Facebook phishing scams and hacking tools

phishing tools and facebook scams hacking

Phishing Attacks: Here we have explained about Phishing and its Attacks in brief. hot topic lately that have grown with the popularity of online banking and social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Mobile Hacking Tools. Phishing scams are on the rise, and costing over $57 million from more than are the result of stolen passwords, not high-tech hacking tools. Advanced Spear Phishing tool for Facebook with 2 factor authentication bypass! May contain minor bugs due to idk. facebook tool phishing hacking python3.

Post a Comment. Tuesday, December 24, Scammers can never be underestimated. They always manage to come up with something new to scam the internet users.

Phishing Attacks

Now, they are tricking Facebook users into giving up their passwords. Business Insider has explained how this phishing attempt actually works. The mail also mentions that the page could be deleted for the same reason. The user is then asked to click on a link to confirm their identity.

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This is where things get interesting. Instead of being taken to a website pretending to be Facebook, the user is actually redirected to the real Facebook and lands on a note that resembles an official copyright complaint. The fact that user is reading the note on the real Facebook makes this phishing campaign more effective. A second link is then presented to the user so they could carry on with the appeal process.

tools scams facebook hacking phishing and

Although it looks real, the link houses a bit. The user is then required to provide numerous details, including their name, page name as well as email address.

and hacking phishing scams tools facebook

This causes the user to not doubt the legitimacy of the website. The account is compromised once all the details are submitted by the user.

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Users should also use different passwords for different services so if their account details for a certain service get compromised, their other services remain risk-free. Also, it is the best practice to double check URLs before providing confidential information.

A Facebook spokesperson said that the social network had already taken down the page associated with the scam note. However, Digital Information World's separate investigation shows that just a simple search on Facebook search bar can still bring a bunch of fake pages that are still publicly available on the platform along with their dangerous Notes.

Although, based on our report, Facebook half heartedly added a warning on some phishing links of evilly crafted Notes, however the social media giant failed to completely remove those pages that we highlighted. According to Facebook, it encourages people to report suspicious stuff so it could be dealt with accordingly.

Moreover, the company also tends to educate its users about keeping their account details safe and secure. For further clarification, users can head to the Facebook Help Center via the following link: facebook.

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and tools hacking phishing facebook scams

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    Cyber crooks are tricking and phishing Facebook Page Admins to steal their Hackers are Utilizing Facebook's "Notes" Tools in their Latest They always manage to come up with something new to scam the internet users.

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    Apr 30, ยท The new Office Attack Simulator tool has several phishing Tutorial Hacking Facebook using Phishing Method Fake Facebook Website.

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    Tutorial Hacking Facebook using Phishing Method Fake Facebook Website. facebook website/phishing is Hacking Facebook Using Man in the Middle Attack.

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    Note: If your still confused, you can watch my video on Hack a Facebook Account developed a tool to generate and send the phishing emails. facebook Page.


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