interestingly, when a card is slid into the dedicated SD Card slot, the computer treats it not as separate storage but as part of the hard drive.

During testing, the Aspire one got a bit hot on the underside of the unit on the left side toward the exhaustmeasuring about degrees. The rest of the system felt only a little warm on our lap, however, with most other areas measuring 87 to 94 degrees.

We managed to squeeze about 2 hours out of the battery with Wi-Fi on. Because of its Linux operating system, we could not run any standard battery run-down tests, but with regular use, including surfing the Web, listening to music over Pandora, and word processing, the mini-notebook got 1 hour and 58 minutes of runtime. The Eee PC delivered double the runtime with 4 hours and 38 minutes of battery life using a six-cell battery.

Acer will offer an optional six-cell battery upgrade, which should double the endurance. It never dipped below 92 percent signal strength in a foot radius, and we experienced no dropped connections. Web pages loaded quickly on our office network; NYtimes. We also had no problem streaming video from Hulu.

r45 benq win7 book sp3 driver joy

The 8. In the ever-growing field of mini-notebooks the Aspire one is a decent buy for those on a tight budget looking for a secondary PC for getting online. Currently, that notebook is the Alienware Area m17x, an overachieving beast that sliced through most games without a hitch. We love its matte black design, customizable glowing features, and killer gaming scores.

Design The m17x, aptly named for its inch glossy display, features a full and comfortable keyboard with backlighting and a large, smooth touchpad that sits flush with the palm surface and is discernible only by a backlit square outline. The m17x boasts a full number pad, a feature the m15x does not offer.

r45 benq win7 book sp3 driver joy

The power button is a silver alien head with glowing eyes. The area around its gorgeous high-definition x display is a sleek, glossy black. Personalization Alienware makes customizing the m17x easy. You can choose from ten colors or white and black for the Alienware Command Center, blend them into each other, and create themes for applications and activities.

Alienware plans to extend this feature to games, allowing a designated area to flash red every time you die, or green every time you grab an ammo box in your favorite game. The AlienFusion power controls let you create custom energy profiles or choose one of the three basics: balanced, high performance, or power saver. High-Quality Display and Speakers The high-definition x display is simply gorgeous, and the colors really pop.

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The display was bright enough to play in the office and still make out details, and the first-level boat mission in Call of Duty 4 exhibited deep blacks. The speakers were quite good; they were crisp enough for us to hear our movements through gravel in World of Warcraft, and audio from our commanders in Call of Duty 4 came through loud and clear.

Under the Hood The m17x has components similar to those in the m15x, and that includes the 2. The m had a score of 34, while the m17x scored a sky-high 45, The m15x was a close third with 30, The m17x took a poky 1 minute and 23 seconds to boot. We attribute that sluggishness to the 5,rpm hard drive; it was able to copy 4.

Gaming on the Area m17x During our Call of Duty 4 tests, our average frame rate on optimum settings x and graphics turned up was frames per second. The m15x, by comparison, offered up frames per second with the same settings. This offered a much crisper experience: Walls were sharper and edges more clean than with the lower resolution, and it still managed a very high frame rate.

On our World of Warcraft test with a dedicated Ethernet connection, we measured frame rates while flying from Orgrimmar to Gadgetzan, about a 5-minute ride, and saw an average of frames per second. By comparison, the PFX, which packs a slightly slower 2. In Crysis the m17x fared quite well. We found our favorite settings were graphics set to Medium with the game running at a native x resolution. A Word of Caution The M series cards from Nvidia support PhysX technology, which allows for objects to act according to real-life physics: Think water spilling out of a glass or a window shattering.

During an Unreal Tournament 3 session, our m17x locked up completely, and when we restarted, it would not boot into Windows. Microsoft had no comment before press time. Adding insult to injury, when we loaded the restore disc, the Alienware Command Center software no longer offered support for the backlit keyboard. After we reimaged our system, created a new RAID 0 array, and reinstalled the graphics drivers, we played the same level in Unreal Tournament 3 two more times with no problems at all.

Wireless and Battery Life Wireless scores were decent at 15 feet, where the m17x managed The m17x lasted 1 hour and 6 minutes on our own battery-life test, which browses Web sites until the battery drains.

Under gaming conditions, that time would be far less.

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Instead, it came with CyberLink software for playing Blu-ray discs and Nero 7 for burning files. The desktop was clutter free and, in fact, only had a trash can icon on it when we first powered up. The company also offers customer support forums, as well as an online knowledge base and the option to chat with an Alienware representative using its chat system. Sleek Design The shiny plastic chassis, available in black or white, gives the system a clean design, while a blue power light and an attractive door which covers the front ports add to the minimalist look.

Throw in a matching keyboard and an optical mouse with an orange light that shines through its buttons and the Eee Box is ready to show off to house guests or visitors to your dorm room. At a size of 8. If you need to move the Eee Box, its 2. Odd-Angled Keyboard, Tiny Mouse The sparse keyboard saves space in its own way by avoiding any empty spaces between keys and eschewing quick launch buttons.

Because of this low elevation, we were unable to use our wrist rest, which was actually higher than the space bar.

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