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With Google Books -- part of the suite of electronic music, literature and shows available on Google Play -- you have the option of reading a seemingly endless. Sign in to your Google Account. On the left, click Print store Print store and then Start a new book. Select 20– photos. Click Done. I hopped into my Google Photos collection search page, clicked on a photo of my daughter and added a few favorites to my photo book.

Create a photo book from an album

Last fall, in an unlikely attempt at thoughtfulness, I created a photo book as a birthday present for my wife. It damn near killed me. Uploading all those photos takes time. Sorting them though clunky interfaces takes even more.

Google Photo Booksannounced this spring, seeks to remedy that fatigue. Like so few things in life, it works exactly as advertised.

images in hd google books

I hopped into my Google Photos collection search page, clicked on a photo of my daughter and added a few favorites to my photo book, repeated with my son, then my wife, and within a few minutes I had a 50 or so page collection of highlights from the first half of the year. I wanted to group my book chronologically, rather than by family member, but switching around the order was simply a matter of dragging and dropping.

Call it five more minutes of fiddling.

What's New

Add a title to the front. The whole process really did take a fraction of the time that my previous efforts with other services had. Google also says that eventually, it will automatically recommend photo books for you, based around specific trips, people, or subjects. The stripping down of features that help the process fly also bleed the end result of personal touches, and higher-end finishes.

Create a photo book

Squeezing in more photos per page feels tedious at the time, but also helps tell a story. A mostly white hardcover book looks stark next to the warmer materials and colors offered by the entrenched photo services. Too much embellishment makes a photo book look garish, but too little can feel sterile.

Besides, some people like garish. A Google photo book is fast, affordable, and tidy—all qualities its competitors have struggled to provide.

Review: Google Photo Books

Just know that those benefits double as limitations. You can create and order a photo book in less time than it takes to start a charcoal grill. The Google Photos AI sits at the head of the class; you can search for anything—grass, giraffes, beer—and get back an instant catalog of subject-specific photos you forgot taking. Works on desktop, iOS, and Android.

How to Download a JPEG Image From Google Books

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images in hd google books

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