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the instructions in Church handbooks. book 2. The number 5 refers to the chapter, the. Updates and Supplements often, especially the Book of Mormon. Summary of Recent Updates to Handbook 2. instructions in Church handbooks​. Book of Mormon and other standard works, general. The Handbook is a two-volume book of instructions and policies for leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The books are.

Along with the church's standard works i. In general, the Handbook contains institutional church policies, as opposed to church doctrine. Handbook acts as a "standard reference point" for bishops and other leaders to make decisions. The leaders are encouraged to follow the handbook "with the guidance of the Holy Ghost" and with "sensitivity to individual circumstances. The Handbook is divided into two volumes. However, Handbook 1 is not available to the general public or the general church membership.

On the other hand, the text of Handbook 2 can be accessed on the church's official website. Handbook 1 is subtitled Stake Presidents and Bishops.

It contains information that is primarily relevant to the functions and duties of stake presidentsbishopsmission presidentsdistrict presidentsbranch presidentsand their counselors. Other individuals who receive a copy of are temple presidents and their counselors, general authoritiesgeneral auxiliary presidenciesarea seventiesand ward and branch clerks.

The topics in Handbook 1 include guidelines involving general, areaand regional administration; duties of the stake president; duties of the bishop; temples and marriage; missionary service; administering church welfare; church discipline and name removal; interviews and counseling; physical facilities; creating, changing, and naming new units; military relations; Church Educational System ; Perpetual Education Fund ; records and reports; finances; stake patriarch ; ordinance and blessing policies; and general church policies on administrative, medical and health, and moral issues.

It made much more sense to reserve that volume for leaders. Handbook 2 is subtitled Administering the Church.

It contains information primarily relevant to the functions of the leaders of the church's priesthood quorums and auxiliary organizations. Every quorum president and auxiliary organization leader at stake, ward, district, and branch levels receives a copy of Handbook 2just as most of the individuals who receive Handbook 1.

Counselors to quorum or auxiliary presidencies and stake high councilors also receive copies of Handbook 2just like other leaders in church congregations. The topics in Handbook 2 include guidelines involving families and the church in God's plan, priesthood principles, leadership in the church, the ward council, the work of salvation in the ward and stake, welfare principles and leadership, Melchizedek priesthoodAaronic priesthoodRelief SocietyYoung WomenPrimarySunday Schoolactivities, music, stake organization, single members, uniformity and adaptation, meetings in the church, callings in the church, and priesthood ordinances and blessings.

Handbook 2 also contains some of the general church policies on administrative, health, and moral issues that are contained in Handbook 1. Occasionally, updates, supplements, or changes of material in the Handbook with written directives from the church's First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve, or Presiding Bishopric are released. Leaders are instructed to write the changes into their copies of the handbook and to keep the handbook and the supplemental materials together.

instruction of book lds handbook 2 church

Handbook 1 is not available to the general public or the general church membership. The text of Handbook 2 is available on the church's official website.

The church asserts copyright over the contents of the Handbook and prohibits its duplication. After the version of the Church Handbook was published, Jerald and Sandra Tanner 's Utah Lighthouse Ministry published portions of it on the internet without permission from the church or including the book's copyright notice. The text was also disseminated to other websites, which the ULM's website linked to.

In the lawsuit Intellectual Reserve v. Utah Lighthouse Ministrya United States district court issued an injunction prohibiting the further duplication of the contents of the handbook and ordered ULM to remove the offending material from its website.

Mormon Stories #1262: Major Changes to the LDS General Handbook of Instructions - 2020 Edition Pt. 3

Shortly after the complaint was made, Wikinews removed the link to the text from the article. Inthe church placed the new Handbook 2 on its official website, [11] which was seen as "part of a recent trend in the church to become more transparent. Although the Handbook covers a wide variety of topics related to church organization and policy, media attention has focused largely on the church's policies on social issues that are outlined in the Handbook.

It "strongly discourages" surrogate motherhood, sperm donation, surgical sterilizations including vasectomies and artificial insemination — when "using semen from anyone but the husband. Regarding birth controlthe Tribune comments: [2]. The handbook says it is a "privilege" for Mormon couples to nurture and rear children, but the decision of how many to have is "extremely intimate and private and should be left between the couple and the Lord.

The Tribune has also noted that the LDS Church discourages the use of in vitro fertilization using semen and ova from people outside the couple and that the LDS Church has no official stance on drinking Coca-Cola. The Tribune quoted one member of the church as applauding the public availability of the Handbookas it will allow the members of the church to become more familiar with the church's stance on certain social issues: [2].

They had no idea that there was any policy concerning it If there are such policies, I think it is wise that everyone — not just those with leadership callings — knows about them. Some members have complained that the Handbook does not always explain the doctrinal justification for the church's stance on certain social issues, such as that related to artificial insemination of single women in the church.

The Handbook states that artificial insemination of single women in the church "is not approved" and that "single sisters who deliberately refuse to follow the counsel of church leaders in this matter are subject to church discipline" but it does not explain why similar treatment would not be meted out to single women in the church who adopt children.

Handbook 2

The document that is identified as the first Church Handbook of Instructions was published in as a small, page booklet. Inthe book was split into two volumes for the first time and was renamed the Church Handbook of Instructions. A new edition was published and released to church leaders in Novemberwith the new names Handbook 1 and Handbook 2. One of the major changes between the and versions of the handbook is that the version "has softened the language about gay Mormons" and eliminated statements "that same-sex relationships 'distort loving relationships' and that gays should repent of their 'homosexual thoughts or feelings.

The following chronological listing of the publication's history was taken from an article by Edward L. Kimball until 24 A[13] supplemented with a list of later editions:.

Handbook 2: Administering the Church

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Church opposes elective abortion for personal or social convenience. Mormon Newsroom. Retrieved 28 November Journal of Mormon History. Archived from the original on Mormon church warns Wikileaks over documents Wikimedia Foundation receives copyright infringement claim from Mormon Church Copy of handbook for leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints obtained by Wikinews.

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