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Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Paraná

The video is overwhelmingly critical of REDD. Voice over: REDD. It is a perverse paradigm that is not about forest protection. Protestor in Cancun, We are sure that what they want with REDD is to take our forest and our water, while they do the opposite of helping.

They want to convert our areas to developed areas for rich people and kick out the poor people and the farmers because they have no resources of their own. Protest by local communities in Chiapas, October Governor, listen up! The forest is not for sale!

It involves the financial institutions of the world, the oligarchies of the world, it involves multinational corporations, it involves the northern countries, specifically industrialised countries, pushing forward to a next level economic globalisation that is nothing but privatisation of nature. Voice over: Carbon trading is a scheme to privatise the sky, and set up a trading mechanims whereby polluters can buy and sell permits to pollute even more. So the idea is that if I grab these forests in the global South as sponges for my pollution I can keep polluting in, say, California.

REDD is the pillar of what is being called the green economy, which is nothing more than capitalism of life. Tom Goldtooth: We are reading fancy ads that these corporations are paying for that make them look green, greenwashing the pollution, around local toxic hotpots such as the tar sands in Northern Alberta, where the Cree, the Dene, and the Matsqui people are being killed.

One of the most carbon intensive developments in the world, destructive, ripping up trees, tearing into mother earth, contaminating the water. You can even see it from the satellite.

Voice over: Chevron. This REDD project uses armed guards. Tom Goldtooth: Before you can trade anything, and treat anything as a commodity, you have to determine who owns that.

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As Indigenous Peoples you know we, many of us embrace the cosmo-vision, the spirituality, the sacred relationship that we hold dear to who we are, especially our relationship to the sacredness of Mother Earth. These are values and ethics that guide us. Voice over: REDD is a plan to steal your future. It increases climate change, it makes global warming worse, it sends us over the cliff. Tom Goldtooth: In consultation with the, our medicine people there was a consistency in their response, that REDD is a manipulation of the sacred.

It is evil. I have worked with indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon for the past 25 years and am very involved with local community organizations in Acre and elsewhere in the Amazon. I think you guys should check your facts a bit more carefully. Brazilian civil society organizations are working really hard to bring socio-environmental safeguards to the National Strategy for REDD.

Acre is one of the states in Brazil with more indigenous lands demarcated, covering around There are 14 indigenous groups with 35 indigenous territories and 2. Combined with other conservation units, the state has 7.

There are still more territories to be demarcated, but REDD is not affecting that all.

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There are much stronger and at times perverse economic and political interests at play. You guys would contribute more towards stopping deforestation in Brazil if you focused on the battle to save the Forest Code which has been lost.

Beto Borges — Thanks for this comment. It is posted in full below in English and Portuguese:. It is presumed that he has been authorized to do so. Moreover, in the National Park of Serra do Divisor the process of oil exploration has already been initiated and will produce enormous destruction. For this reason, Sr. Schmidlehner — Coordinator Amazonlink.

facebook aberto videoer esqueceu o

Anyone who knows me and has followed my work history knows that. Therefore, I am at peace within my conscience.

New video – Exposing REDD: The False Climate Solution

As far as I am informed, there are no REDD projects in indigenous territories in the state, and no indigenous communities — or, indeed, any other traditional communities — have signed year REDD contracts, contrary to recent suggestions in REDD-Monitor. Therefore, I believe that we all have the right to express our opinions in relation to the risks and opportunities associated with REDD mechanisms. Sirs Michael, Lindomar and Elder, it is unfortunate that you chose not to participate in the workshops on SISA and compensation incentives for the conservation of environmental services in indigenous territories that were organized by Forest Trends and the Pro-Indian Commission of Acre with the Institute of Climate Change.

If you had joined us, you would have been able to express your concerns directly, expanding the quality of the debate and the space of reflection. I personally invited Michael Schmidlehner to attend the workshop after my lecture at UFAC, and that invitation remains open. For you to say that I am lying I consider it a personal disrespect. Your insinuations that I and Forest Trends are connected with the agribusiness and extensive cattle ranching sectors in the State is absurd and frivolous.

It is appalling that you express in this aggressive and disrespectful way to communicate legitimate concerns. Respect is the first step for a constructive dialogue in the way for the transformations we are seeking. Schmidlehner — Coordenador Amazonlink.

Assim, creio que todos temos direito de opinar quanto aos riscos e oportunidades inerentes aos mecanismos REDD. Eu mesmo convidei pessoalmente o Michael Schmidlehner para participar da oficina depois de minha palestra na UFAC e o convite continua aberto. Dizer que estou mentindo considero um desrespeito pessoal. Dear Beto Borges, Excuse me for not replying earlier but I was very busy in the past weeks. I know you personally and I do not think you are lying.

However, I think you — even not acting in bad faith — are involved in a broad and complex process that brings about obscuration and distortion of facts in favor of certain economic and political interests. Indeed, twelve years ago these mechanisms had not yet been created nor any of these terms. However, in this time public policies had already been implemented via governmental and business programs in order to assign economic value to acrian forests. On the contrary, the same old power structures are being reproduced and reinforced through these mechanisms.

You did not — as you write in your comment — invite me to the workshop.

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I remember your exact words. I asked you if the event is open to the public. Please ask other people who were present in this moment to confirm this. Dossier Acrep. I believe that your intention is sincere and would like to accept your invitation. Sincerely, Michael F. Schmidlehner Amazonlink. Eu lembro exatamente suas palavras.

Por favor pergunta outras pessoas que estavam presentes neste momento, que podem confirmar isso. Atenciosamente, Michael F. Skip to content. Greetings Chris Lang, I have worked with indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon for the past 25 years and am very involved with local community organizations in Acre and elsewhere in the Amazon. It is posted in full below in English and Portuguese: Response to Sr. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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