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To use Google Books Downloader you must have service pack 1 Open you Mozilla Firefox browser and Install Greasemonkey add-on. GBookDown - Download Google Books. Saves all available Preview pages from a Google Book as PNGs. Install this script? Ask a question. 1. Google Books Download standalone application for Windows and Mac OS X later after all pages are downloaded in pictures, they're converted to 1 PDF file. Install Google book downloader GreaseMonkey javascript.

There are several programs that do similar things to getxbook :. There are also several other programs which are proprietary.

Top 3 Tools to Download Google Books and Read Offline

By forbidding the free reading, sharing and modification of their code, they deprive their users of important freedoms, and likely also spy on their reading habits. Given that a major goal of getxbook is ensuring the freedom to read, I am disqualifying these from any comparison.

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Google Book Downloader is Windows only, and depends on lots of proprietary software to run. It is also not clear whether 'preview only' availability books can be downloaded.

GBookDown - Download Google Books

It can convert the book pages directly into one PDF. PySheng is a free Python program and runs on free platforms.

google all 1 in books greasemonkey

It's much larger and more complex and hence likely more buggyand less mature. It also depends on Python and GTK, which are rather slow, large, and heavy.

Google Books: How To Sell Books On Google Play In 2020

It goes without saying therefore that it has a rather significant dependency. It requires you to download one page at a time, and hence it makes the process of downloading a book very time and labour consuming.

comparison with similar programs

While some of the above programs offer saving to PDF, only getxbook offers the ability to save a book as DejaVu, or automatically OCR the pages to extract the text in them, saving it either into a text file, or embedded in a PDF or DejaVu file. The above programs are all limited to downloading from Google Books, whereas getxbook can download from several websites with different book databases.

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I am not aware of any other programs that offer this.

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