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The House of Hades is the fourth book in The Heroes of Olympus series. There will be a few scenes in the book that are in Tartarus. or four characters every four chapters, this book features third person narration of seven. The House of Hades is the fourth book in the bestselling Heroes of Olympus series, set in the action-packed world of Percy Jackson. The stakes have never. Another thrilling adventure, this time in the underworld. Read Common Sense Media's The House of Hades: The Heroes of Olympus, Book 4.

Below the earth, however, Percy and Annabeth must travel through Tartarus itself to reach the Doors. This book kept the fast-paced, high-action, super-fun, rather irreverent awesomeness of other Riordan books. These topics include identity, consequences of past decisions, overcoming emotional burdens, and the power of choices.

The House of Hades: The Heroes of Olympus, Book 4

Characters also shone brightly, as they always have in this series. More than anything else, however, Percy, Annabeth, and their relationship were the stars of House of Hades. The focus of the Percabeth relationship through the course of the novel is a focus not often found in YA lit.

There are plenty of fan-pleasing moments, but also motivational and inspiring elements as well. Ultimately, House of Hades was another quality installment in the series.

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The novel also offers plenty of material for discussion or reflection. Spoilers beyond this point. As in other Heroes of Olympus books, this novel switches perspectives among the main characters and includes various important dreams, visions, and prophecies which will be skipped over in this summary.

I will say, however, that there seemed to be fewer dreams, visions, and prophecies in this book than in the others. Hazel Roman demigod; daughter of Pluto starts the novel by meeting with Hecate, goddess of magic and of the Mist that obscures the mythological world from mortal eyes. Hecate tells Hazel that she must because a sorceress herself and learn to manipulate the Mist if the demigods wish to succeed in their fight against Gaea.

In order to survive the various layers of the House of Hades, the demigods have to take a few detours to collect some helpful items. They seek out annoying dwarves in Bologna called Kerkopesfrom which they take a book the dwarves stole. Leo Greek demigod; son of Hephaestus also takes an interesting navigation device made by Odysseus. Armed with the book, the demigods journey to Venice to seek out the minor god Triptolemus, aka Trip, owner of the stolen book. However, Trip will not provide the demigods with what they need for free.

Ultimately, Frank must single-handedly rid Venice of an infestation of monster-cows. In doing so, Frank demonstrates strategy and battle prowess. He emerges from the fight a true son of Mars, not only suddenly buff but also primed for leadership roles in battles to come.

hades olympus house of book of heroes 4

In Tartarus, the very air and ground are killing Annabeth and Percy. They drink from the river Phlegathon, a river of fire that will keep them alive, but being alive in Tartarus is almost the worst thing you could be. THE worst thing you could be is a live demigod in Tartarus.

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As the pair travels, they face off with various new and old foes, including Arachne and empousai vampire cheerleaders. The only thing that keep Percy and Annabeth going through the pain, torment, hopelessness, and misery on their way to the Doors of Death is each other. On a more physical note, however, they are also aided by Bob the Titan, who is a janitor in the Underworld but leapt into Tartarus when he heard Percy call for him.

That is, Percy mentioned him in conversation with Annabeth. Bob now believes Percy is his friend, and he commits to helping him and Annabeth through Tartarus. They make a rest stop at a fallen shrine to the Olympians, and Annabeth is able to send a message to Camp Half-Blood by burning it on the altar.

The Romans are marching on Camp Half-Blood for revenge, but the demigods need to understand that there are bigger fish to fry right now than their rivalry. Percy, Annabeth, and Bob have to battle araiwhich are embodiments of curses that were placed on Percy and Annabeth by various monsters and opponents in their past. One of my favorites. Bob and Percy realizes that Percy is not really his friend, for he left him in the Underworld without a second thought. Ultimately Bob still chooses to help the demigods, but not before Percy is on the brink of death.

Especially in Tartarus? The crew encounter Sciron, a son of Poesidon from mythology who robs people and then kicks them off a cliff.

Hazel and Jason Roman demigod who is struggling because he actually wants to be Greek; son of Jupiter have to trick him in order to best him. In doing so, Hazel finally figures out how to manipulate the Mist. Nico and Jason go to leave the note and get the scepter. However, the rod is not in the palace.

But the Love god is not a cherub; more of a relentless bully. He will not give up what they want until he practically beats a confession out of Nico: that he has had a crush on Percy Jackson since the beginning. Once Nico admits that, Cupid gives up the scepter.

