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The English translations of Mein Kampf have all been very poor and contained thousands of errors as revealed in the book Mein Kampf: A Translation. Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation By Adolf Hitler, Michael Ford (translator) Audiobook Sample. | Previous track Play or pause track Next track. [Place of publication not identified]: Elite Minds Inc., Edition/Format: Audiobook on CD: CD audio: English: Collector's ed. Rating.

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Mein Kampf (The Ford Translation)

It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Presented here for the purposes of independent research and public education. The audio file is approx 20 hours in length, so downloading is highly recommended. Thanks for the upload. Well narrated but this seems only to be Volume 1.

Volume 2 is missing. Reviewer: ColeslawtheGamer - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 15, Subject: Nice Book Skip to if you want to cut through all the prefaces, forwards, and other things in the beginning.

kampf audio mein book english

Reviewer: GreatGoy - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 29, Subject: Redpill me daddy With cultural Marxism rampant, and numerous obvious jewish tools of propaganda, I enjoyed listening to Hitler's thought process when learning of the jew.

Three generations later and it is a relevant as it was then. I shared the struggle between logic and sentiment, hating the concept of racism, and viewing nationalism as mainly a blinding motivator for bloodshed. But I was wrong, and led by liberal policy.

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The motivator for bloodshed is the manipulation of nationalism, leading pointless wars that benefit jewish monopolies and the interests of israel by and large. Whether the culprit is cultural or genetic, their tendencies have cost millions of lives in this century alone in the pursuit of power and materialism. Not all are perverse or malicious, but many share the capacity nonetheless.

No, that I do not. But considering the atmosphere we have found ourselves in I thought it wise to examine this book to ferret out the thought process. I find racism and bigotry abhorrent but sometimes it has to be understood from the viewpoint of those who not only suffer from this particular mental depravity but by one of its most noted proponents.

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I have always found it twisted how many who claim to be saved by Christ can also be on the same side as those who preach racism. One thing I learned at university is that almost any text can be twisted, cherry picked, and rationalized to support almost any belief.

The Bible is not immune to this. Reviewer: EpicGamer - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 21, Subject: Epic Gamer Review He was definitely a real tiktok legend. Shame to see him go so early. Truly epic. I am no intellectual. But I will say this.

It's obvious Hitler was right, way right. Europe is the proof. Hell the world is the proof. All White countries are under attack. The family is under attack.

Mein Kampf - Complete Audiobook

Conservatism is under attack. Christianity is under attack. They want us gone. They don't even hide it anylonger. I have yet to read Mein Kampf.

But to read or listen to it is a goal of mine. Thankyou to whomever responsible for uploading this. It's greatly appreciated it. Thankyou Reviewer: Tobias J. Louw - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 21, Subject: Excellent reading of a thought-provoking vision I can recommend this version of Main Kampf as instructive and clarifying, regarding the origins, experiences, problems and solutions that the young Hitler went through and developed.

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Its NOT about the grammar or viewpoints, but about the willingness to take a critical view of historical conditions.

He highlights the gravest difficulties already apparent then, and he is by no means the first in history to observe the same and reveal the same truth. The detractors are of course furious as its the truth they hate most, and its a truth that still bites them in the backside up to this day. Therefore they always seek to ban it, and will always fear the daylight of critical investigation and exposure. Compare ancient Greece to modern.

Ancient Egypt to Modern.

Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation

No book comes close in meaninglessness and at least in german shitty grammar. At least the biological observations are on the top comedy line. If youre dumb enough to like this boring and uninspiring crapload go look at history. Or buy a book.

book mein audio kampf english

There are books I bought the book through Amazon. The audio book is quite identical with the text of the Jaico edition. I like the excellent diction, in fact so excellent it is a pleasure to listen to. As one of the reviewers remarks, it is definitily to be red; the views of the author on parliamentary system are unfortunately quite true and the future will prove that he was right in many ways.

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Defeated are always wrong. Reviewer: Valfreyja - favorite favorite favorite - October 8, Subject: Audio not complete I can't find Volume 2 audio in these files, can anyone tell me where I could, please?

Otherwise, great download - thank you. Folksoundomy: A Library of Sound.

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    Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' (Complete Audio Book) English Translation by James Murphy This translation of the unexpurgated edition of Mein.

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    Language: English. Both volumes of Mein Kampf. Addeddate: ​ External_metadata_update: TZ.

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    Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation Audible Audiobook – Unabridged This is also the first translation available in an English language audio format.

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    Download or stream Mein Kampf (The Ford Translation) by Adolf Hitler. Get 50% off this audiobook at the AudiobooksNow online audio book store and reader has been able to appreciate these subtleties in any previous English translation.

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    Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation (Unabridged) audiobook, by Adolf Hitler. This is also the first translation available in an English language audio format.


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