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I collected material from several books on the subject and dealt civilization, has to be studied and examined. This is The great Muslim communities of Africa. The Qatar-based Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization was established to acquaint non-Muslims with Islamic contributions to the. The great civilizations are imperial. Accordingly, the Islamic civilization also became Vernet's (Vernet /) great book on La cultura hispanoąrabe en.

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Thereby it purifies the soul, and allows it to comprehend the fact that it has been created for one sacred duty: to worship Allah. Because Islamic books are commonly written in Arabic, millions of non-Arab Muslims are deprived of getting Islamic knowledge. This has made a center of translation a pressing need.

The aim of the center of translation is to use translation as a means of da'wa. Our task is to provide non- Arab Muslims as well as truth seekers with Islamic material of high authenticity, so that they may get better understanding of Islam.

May Allah help us accomplish our duty successfully. Abdulrahman Aljamhoor Aljamhoor yahoo. Introduction 6 II. Conditions for Universality 12 Chapter 1 A universal system needs to be objective and is to be equally applied to all people regardless of their social status, race and color. Christianity and equality 1 5 2. The Jewish position towards other nations. The socio-religious system of Hinduism 25 4. Capitalism 29 5.

Islam and universal equality 32 Chapter 2 A universal system should tolerate differences in belief and cultural diversity among people. The Crusaders Behavior in Palestine. Christians and Jews in Palestine under Muslim rule. Islam in Spain 41 4. Christianity during the era of colonization 43 5. Islam in Europe. Islam in The Indian Subcontinent 48 7.

Tolerance of Islam 50 8. Concluding Remarks 56 Chapter 3 A universal system should not contradict man's advancement in science and technology, but rather it should provide the ethics to maintain the consequences of such advancements. Hinduism, Buddhism, and science 61 2. Islam and science 63 3.

The impact of Muslim sciences on Europe 66 4. The shallowness of modern science 71 5 5. Why does Islam encourage science and advancement?

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Alcoholism and drug addiction 83 a. The Islamic solution 87 2. Crime 93 a. The Islamic solution 97 3. Abuse of children and women 99 a. The Islamic solution 1 08 III. Conclusion IV. References 6 I. Introduction In this century, where means of communication and transportation have gone beyond all expectations, cross-cultural awareness has become widespread. And with the collapse of communism and consequently the Soviet Union and many other communist countries, many proposals are being presented urging the adoption of universal laws, values and morals to govern relationships among the peoples of the world.

Recently, the idea of a so-called New World Order was proposed through the United Nations in order to prescribe values and impose laws on people of various cultures. The question that will immediately emerge is whose values, laws and was of life are they going to adopt? Of course the American way of life will become the only choice presented, because the United States is, presently, the only superpower among all the nations of the world, as well as the largest financial contributor to the United Nations.

Charles Krauthammer, an influential American columnist, wrote in The Foreign Affairs that 'a unipoler moment had arrived and that a confident United States should 7 learn to accept its new role, aggressively imposing its own vision. Can such a way of life that has failed to uproot discrimination against blacks and other minorities bring justice among the social castes of India? Can the American way of life that has resulted in grave failure when attempting to solve the problems of the homeless in America, provide solutions to the problems of poverty in South America or Africa?

Such questions should be raised against V. Naipauls claim that Western Civilization is the Universal Civilization that fits all men. However, David Gergen, Editor at large of U. American Missed Opportunities. Foreign Affairs P.

American Missed 7 8 Some sources might say that the New World Order does not have to be that of the Americans; it could be that of the British, the French, the Russians or the Chinese are not permanent members of the Security Council. Nevertheless, these governments have brought neither happiness nor security to their own nations. No sensible person in the whole world would choose or suggest a way of life that is going to contradict its own interests; countries are not an exception.

So, any system of life that could be selected as the basis for a New World Order is prone to serve the interest of only the people who propose and sponsor it. This quote below from Gergen provides evidence for the great care for maintaining self-interest by dominant countries in today's world: Opportunities Foreign Affairs P.

