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Facebook keeps crashing with internet explorer Brand new computer, all updates installed. It was painfully slow with my old computer always freezing a. Facebook has started phasing out support for Microsoft Internet The browser is not allowed to show the new Timeline profile, and renders the old one instead. plans to end Internet Explorer 6 support for Facebook Chat. How to Install Old Facebook Chat Script in Mozilla Firefox Click here and Go to Install Old Facebook Extension and Restart the browser to get your Facebook Old chat. Will this process not work for Internet Explorer? Reply.

Be sure to read all the way to the end. Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of stink over the fact that Facebook is splitting its messaging functionality out into a new Facebook Messenger app. The result, however, has been quite a few conversations where friends and family have asked me whether they should avoid installing the Messenger app. There have been a few changes to Messenger in the fact that there is a new app, but do you need it to view your Facebook messages?

My response has been pretty simple. Even if it were true, and Facebook were spying…is your life really that interesting? Installing Facebook Messenger is not the end of your privacy…unless we want it to be. You can still use the phone to call people.

internet explorer facebook old chat for

You can still text. You can still email. You can still view your Facebook messages on your mobile device by viewing the desktop version of Facebook in your mobile browser. Again, not the best user experience, but it gets you to your messages without ever having to bow to the privacy will of Facebook and their desire that you download their second, stand-alone Facebook Messenger app.

I hope this helps. First, let me apologize to my readers for the high-level of snark in this post. I probably went a little overboard and if it offends folks, sorry.

Facebook keeps crashing with Internet Explorer 11

Not my intent. What that means to me is there are lots of real, legitimate reasons that people want to view Facebook Messenger messages without installing the mobile app. Facebook still has all your messages and can still read them, regardless of the platform.

The current version of the app takes up MB of storage. I completely get it. Now, instead of one app checking for Facebook messages, you have two.

Two apps essentially performing a very similar function on a similar schedule could really impact your battery life. The solution? Look at the settings for both the Facebook and Messenger apps and adjust how frequently the apps are searching for new messages or data.

[SOLVED] Viewing Facebook Messages Without Installing The Messenger App

With the division of Facebook the app and Facebook Messenger, you can save data by choosing not to install the Messenger app. To access the data saver feature, open Facebook Messenger and then click your profile photo.

The Facebook Messenger data saver feature can limit the automatic downloads of images and videos. So, there you have it. An apology and an update. Just like every other human blogger out there, I sometimes let my opinion and snark get in the way of the fact that my goal is to actually help folks navigate social media.

If my sarcasm got in the way of doing that, sorry. But keep the great comments coming.

Google Chrome no longer compatible with Facebook chat?

Yes, I understand that it will now live on the Internet forever. I try not to take myself too seriously. Join my mailing list and get all of my social media tips, tricks, and comics in your inbox. Spam-free, guaranteed!

How to Install Old Facebook Chat Script in Google Chrome

Please leave this field empty. This is such a bad article. Facebook messages app is horrible. Although everything you do on your phone is already being used to push personalized ads to you, especially if your using android thanks Google! Using the Facebook apps is just giving your personal info to one more company.

Sorry for the rant but it irked me how much you denied that the messsages app will take your info and listen to your mic. Because it will. How can I remove all the apk apps and updates from my phone… My girlfriend put them on there and is stalking everything I do. I am having fun watching him in squirm in the hot seat for a second time.

I agree with the above, you are an idiot. Wow, people keep giving you a lot of crap for being an ass or snarky in your post. I thought you were only being slightly snarky and most of what you said was true.

The free advice is that you should always find a reputable source of information to research every app and program before you instal it.

internet chat old explorer for facebook

After reading these questions, think about how many times you have done it. How many times have you agreed to the terms and conditions of something without reading the entire thing first?

Do you know exactly what you are agreeing to in these documents? Nice article. Greak article. Pname Com Facebook Orca is now a common error today. Pname Com Facebook Orca is a package name for your facebook messenger application on your android device.

Facebook phasing out support for Internet Explorer 7

Hi, Sean. Just to add another perspective, I am a young college aged woman. It was a complicated mess. Even if I turned notifications off, the app would still tell him when I was on messenger last, and I found I was more likely to frequent Facebook and risk being bothered by him when I could simply click on the app to open it on my phone, rather than going through my browser.

I read your article in an attempt to find a way I could occasionally read messages on my phone without using the app and without him being able to see when I had last been on. I was not able to fully find a way to do this, but reading a post that was so pushy about just downloading the app added extra stress and judgement.

I say this not to make you feel bad, but simply because you said you invite new perspectives and because it seems you are still a little skeptical about why anyone would have privacy concerns, even in your apology post.

How to Get Old Facebook Chat back

That being said, I do appreciate your tech help. You can do that. If you tap on your profile picture, and then scroll down a few lines, you should see Active Status, choose that and turn it off. There are apps that let you use messenger without anyone knowing you were reading your messages. Not sure how good it is as I have never used it, but it might be useful for people with similar issues.

As with any app you download, it would be best to research it to see how good it is and what permissions it will have on your device. Total crap, Facebook does more than try to get to your camera and your mic. They want this information so they can push products down your throat and profile you so they can send bias messages and other propaganda. After reading this article I have to differ with you. Thank you.

The best service is to give people what they say they want not what Facebook is telling them they want. The simple solution for me is to simply stop sending messages through Facebook — there are plenty of alternatives. The unfortunate side: I found something someone lost on New Years Eve. I located the owner on Facebook and tried to message her through Chrome Facebook Messaging only to find its now blocked. Sean you are either deeply stupid or a shill for facebook FB messenger stole every single contact from my iphone over posted them on their unsecured, hackable servers.

Well this helped… tho it was some i knew but just forgot about completely. What a load of crap. Thanks for the quick tip, no thanks to your BS attitude.

Why all the bs name calling. And messenger uses a boatload of space so thank you. My concern is not privacy. Its that the messenger app is a stinking pile of garbage. It has been show time and time again that after installing and setting up Messenger, that Android becomes significantly slower and sluggish at times.

Plus there are constant crashes and other bugs from both Messenger as well as the base Facebook app. But there is a way around both. Install UC Browser and enable the Facebook shortcut bar. It will alert you to any FB notifications you get, messages included.

It pisses me off. Screw em. Dude you are a fucking jerk.

Available on

Thanks for the info but your obviously a dipshit when it comes to other peoples thoughts and wishes. Poorly raised and young unless an older ass. Who needs civil rights or a Constitution when we can just TRUST our governments to be honest in their use of technology. Exactly my thoughts.

All the info you laid out would come in easy. I have had my phones hacked by people and they accessed my phone using Facebook Facebook messenger me email addresses and my phone number and and many other such apps.

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    I normally use Chrome as my browser but it also doesn't work with Internet Explorer. My android device is up to date as wel as my laptop/desktop. I even tried.

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    When will video calls be available for Internet Explorer? Chat & Messages. Videos. The only browsers.


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