The House of Hades Pt 11 Chapter 5

Bob takes Annabeth and the nearly-dead Percy to the giant Damasen. This giant is a great disappointment to his parents Gaea and Tartarus yep; Tartarus is a being, not just a place, kind of like how Gaea is also Earth. Damasen likes peace and healing, but he is cursed to repeat a battle with a drakon every day.

The snow goddess Khione and her brothers take the demigods by surprise. Piper alone is able to defeat them. She stabs Khione and saves the rest of the crew, but the ship sustained heavy damage and needs to be repaired. Unfortunately, Leo is gone. Leo starts to try to build his own boat with found parts. He and Calypso eventually tolerate each other, and then actually kind of like each other. Only at that point does the raft come for Leo.

Leo must return to help his friends defeat Gaea, but he makes an unbreakable vow to return for Calypso. They lose track of Bob, and though Akhlys does shroud the demigods in the Death Mist, she also tries to kill them. Par for the course, you know? Or rather, Nyx. Percy and Annabeth bluff their way out of a confrontation with Nyx, but they must go through the Mansion of Night in order to reach the Doors.

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Once they are through the Mansion and across the River of Pain Archeronthey are reunited with Bob. Also, they have finally reached the heart of Tartarus where the Doors of Death are…as well as an enormous army of demigod-blood-thirsty monsters.

The demigods try to repair their ship at the palace of the South Wind. Here, Jason has to come face to face with his uncertain identity Roman or Greek? He effectually sides with the Greeks.

The House of Hades

They find Leo on the island of Malta incidentally where Calypso lived before her punishment. Leo fixes the ship, and the demigods make the final trek to the House of Hades.

hades house of heroes olympus 4 book of

During a fierce battle, Hazel and Leo get separated from the rest and have to continue on alone. Percy and Annabeth make it to the Doors undetected, but then Tartarus himself rises. Percy and Annabeth lose their Death Mist disguise.

An intense battle ensues, wherein the giant Damasen comes to their aid, fighting alongside Bob the Titan. Percy and Annabeth cut the chains from the Doors so Gaea can no longer release her monsters onto the world.

Percy and Annabeth emerge in the House of Hades, recovering from returning from hell after a few minutes. All the other demigods show up and eventually they all defeat the giant Clytius—with the help of the goddess Hecate. Like all Olympians, the goddess waited until the last minute to show up and lend a hand. The novel wraps up with a picnic on the hills of Greece. Reyna finally caught up with the Argo IIand they all have a powwow.

Nico volunteers to use his shadow-travelling abilities to help Reyna and Coach Hedge take the statue of Athena back to Camp Half-Blood.

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Now the Seven demigods of Prophecy have two weeks until the first of August, when Gaea is try to destroy the world. The House of Hades HoHhowever, is a worthy contender. Definitely highest ranked so far of the Heroes of Olympus series, and at least on par with my original fav.

The final topic dominates the entire book and presents a very important theme for young adults to ingest. Characters also shone brightly in this installment, as they always have in this series. Hazel and Frank both have to grow into their complete capabilities, facing obstacles both internal and external to become what they can and need to be.

The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus Book 4)

Their development is admirable. More than anything else, however, Percy, Annabeth, and their relationship were the stars of HoH. Percy and Annabeth struggle, fight, suffer, overcome, and endure side by side. At times they each have to defend or bear up the other because one of them is too weak or injured or dispirited, and they do so. At times Tartarus is hideously ugly and it rubs off on the demigods, but they stick together.

Ultimately, Percy and Annabeth only survive and succeed because they are together and they resolutely choose to remain together. It is a different take on relationships not often found in YA lit. None of that for Percabeth in Tartarus. Many adults in successful relationships, however, can attest to the fact that there is always a time when partners have to walk through fire, and they can only get through it together.

Even though this reality may not be immediately applicable to teens, the Percabeth relationship in this novel can still be inspirational and motivational. See The Discussion. Nico is bullied by Eros, god of Love, into admitting that he has or at least had a crush on Percy Jackson and is therefore outed as gay to Jason. It is obvious that Nico struggles with that part of himself. Considering how much homoerotism abounds in Classic mythology, its rather impressive that Riordan has kept it hush-hush for so many books.

All five books of the Heroes of Olympus series is one story.

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    The House of Hades is a fantasy-adventure novel written by American author Rick Riordan, based on Greek and Roman mythology. It was published on October 8, , and is the fourth book in The Heroes of Olympus series, preceded by "The House of Hades: Heroes of Olympus, Book 4". Audible Inc. Retrieved.

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