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Want to save Google Books to view offline? See how to download Google Books to PDF and edit PDF files easily. After conversion, any PDF reader will open the book. The completed book looks just as it would in the original format. Unfortunately, the program. ePub Converter is to convert Google Play ebook to PDF / Kindle / Word / Text / HTML format file with 1-click, let user read ebook in ANY Device.

As the development of technology, the screen of the tablet and smart phone is bigger and bigger.

to pdfer for google safari book

People choose to read eBooks on tablets are mostly enjoy the big screen feature. If you are really intending to dive into the ebook world because of the screen, MacBook Air will be a good option. Images take on a new level of detail and realism.

How to save a document as PDF on Mac (from Safari)

I bet some of you already have purchased this new Mac. Since you have your Mac ready, I will share you some tips and tricks of reading Google books on Mac. Why I choose google play books? This is the universal known way to read Google books on mac. Do not want to download any apps on your computer?

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This way is what you want. Below is the detailed steps. According the above picture, you can see the table of content, font changing, search bar, help button and bookmark button. So if you are not planning to read Google books offline on mac, these features will satisfy your basic needs.

How To Download Google Books As A PDF File [Mac]

If you are not satisfied with the online web reader, you can also read Google books offline on Mac. Here I will introduce two different ways to read Google books offline. You can practice the one you like best after knowing how it works.

To read Google books offline on Mac, we have to download google play books to Mac at first. Find the book you want to download and click the three dots under the book cover and you will see that there some options as below picture.

In this situation, you can just open these epub or pdf file with your Adobe Digital Editions for reading. But what is ACSM file?

Safari Books Download

Generally speaking, ACSM file is not a real ebook but you can consider it as the link for you to download the real Google books. But you need to do more steps before downloading the real google play books which is authorizing your computer with your Adobe ID.

book for pdfer safari to google

If you do not have one, just create one at the official Adobe website. If you still have not installed the Adobe Digital Editions, please download it here. Run Adobe Digital Editions.


The authorize window will pop up. Just fill in your Adobe ID and passwords, and then click on "Authorize" button to finish the authorization.

When you have successfully authorized your computer with Adobe ID, just drag and drop the. The google books will be downloaded automatically. When the google book has been downloaded to your computer completely, it will open automatically at the Adobe Digital Editions as below picture.


In below picture, you can see that this book is not with the extension. Since Google Play does not develop its own reader apps, it allows you to download your google play books.

for pdfer safari to book google

As the Mac user, I bet you must be very familiar with the iBooks, the built-in eBook reader on Mac computer. It is an amazing thing to read your books on mac in iBooks, right? Run Epubor Ultimate, you will see the downloaded book will automatically load under the Adobe tab at the left side bar.

Just drag the book from left to right column and the book will be decrypted automatically. Easy like ABC, right?

How to Download Google Books as PDFs

When the the google play book has been decrypted, you can click on "Decrypted" or the folder icon to open the output folder stored the decrypted google books. Double click the book cover to read google books in iBooks. You can see clearly the google play books display very well at the iBooks library. I know some ebook lovers prefer to managing all of their books at one reader apps for better management.

If you happen to have ipad, you can also prefer to reading Google Play Books on iPad. Besides the Mac, if you have have a Windows computer, you may be interested in read Google play books on PC. If you want to share your google play books with your friends, you should never miss this article 5 Ways to Share Google Play Books with Family and Friends.

How to Download PDF from Google Books on Mac

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