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This 11th edition of the bestselling LogoLounge book series features the leading edge LogoLounge: Book 6 brings you 2, totally new logos from designers. 2: Thanked 8 Times in 3 Posts. Logo lounge 6 (pdf). Logo Lounge 6 LogoLounge 6: International Identities by Leading Designers. Collection Design Logo Books, with Logo Lounge PDF. Logos define, distinguish Design + Logolounge also chk for LogoLounge PDF 2 to 6.

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lounge pdf 6 logo book

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LogoLounge Book Series

Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. E pand d Collec io s of. COM catharine fishel and bill gardner 3. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the copyright owners. All images in this book have been reproduced with the knowledge and prior consent of the artists concerned, and no responsibility is accepted by producer, publisher, or printer for any infringement of copyright or otherwise, arising from the contents of this publication.

Every effort has been made to ensure that credits accurately comply with information supplied. We apologize for any inaccuracies that may have occurred and will resolve inaccurate or missing information in a subsequent reprinting of the book.

6 book pdf lounge logo

LogoLounge, master library. Logos Symbols -Catalogs. Corporate image-Catalogs. Fishel, Catharine M. Title: Three thousand animal and mythology logos. L63Fb Anyone visiting the site has access to editorial materials, although only members have access to search, upload, and lightbox functions. For more details, please visit www. A symbol of fertility, quickness, vulnerability, softness, and more, the rabbit-like many animals-holds many different significant meanings as a potential logo candidate.

Our understanding of or belief in the physical and conceptual attributes of any creature-its "realness"-is a powerful tool, often developed in childhood and reinforced over many years' worth of parables and experience, It becomes part of our toolkit for forming opinions and making decisions, Belief forms the bridge between real and imagined, It is what allows our brains to easily accept that a rabbit can somehow get into our house to deliver jelly beans which aren't really beans, but that's a whole different storyor that a simple logo can somehow represent a bricks-and-mortar company ANIMALS The power that animals have over humans is amazing.

From the moment children are born, their parents surround them with stuffed animals, images of animals on clothing and decor, and books about animals, Adults teach children lessons and morals using stories about animals.

Children come to understand the world through animal analogies and metaphor-"stubborn as a mule" or "clever as a fox. They know which are "good" and which are "bad. A dog, on the other hand, might also smell awful as well as bite and ruin the carpet, but it is almost universally categorized as "good. Animals are so powerful as symbols that people will apply their image in the form of a tattoo to the skin, graphically adopting the conceptual nature of that animal.

Images of animals are used as sports mascots the world round that people stay fiercely loyal to all of their lives. Because of their unique body shapes, wildly disparate sizes, and intriguing colorations, animals offer the logo designer plenty of creative options.

pdf logo lounge book 6

All designs created by Gardner Design. If an owl is understood to be wise, then a logo that includes an owl might suggest wisdom on the part of the company it represents. It's a boost toward understanding. Animals that really exist in our world as well as extinct ones offer special advantages for the logo designer. Some have a unique and easily traded-upon shape. For instance, the outline of a giraffe is very simple to identify, whereas that of a weasel may be confused with a ferret or otter.

Even the outline of a snake or other "scary" animal is safer to the brain than that of an unidentifiable monster. The more familiar the shape, the more information it conveys.

A unique shape, especially if it is very simple- such as a butterfly-is graphically impactful and easy to remember.

Also, humans have a certain compassion for animals and might feel more emotionally connected to an animal-shaped logo than they would to a hard-edged, geometric design. Animals are simply more like us. Some animals carry multiple messages. For instance, birds can be a symbol of peace, flight, launch, song, nesting, and much more.

Just using their wings makes a statement, even when they are applied to objects as unlikely as a coffee cup or the letter H. An animal can also be used to suggest a region or topography: A loon might suggest a North American fishing camp or a horse can suggest a Western ranch.

Animals are also often used to indicate nationalism, as a kangaroo represents Australia, and an eagle represents the United States. Or, an animal can represent a more figurative arena, as doves often are used to represent Christianity. Animals have always figured prominently in the minds of humans. In the past, animals were a source of resources-food, furs, and transportation among them-but also a source of danger.

Logo lounge 6 (pdf)

We love stories. We use stories as a tool to sell our heritage, morals, and ethos to our children. In many of these stories, mythological creatures figure prominently.

Think Little Mermaid. Think Big Bad Wolf. Think Batman.

The mythological creature is even more mal- leable than a real one. It can have special powers or bizarre qualities. A horse is good, yes, but what if it had wings? A horn? Is it pure white or black or multicolored? What if it could talk or fight valiantly? It just gets more and more interesting. For all their diversity, the mythological creatures included in this collection have two common traits: All could be said to be alive, at least in the imagination, and all have a story connected to them.

When we already know that story, the path to discovering the meaning of a myth-based logo is short. Some of these creatures are known worldwide. For example, the use of skeletons or skulls in identifiers such as flags or banners goes back to pirate flags of the s. As a symbol of death or danger, it is almost universally understood. But others are not so widely understood, and unless such a reference only needs to be understood within a specific geographic area or group, its use in a logo should be carefully considered.

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    gaalmapat.site LogoLounge is also parent to two lines of bestselling books about logo design, published by original LogoLounge series (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; Book 6 is under development now) • The Master.

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    (6 logos). Jacob Casss Logo Lounge Book 9 Selections [Work Selected] 3 Logos Featured in Logo Lounge Book 11 Logo Lounge Vol 6.


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