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today ridiculed Shoaib Akhtar and his controversial autobiography, which allegations he has made in the book titled 'Controversially Yours'. The only occasion on which I spoke to Shoaib Akhtar was at the Blue a full seven years later, in Controversially Yours, Shoaib's autobiography. to not only bring some levity to the book, but also spring the character to life. Shoaib Akhtar lets it rip. His next stop is Delhi to promote his autobiography, cryptically titled Controversially Yours. It is a book that is unlikely.

Jump to navigation. It is a book that is unlikely to win him any friends in a career marked with clashes, injuries, and a colourful nightlife wherever Pakistan played.

He was cricket's superbrat with an indescribable Punjabi-Irish accent and an insatiable appetite for adventure, his rollercoaster life making headlines for all the wrong reasons. As he tells India Today in a midnight chat from Dubai, "I was born with an attitude.

Pakistan's World Cup-winning captain Imran Khan, now president of Tehreek-e-Insaaf party, says pace was his biggest asset.

‘Controversially Yours' from Akhtar

He had terrified Australians the year before with some great spells at Colombo and Brisbane. In itself, he was devastating in New Zealand with 6 for 30 in the second Test, at Wellington. The and World Cups were unmitigated catastrophes for Akhtar, riddled with disciplinary scrapes that ranged from breaches of night curfew to drug abuse, from a rape charge to several indiscreet comments. Akhtar has now realised that discretion is the better part of valour.

Over 13 years, he played 46 Tests and picked wickets and missed almost as many games as he played. He has odi wickets.

Controversially Yours | Rawalpindi revelations

But no one knew when he was fit and available up until the World Cup semifinal against India in Mohali which he missed. Now, he is genuinely no longer available. The Pakistani team cements together when we play against India. But the Indians, though they always have a great selection of talent, especially in the batting department, often play for themselves first and then for the team. In our dressing room, when we sat around discussing strategies, we always remarked upon the fact that some of the Indians would play to get runs for themselves and that would help us win the match.

shoaib yours by book akhtar controversially

We, too, have had great batsmen like Inzamam -ul Haq and Javed Miandad, and we almost always had the edge when it came to bowling-we've had terrific bowlers like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, all match-winners. Although we had differences with each other, we held together as a team because we were passionate about winning I could be wrong in my judgment but I do believe that batsmen the world over are to some extent selfish and play for records I think players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid weren't exactly match winners to start with, nor did they know the art of finishing a game.

Things changed when younger players like Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh arrived on the scene. These guys didn't play for records, they played to win I know our whole team gives Sehwag the credit for being the one to lead India's winning streak.

Gautam Gambhir and he have given India quick and wonderful partnerships. Before that there was only Sachin; the poor man carried the entire burden on his shoulders. With him was Dravid, who has a great technique but has never been a match winner. Sachin has started scoring quickly, and playing the role of a match-winner for his team. I can't recall a series from his earlier playing days when he helped win matches. But now, with the help of Sehwag, Yuvraj, Gambhir, Virat Kohli and others, who are terrific batsmen and keep things moving, he wins matches for India.

He has taken a leaf out of their book and bats beautifully. Now he is a complete batsman. Please don't get me wrong. I think he was always a great batsman, if not the greatest in the world, and I admire his extraordinary skills. To me, however, winning is everything. Vivian Richards, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara and the likes of them are great batsmen who dominated with the bat and were truly match-winners.

Initially, when I bowled against Sachin, I found these qualities missing. He might have had more runs and records but he lacked the ability to finish a game. Apne run liye aur out ho gaye. But in the last three years, I can see that he has changed his game. An important thing that happened to Indian cricket was the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly.

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I think he was a superb captain, a giant of a man in a slight body. One of his greatest gifts to his side was the very brave decision to bring in youngsters, and he backed them as well. This has changed the face of their team. Dhoni has benefited greatly from taking over Ganguly's team.

by yours shoaib controversially akhtar book

He is a very smart man, an intelligent captain, and on the field he is calm and collected, and means business. He knows how to lead, and the Indian team were deserving winners of the World Cup. Inzamam left and Younis "Pakistan has everything but qadar, the ability to value what we have". I wish I had played under Imran Khan and that he had been around to guide us as youngsters.

He was the last man who cared about the game, about the Pakistan team.

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography

Our seniors set the example of going out, having a good time-girls were always coming and going out of their rooms. This was the prevailing culture in the Pakistan team. This is what we saw and learned. But when one of the seniors became our coach, he preached what he never practised in his own time. I know people who were drunk and came out to play. This is a fact. And now they call me undisciplined-it's unbelievable.

I wish now that I had never listened to Javed Miandad. I should have gone back home, trained, and then gone to England for the county season My grouse is with my own board.

Akram tears into Shoaib over his claims in autobiography

If a batsman gets out of form, he is given some time to regain it. If a bowler bowls poorly, he too is given a chance to find his rhythm. After all, no one can play brilliantly all the time. But no one had the patience for Shoaib If you ask me, Pakistan has everything but qadar, the ability to value what we have. Allah has given us both a gift and a curse and the curse is that we will never be valued by our own, whether in politics or sports. Benazir Bhutto was shot dead-whoever wants to work for the good of the nation is bound to be finished Younis Khan won us the T20 World Cup in and was repaid by being forced to face inquiries Even Imran Khan He was beaten up by politically motivated rogue elements in Punjab University in Can you imagine something like that happening just across our border, a mere minute drive from where he was so heartlessly treated?

Can anyone imagine this happening to Tendulkar in India? Is it possible that Tendulkar or Dravid have not made mistakes?

controversially by shoaib akhtar book yours

They are protected because they are national treasures in a country that has invested pride in them. Shah Rukh Khan "It was not the board alone that ruined Pakistani cricket, it was the team too". I nzamam, at one point, did manage to keep the team united. He and I didn't get along but that didn't affect the team-we did well under him for a while. However, a strange thing happened in the dressing room just about then. It is my opinion that the namaz is the duty of every Muslim.

Every Muslim knows this, and he also knows that if he doesn't do the namaz, he will be held responsible in the court of the ultimate judge, Allah. To force grown-ups, as though they were children, to do the namaz or zikr seems a bit strange to me. The problem begins when someone feels that now he has got on to the right path, he must make everybody else do what he does.


I think that's missing the point; it's also a form of arrogance. If you can find the right path and correct yourself, so can the other man. If you impose your will, Allah's benevolence and kindness are ignored. But some people thought that this was the way to take the team forward.

Roza, namaz, tabliq were to be compulsory team events. Guys were taken to task if they wished to pray in the solitude of their room. Threats were used; if you don't pray with the team, you will be thrown out. I can guarantee that ten of those praying with the team were doing so because they were scared of being thrown out. I mean, to go around telling all of us that if you recite the namaz with the group, you will be selected and will be in our good books is the strangest thing.

Namaz sadda zameer hai-namaz is our conscience-but Islam has also given us instructions on when and how to pray. Islam da adda hissa pakeezgi hai. When the whole team got together for namaz, the bathroom floor would become wet and filthy, with tissues strewn all over-it was disgusting. Islam is all about purity, cleanliness We began praying on airplanes, if you please, although it is absolutely clear that if you are travelling, you can be excused for namaz.

Shoaib Akhtar lets it rip. At the receiving end are one-time teammates and Indian greats.

And the toilets-oh my God! Once, the team made the water flow out into the aisle and there were complaints all around; they stopped us from praying on that flight. It wasn't safe either. I was happy when Younis Khan became captain because he is a great team player, but he wasn't aggressive enough with the management.

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