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conversion book canon utility address

on Dawn, an application to convert Outlook address book to ldap format. 2. I'd like some information on the Canon Address Book Conversion Utility. CSV" format. Open the saved file using MS Excel. Outlook's Address Book has approximately 92 columns of information. Canon's Address Book. Address Book data in CSV format created on applications such as Microsoft Excel can be imported into the machine, or the Address Book data can be exported.

Importing Address Book Data.

Importing your Address Book

Exporting Address Book Data. You cannot use the Address Book if you do not have permission to access the folder where the Address Book is saved. Log on as a user who has permission to access the folder, or change the save location of the Address Book.

utility book canon address conversion

Open the printer folder. Displaying the Printer Folder. If a dialog box that prompts you to enter a password is displayed when you click [Export], the [Protect with Password when Exporting Address List] is selected in the [Security Settings] of the [Special] tab.

conversion canon address utility book

Enter the password to access the Address Book data. For more information,click [Help] on the fax driver screen.

Canon - Address Book Export/Import

Specify the location to save the file, the file name, and the file format, and then click [Save]. Save the Address Book data in a folder, such as the [My Documents] folder, where you have write permission.

address utility canon book conversion

If you want to create an Address Book, click [New], or if you want to copy the existing Address Book to the specified folder, click [Copy]. If an Address Book already exists in the folder selected in step 5, the following message is displayed. If you want to use the existing Address Book, click [Use as-is], and if you want to use the Address Book of the fax driver, click [Overwrite].

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