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Download full-text PDF. The Review of The Review Article: Strategic Depth (​Stratejik Derinlik). M. Cuneyt Ahmet Davutoğlu, in his book, Stratejik. Derinlik is​. Like lebensraums,. Davutoğlu defines a near abroad perspective in his book. Secondly, in his theoretical perspective, it is obvious the recognition of social facts as. International Relations Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu.2 'Strategic Depth' seeks to For more see the original text of the book Ahmet Davutoglu, Startejik Derinlik.

Thanks to the historical legacy of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey owns great geographical depth, which places Turkey at the centre of many geopolitical areas of influence. Accordingly Turkey should exercise influence in all these regions to be considered as one of the central powers. According to Davutoglu, to become a regional leader and play a global strategic role, Turkey primarily needs to establish friendly relations with all its neighbours. In this regard, between and Turkey concentrated in resolving problems with its neighbours.

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The strategic depth doctrine had become the main ideational guide. Because of a series of miscalculations about Arab uprisings and of the problematic Syria policy, Turkey lost its appeal in the international community and the period of precious loneliness has begun. Turkey sidelined from regional affairs and had lost its leverage in the region. Arab uprisings were a substantial crisis for the role that Turkey had assumed in the Middle East as a regional soft power.

The regional instability and turmoil together with the outflow of millions of people from Syria left the Turkish ruling elite at a crossroad. Would changing horses cause the change of pathways too?

Instead possible scenarios about the future of Turkish foreign policy will be discussed. Foreign policy will likely become an arena for President Erdogan to gain more popularity both in Turkey and abroad. However, this is exactly what a strategic depth repertoire dictates.

The real challenge for new Turkish foreign policy makers lies elsewhere. Ankara has to prove itself as a crucial partner in the resolution of the civil war in Syria.

Her areas of specialisation are theories of international relations, security studies and security and foreign policy. Recently, she has published several articles and book chapters discussing migration from a human security perspective.

book pdf davutoglu strategic depth

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pdf depth davutoglu strategic book

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    In his book “Strategic Depth,” published in , Davutoğlu elaborates on his strategic vision about Turkey. He argues that Turkey possesses “strategic depth” due.

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    This concept is eponymous with the title of Davutoglu's book The origins of this doctrine can be traced to O¨zal's neo- Ottomanism, 'the muliti-dimensional'.


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