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Unlike books purchased through Amazon, public library books are not delivered via your Kindle 3G connection. When you've got all that sorted. How to borrow Kindle books from the Library. Many public libraries allow Kindle e​-books to be checked out. How does this work? The e-book is made available. With a library card, an internet connection, and an e-reader, you can start reading the book right away without ever leaving your house. Get.

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What You Need to Get Started

Tired of paying so much for ebooks? Most libraries these days let you check out eBooks, for free, just like regular books.

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It works really similarly: libraries have a certain number of copies to lend. If all copies of the book you want are already checked out, you have to wait for someone to check it in. While each library web page looks a little different and each library has a varying selections of books, the basic work flow is the same.

eReading Room

Remember in the previous section when you searched for your library on OverDrive and it gave you a link? In our example, the local library site is kpl. Your library may be something different. Follow the link provided and look for a login link.

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We recommend jumping right to the advanced search, when possible. Not only was the book in the system, but there were three copies available. We added it to our book bag, then clicked through the book bag and hit checkout. Again, the workflow through your library may not be identical, but it should be pretty close.

Finding Ebooks At Your Local Library

After you check out of your specific OverDrive library system, the system kicks you over to Amazon. So, no more overdue charges! Note that, just like physical books at your library, each library has a limit to the amount of of books that can be checked out by its patrons at once.

Search for your library by its specific name or your city name.

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But use whatever whatever makes you happy. You have to do a bit of initial setup, but the reward is easy access to free eBooks from your library, without the hassle of worrying about returning books on time.

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In addition to getting books from your local library, there is also a variety of ways to get books and content on your Kindle. For further reading we suggest checking out some of our previous articles including:.

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How to get free e-books from your public library

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How to Get Free Kindle Books With Your Library Card

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    Kindle books that you borrow from a public library are available to you for a specific period of time, just like with physical library books. Eligible library books are.


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