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George Gordon Battle Liddy (born November 30, ), known as G. Gordon Liddy, is a former Liddy did not actually enter the Watergate Complex at the time of the burglaries; rather, he admitted to supervising the In the TV adaptation of John Dean's book Blind Ambition, Liddy was played by actor William Daniels. Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy. G. Gordon. Liddy. First Edition/First Printing. Hardcover book in dust jkt. No internal or external markings, no torn. The first part of the book, outlining his childhood and growth upto Watergate, is his own will, to make the claim that he is what he is because of his efforts, and not In , G. Gordon Liddy shocked, surprised, and, ultimately, delighted the.

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Gordon Liddy Liddy, G. Gordon; Will: The Autobiography of G. It is called "will" because it is an attempt to demonstrate how he builds his own will, to make the claim that he is what he is because of his efforts, and not because one may be born that way. His very first memories are of fear; indeed, his childhood memories are dominated by fear. In one scene he is being thrashed with a belt by a grandfather, who is shouting: "Bad! I remember finding the book quite disturbingly influential when I read it first in the late 80s.

In one scene, he is burning his own flesh on an open flame so as to inure himself to pain.

Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy

At another point, he eats a dead rat to conquer his fear of rats. Gordon Liddy is a hero to some, a villain to others, but always an enigma.

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InG. Gordon Liddy shocked, surprised, and, ultimately, delighted the world with his vivid, brutally honest, and controversial autobiography, Will. A number one national bestseller in both hardcover and paperback, Will has stood the test of time like few other books.

G. Gordon Liddy

With over 1, copies in print, it is nothing less than a quintessential American biography - a classic story of a life interestingly led. With chilling sangfroid and mephistophelean delight, Liddy details the Nixon administration's shockingly criminal plans, both consummated the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office and not the loose but serious talk of having the columnist Jack Anderson assassinated.

And these are just the episodes we remember.

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Will reminds us that as general counsel to the Committee to Reelect the President CREEPLiddy dreamed up a voluminous and intricate set of illegal "dirty tricks"--only some of which were actually implemented. GARNET entailed staging phony left-wing demonstrations in order to alienate mainstream voters one plan--to have hippies publicly urinate on the carpet of Georger McGovern's hotel suite--was scotched when CREEP boss John Mitchell learned he'd soon be moving into the very suite himself.

And the racistly named COAL comprised plans to fund black congresswoman Shirley Chisholm's bid for the DemocratiC nomination, so as to rend the black community. The recently released Nixon tapes that disclosed a variant of this plan, involving Jesse Jackson, wouldn't have seemed like such news if we hadn't let our hardback copies of Will get dusty.

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Besides reconnecting us to the enormity of the Watergate crimes, Will offers a tantalizing self-portrait of Liddy. My specialty is history and politics, but this book really ought to be turned over to a psychiatrist. Even a novice therapist would have a field day. It is only fitting that this personality, warped at such an early age, would converge with the grotesquerie of Watergate. No matter how surreal or outlandish Watergate became, Liddy always managed to rise to the occasion.

When, after the failed June 17 break-in, Liddy volunteers to John Dean to have himself killed, we wonder which scenario is crazier: if Liddy is trying to impress the weak-stomached Dean with his bravado, or if he really means it.

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    George Gordon Battle Liddy, known as G. Gordon Liddy, is a former FBI agent, lawyer, talk show host, actor, and figure in the Watergate scandal as the chief operative in the White House Plumbers unit during the Nixon Administration.

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    No matter what your preconceived notion of G. Gordon Liddy may be, this book will not leave you unmoved." --Fort Worth Star-Telegram "Will is a knockout of a.

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    Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy Mass Market Paperback – July 15, Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Finally he tells of how he went to several different prisons, which were not nice ones, and how.

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    Will book. Read 60 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From soldier to I know we're not supposed to like G. Gordon Liddy. Maybe if he was.


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