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My experience with Scribd in short review. Compared to Audible which charges $15 for a single Audiobook, with Scribd, you can listen to 5 eBooks which is more​. After you spend your credits for the month, you can't make additional While Scribd has a ton of documents and eBooks, it only houses 70, used to be a great website when you could download books and resources. Critical highlights. For the next 14 months, my credit card was drained.

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We have canceled our subscription Main interest was audio books. The selection of books did not include books we wanted. This is the best that could happen to me in my quest for spiritual growth and management related. I had a free trial subscription which I cancelled last November. I was utterly shocked on Friday to find out that my cancelled subscription was resurrected. So, you may cancel your subscription, you may delete your account, but the only safe way to avoid further charges is to block your card and get a new one.

I tried to login to my account to erase all my data. Error message: Server denied connection. I emailed them.

What is Scribd?

They have no 'clue' about any sort of charge. I contacted my bank today to block my card and get me a new one. Y'all just a bunch of fraudsters who deserve to go to jail. I don't even need your refund, I just wish you go to hell, Scribd.

Case They are offering an unlimited trial out of the kindness of their hearts to help people through Coronavirus isolation. I thought I cancelled my subscription right after the free trial in November.

But I apparently it doesn't end when you press end subscription, There's like 5 more pages you have to go through and click continue cancellation.

Scribd Main Features

I read many reviews about people being scammed the same way. The subscription cancellation process is clearly designed to mislead people to think they have cancelled when it is not yet completed. So yeah, like many others, I'm a victim of their fraudelent behaviour. True, I didn't recieve any confirmation the first time 14 months ago but neither did I recieve ANY of the charge rmail confirmation during this period. I had no idea. Stay away from these crooks!

You are not even worth 1 star. I can't even get a person or phone number to stop this. I want it stopped immediately. I would not recommend this to another person. I canceled premium membership a loooong time ago and I've still been paying for this!!!! I don't even use Scribd!!! In my account there's no information that I have premium membership.

Is Scribd Worth It? An In-Depth Scribd Review 2019

There's only information about joining premium membership again. You've already earned enough money on me. I want my money back. At first it was not bad, honestly, I did enjoy this service.

What Is Scribd? Is It Actually Worth It?

However after the first month I started to realise some things that i did not quite like. This is not a big problem, but over time it can become a little pricey especially for students such as I. Secondly, and the main reason why I gave Scribd 2 stars is the fact that they make all titles available at the beginning of my subscription, then near the middle or end of the month the same titles become unavailable until the next month of my subscription, even some that are in my library.

I have read some reviews on Trustpilot, and I have realised I am not the only customer experiencing this. Which, despite Scribd's response that they are investigating this issue and the problem is with the person's library, it lead me to believe that this is a way for Scribd to make individuals remain on their memebrship and not cancel as it happened to me 3 months in a row.

Scribd: The Definitive Review

This, to me, seemed like a very sly move, and I do not appreciate this at all, thus I have cancelled my subscription, and have take on fellow reviewers warning of potential money withdrawal despite cancellation.

Therefore, I have screenshotted the process of cancellation As for me, I think I will stick to my kindle. I cannot log onto my account to cancel account. New password not recognised. Their e mail address not acknowledged or recognised by my server. Please scribd,cancel my subscription and membership. Not even worth one star. I never authorized any payments. They are stealing money! I was amazed at the low rating Scribd has on this website. I had only good experiences for the months I have used Scribd.

Cancelling and re-starting and cancelling my subscription posed no problems at all. I am thinking of using them again. Maybe when my Kindle Unlimited subscription runs out Although, Scribd should definitely overhaul their subscription cancellation process. Customers have to be really careful and be absolutely sure that they have indeed cancelled.

This is clearly a scam. They charged my kid's bank account after he cancelled the free trial 15 days in. His scribd account shows cancelled and no payment processed, yet there the charge is on his bank statement. Their support is a joke, and they are obviously phishing for his full card number as we go deeper into it.

reviews from scribd books can i

We've refused to provide more details on his card and opened a fraud claim with his financial institution. To respond to scribd: the case number is My financial institution already refunded me.

I provided the last 4 digits of my card, but refused to send the first 6 in addition. That only leaves 2 more to figure out and start using my card.

Scribd Review

No reputable company needs all this information to figure out why they charged me when they shouldn't have. Response: if charges come through again, 3 things will happen: 1 my card will be closed 2 my financial institution will be alerted to fraud once again and 3 I will pull in the BBB.

Figure it out. You charged the card, you do NOT need all but 2 middle digits to trace it. Yes, the case is closed, but again - this better not happen again. I never sign up for automatic payments! So somehow, Scribd misled me or tricked me into an automatic payment scheme. AVOID this company!

I contacted this company before my FREE 30 day trial to cancel and they still charged me and they won the case Paypal because I could not find my cancelation email. They use their own email service so you get no receipt them or email confirmation.

I am in Montreal Canada I took the free trial in July I cancelled it in august On february I saw on my credit card that scribd withdraw every month since August I asked for a refund and I was told they can't refund more than 30 days back. I checked on my Scribd profile and I didn't see any trace of my cancellation I have had a bad experience with Scribd.

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Others have complained about the refusal to fund as well. I cancelled the service, but Scribd continued to bill me, and refused to give a refund beyond 30 days. Amex put a stop to payment, but Scribd found a way to avoid the hold--Scribd gave Amex a new merchant number instead of honoring the hold and the cancellation. Look at the bad reviews on Trustpilot. This is no coincidence. I would not do business with this company again.

Scribd Review – Is Scribd really “unlimited”?

Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. We have canceled our subscription We have canceled our subscription Main interest was audio books. This is the best that could happen to… This is the best that could happen to me in my quest for spiritual growth and management related.

Not unlimited at all They are offering an unlimited trial out of the kindness of their hearts to help people through Coronavirus isolation.

Reply from Scribd.

What is SCRIBD: the idea and how it is implemented?

Hi Susan, we'd be happy to take a look at your account and provide some more context for that "available soon" banner you're seeing. We invite you to email help scribd.

Beware of the cancellation process I thought I cancelled my subscription right after the free trial in November. Hi Xinjia, we apologize for any confusion with the cancellation process!

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    So no, you don't 'own' the books you purchase on Scribd. How much does Scribd cost per month.

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    As for selection, Scribd can give you access to over 1 MILLION different eBooks and audiobook titles. That's right. Scribd works as an all-in-one service, providing​.

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    The only complaints we have is that the selection of books is somewhat limited, BUT - there is still a TON of great stuff on there and with the free trial you can test​.

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    I can't access any books by the authors I added to my saved list. Don't advertise something as unlimited when it's actually very limited. I'll stick with Audible and my.


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