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This version works perfectly on phones AND tablets. Supported image formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP (Android +), BMP, PDF, CBZ/ZIP,CBR/RAR,CB7/7Z​. Product description. CDisplayEx is a light, efficient CBR Reader, and it is also the most popular find a volume instantly. The player also allows you to connect to network shares, preload files on your phone or tablet, and perform searches. Product description. The best comic reader ever! Click on any text to have it pop out in a bigger Read your comics on your Android tablet; See art and text the way they were intended, thanks to magnification This comic book reader works fine with the various types of Comic Book archives, however, lacks polish.

Do you invest in a sleek 10 inch tablet?

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What about a mini tablet to save a few dollars? Could you stick to a laptop or desktop? The simplest answer is that popular Apple and Android 10 inch or thereabouts tablets will provide you with an excellent digital comics reading experience.

The resolution is amazing, the comics look great, and I could leave every issue in single page mode and read no problem. The downside of Apple, of course, is that the typically excellent iPad features some prohibitive pricing. A newest gen iPad Air will give you consistent comics bliss, though.

In tablets, as in life, you get what you pay for. I wrote a lot in the guide about Marvel Unlimited problems with the Android operating system. As a functional MU addict this was a meaningful demeritt.

This is true outside of MU as well. Android and iOS are well supported by the major digital comics players, meaning you can have a similar experience with Marvel Unlimited, Comixology, Hoopla, and comic book reader apps across either operating system. The Tab had a lot of support from readers in our previous guides, including the below:. It even comes with a free Marvel Unlimited subscription for 3 months. Super light and does not make it uncomfortable holding for long periods of time.

So just from a comic book stand point, I feel it is the ultimate reader. And while that price can definitely be intimidating, there are also frequently used or refurbished options that bring the Tab Pro down in more affordable price ranges. The Galaxy Tab Pro with I use a combination of Unlimited which,yes is a little buggy, but bearable for filling in capsand the Comixology Marvel App though I only buy the 99c comics.

As well as the huge screen, it has a stylus which means I can eat my lunch and swipe the pages with my stylus preventing a horrible dirty screen.

How to Read Digital Comics on the ($50) Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

I was on the same dilema than you guys. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8. I can easily read and collect mangas on the Manga Rock App. And on the same time read great american and european comics like The Worlds of Aldebaran. Looking at the above screenshot, you can tell pretty clearly that the full size tablets are going to approach the standard comic book reading experience much more accurately.

This should hardly be a surprise. You can easily hold the device with just one hand while reading comics, the tablet is incredibly light, and you could even conceivably fit the device into a cargo pocket if needed.

Just saying. The major downside is that single-page reading on the 7 inch tablet is generally not very practical. You will need to zoom some, or if reading in Comixology, use panel-by-panel reading.

This is a slightly different experience than just having the page in front of you and may take some getting used to. From the words of the people:. That fact alone shows that it possible and indeed quite enjoyable. There was a lot of zooming and switching from portrait to landscape however and whilst this never stopped me it was a detractor.

Following recent price drops I purchased a Nexus 10 and omg what a difference. No zooming necessary. What about some of the other players in the tablet space? Now, clearly, at that price point, there have to be sacrifices. The touch screen is a bit sluggish, and the visuals lack fidelity compared to some of the snazzier options. I also got about 3 years of use out of mine before the whole thing became sluggish to the point of insanity. But if you just want a full-size option that works?

It also makes a very nice commuting device, with less concern about dinging up the screen during travel, or losing it on a train. I have a Kindle Fire HD 8. So to use it you have to side-load the app. It needs a lot of work. I list of links in EverNote to facilitate locating the books I want to read. The link opens the Silk Browser right to the correct page. When you open a comic to read, it opens to fill the full screen unlike the app, navigation works great, and the comic looks beautiful.

You can still pinch and stretch as you see fit. But since my tablet is an 8. Windows tablets worry me for the same reason the Kindle did originally — Marvel Unlimited compatibility.

The Best Tablets For Reading Comics: 2019 Edition!

You will be able to access Comixology in the Windows store, though. Personally this is a stay-away for me unless you have an absolute need for Microsoft.

The discussion around your phone of choice is very similar to the full-size vs. Or at least… that was traditionally the case.

reader tablet android book amazon comic

The latest gen iPhone and behemoths like the Samsung Galaxy Note are extremely reasonable comic book reading devices. Hoopla — Simply put, Hoopla is my new favorite digital comics app.

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Great selection of DC, Vertigo, and Image books. He's a long-time comic book fan, and can be seen most evenings in Batman pajama pants.

book reader amazon comic android tablet

Contact Dave comicbookherald on Twitter or via email at dave comicbookherald. However, personally I find lengthy reading off a regular tablet pretty exhausting, aching eyes, headaches etc. I would like to outsource some advice. I really really want the Ipas Pro I know ipads in general have good screens.

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I like to read in whole page mode as opposed to panel by panel. Would I do just as well with one of the more moderately priced ipads even with a smaller screen or is the pro as worth it as it looks? I use comixology, dc universe, and comic zeal for image books. The size is also perfect for me, no issues being able to read any text, and those horizontal splash pages look beautiful — the ipad pro seamlessly transitions to landscape mode in all apps.

Best e-Readers of 2019... So far

I think this article needs to be cleaned up a bit. I just picked up the S5E as they were running a promotion for free bluetooth headphones here in the UK and overall its fantastic for comics. Highly recommend it. Was looking at the HD 10 as a possible option. Would you recommend it in ? Is there a Unlimited and Comixology App for windows? I own both a RCA Viking Pro and an Alco Pro12 sister tablet to the RCA Pro12, same thing but twice the onboard storage, ie 64GB version and I cannot recommend them more as comic readers, especially for those on a budget looking for a comic reader and not much else.

I bought them specifically for this purpose because of their resolution, the Viking Pro first and then the Pro At On the Viking Pro I found myself zooming in to get the most out of the art fairly often but on the Pro12 I almost never do.

Has anyone tried the new Ipad Pro I am chomping at the bit if it will allow good comic viewing. I use both a The new The first gen I guess I have to make due with a fantastic screen instead of a fantastic, but even better screen, until I upgrade lol.

I have the My prime reasons for having it are comics and videos.

Gideon, Personally I think a 15 inch screen would be too big for casually reading comics and my guess is the weight of the device will quickly become a factor. I want my laptop to be a bad-ass laptop for work and I want my tablet to be a bad-ass light-weight tablet for consumption. I use both for very different things. All, In an update from my previous thread I wound up getting the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet and I feel like it was a great purchase.

However, it makes for a great stand and screen cover when you fold it up. Dave Thanks for the response! I think for me the reason why the 2-in-1 is an appeal is more financial than anything. I thinking on that still.

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But if you think the comics would look good on a 15 inch screen, I may be willing to compromise with the weight. I think not having to squint to read the text at all would be a welcome change to my comic book reading experience. I wanted to update this thread with my experience using the Google Pixel C as a digital comic reader.

Overall I would NOT recommend this tablet for reading comics.

amazon reader tablet comic android book

The back of the device is very slick and feels like it could easily slip from your fingers.

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