Defending allies, preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and advancing human rights were seen as less important. Helping to spread democracy to other nations was 15th on list of 15 priorities. Huntington refers to the standards the western nations apply to their interest in the world by saying: The West in effect is using international institutions, military power and economic resources to 3 Gergen.

Accepting these New Order premises as a way of life means full submission to the teachings and rules that such a system puts forward. Naturally, what would result from such acceptance would be a materialistic and secular view of life.

So, it would be impossible for all people to submit willingly and freely to such a man-made way of life, since such perception of man in relation to the world which he inhabits will be neither fair nor complete, because of the incompleteness of man. The probability for the application and the acceptability of such a New World Order is extremely remote and unproductive, exactly as it was with such Old World Orders as Colonialism, Communism, Dark Ages Theology, and modern Capitalism.

Indeed there is a dire need among the majority of the world population for a way of life that can solve their problems and answer their unanswered questions about their existence and I 11 destiny. With the escalating rate of immorality and violence in the world, people have been restlessly searching for a way out. Many have found that suicide is one of the easiest and probably fastest solutions.

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No wonder our world is living in a state of chaos. It has tried all forms of ideologies and applied so many socioeconomic theories, but neither one has proven to be quite right. That which has been tried has failed, and that which has failed has been tried again. Is not there another way, one might ask?

Isn't there an alternative system that would work as a guide for the universe? These two questions make the theme of this research.

Conditions for Universality: When thinking of a system that could bind the people of all nations into one Ummah nation while guarding their freedom of choice, it is imperative that their beliefs and concerns be treated equally. When searching for any universal doctrine, law, system or way of life, one should take into consideration the natural components of man.

It should have the following attributes: 1. Such a system should emphasize equality and reject all types of racism and discrimination. Basic teachings and values of such a way of life should be stable and equally and justly applied to all people, not bound to any specific space or time. It should tolerate differences in belief and cultural diversity among people of the world. It should not be contradictory to man's advancement in science and technology, but rather provide universal ethics to maintain positive consequences of such advancements.

It should provide solutions to humanity's grave and new problems such as; alcoholism, drug addiction, the breaking down of familial and social systems, unrestrained sexuality, rape, woman and child abuse and molestation, etc.

These principles will be examined against a number of existing systems of life and belief. Thereafter, conclusions may be drawn as to which system could be nominated as a candidate for universal application. The principle of equality in dealing with peoples of different colors, socioeconomic status and cultures is absent from the dominant ideologies of today's world. The Indian society has suffered from a rigidly applied caste system for many centuries: some people are looked at as gods avatars while others are being treated as no more than slaves.

Although Christianity has seldom been applied as a system for living, it contains, among its contemporary teachings doctrines that can be viewed as discriminatory.

The teachings of the Talmud the basis of contemporary Judaism looks at the Jews as privileged over other people the gentiles.

The list could be expanded to include the communist slogan of equality all people are equal, but which, in reality, means that some are more equal than others.

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Capitalism, as applied in 15 several Western societies, is not geared theoretically to establishing equality, since it encourages a rich vs. Socialism, which in theory is supposed to ameliorate the excesses of capitalism and communism, has in actuality highlighted the indigenous faults of both of these economic systems. At the same time, it could not prove itself as a more appropriate alternative. Thus, of all the existing ideological systems, Islam remains the only option that appeals to all because it respects the rights of all people and regards all humans as members of one nation living under God Allahin peace and harmony in spite of their many differences.

Christianity and equality In this section, I will examine some of the teachings of Christianity in order to determine if such a view could appeal to all people regardless of their differences. To be objective, reference will be drawn from the Book of Christianity, The Bible, in order to find out if the message of Christ pbuh was for the world or limited in time and space to his people, the Israelites.

The message Jesus puh received was limited to one nation. A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is suffering terribly from demon's possession. Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.

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