Parthesh thakkar ielts speaking book pdf

pdf parthesh thakkar book ielts speaking

We have also provided the book The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking by Parthesh Thakkar () PDF Download in PDF, KINDLE. Describe the best present/gift you have received: i. Who sends it? What is the gift​? What is it for? ii. When did you receive it? iii. Detail information about the. Jun 6, - The Ultimate Guide To Ielts Writing By Parthesh Thakkar Pdf Free | Free eBooks and Manual Free download - 72, Speaking Tips Levels worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by​.

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pdf book parthesh ielts speaking thakkar

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No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrival system or transmitted in any form or by any means - electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author. This book can be used as a self- study book and as a classroom study book also. Candidates can use the questions to get themselves famil ar with the questions which are usually asked in the IELTS speaking exam.

This exam is designed to judge the English proficiency of candidates. What is the format of the exam? There are four mocules in this exam; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The test is divided in four sections. It has 40 items in total Students get a question booklet on which the questions are printed. The tape is then played and students write answers simultaneously when the tape is going on. Students get time to look at the questions before the listening is started and check their work at the end of each section.

In two parts, first you are given some time to look at the questions for section 1. Then you will hear an example where you will listen to the correct answer. Then the listening is played including the example.

Approx 4 minutes. Section 2: Usually a monologue only one spesker of a social functional nature, informa- tional talk. Can be social or academic setting. In two parts, you get around 50 seconds in two parts to look at the questions.

There will be no spoken example; you can see a written example. Approx minutes.

ielts speaking book by parthesh thakkar

Section 3: Usually a conversation between two to four people. Academic setting. Education training based context. In two parts, there is no example on the tape in this section.

Section 4; Usually a lecture or speech given as a monologue.

book speaking thakkar pdf ielts parthesh

Education raining based context. No breaks in between.

book parthesh speaking thakkar pdf ielts

There might be a written example. You may get note or summary completion or multiple choice or a mixture of question types. You get approx 45 seconds to look at all the questions in the beginning of section 4. It does not mean that it becomes faster as it progresses; it becomes complex progressively and tests all the Listening skills of the candidate. They can be taken from journals, textbooks and web sites.

IELTS Introduction by Parthesh Thakkar - Reading - Writing - Listening - Speaking

It becomes progressively difficult. Listening, Reading and Writing are arranged on one day.

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Part 1 4. Examiner also asks one or two follow-up questions when the candidate stops speaking Part 3 minutes Extended discourse Examiner asks questions that are thematically linked to the topic in part 2 and the questions are more of abstract nature. Speaking is assessed on four criteria as mentioned below: Fluency and Coht nce: It can be explained as the ability to speak with normal speed and natural continuity.

The speech should be logically linked with the Felp of linking words so that the listener's interest and continuity is maintained. Fluency is often misunderstood as speed but it has nothing to do with speedy speaking. Coherence mears you should be able to form a logical speech where the flow of information should be coherert and connected appropriately.

You should use proper linking worcs, pronouns and intoriation to maintain coherence in your speech. Lexical Resource: It can be exslained as the ability to speak appropriate words for appropriate situations in speaking so that the meaning and the emotion of the viewpoint can be expressed properly.

However, at times it is possible that you may not get exact words for some situations. In such case you should be able to express the overall meaning by using other words or expressions so that the speech should remain continuous.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Grammatical Accuracy can be explained as the appropriate and correct use of grammar while speaking, Le. Grammatical Range can be explained as the variety in sentence structures that the candidate can show during the test.

English language. Assessment Candidates are given bands out of nine in all four criteria, and their average is considered as a final band score for the speaking test. For example, if an examiner gives bands for all four assessment criteria mentioned below: Fluency and Coherence : 7 Lexical Resource : 7 Grammatical Range and Accuracy : 6 Pronunciation 8 We can assume that the final band score of this imagined candidate would be 7. However, from first Julybands in Speaking and Writing will be reported as both half and full band score i.

Log on to www. If you become tongue tied, you need some practice of spoken English. This can be done at home, You can take up any written or printed materia! This will help you in developing sorne familiarity with the anguage.

You can improve your fluency in English by practising more in speaking. You can practise speaking questions from this book with your friend or classmate or you can do it alone also. However, there is en important point would like you to understand; fluency in English doesn't mean speed, Most candidates misunderstand that speaking fluent English means speaking fast Englsh. It means that you can speak naturally, ir a rhythm, in a constant flow which can be slow or fast but it should be natural and without major pauses.

Here, would like to make out one more important point about pauses in speaking. There are two tyee of pauses in spoken English, positive and negative. Positive pauses generally don't reduce your band score but negative pauses can affect your band score.

For example, you are speaking about an article you read from newspaper, but you are unable to recall the name of the writer of the article. Here, if you take a pause of two or three seconds just to remember the neme of the writer, this pause may not reduce your rating in fluency. Thus, it is a good idea to learn grammar either by joining some grammar classes or by learning from a practice book.

There is a separate list of English preparation books given at the end of this book for students who want to practisle independently. However, grammar is certainly not the only assessment tool for IELTS Speaking and hence, itis important for you to develop other areas as well. For this, you should start speaking practice even before you start to learn grammar, There are two benofite of this strategy. One of thom is, you can develop good fluency in spoken English right from the beginning.

Second, when you start speaking English, there are so many situations in which you get confused in the selection of right tense or right word. Here, if you analyze the situation with the help of grammar book or your tutor, you can grasp it faster because practical exposure to spoken English situations always helps in improving your language development.

Problem understand all questions in speaking but, at times, can't speak on some topics because don't know anything about them, Solution Read a lot on various issues or current affairs like pollution, politics, religion, festival, education, lifestyle, children, social issues, marriage, travelling, tourism and so on.

Such practice will give you multiple benefits like improvement in your knowledge about various issues, enhancement in vocabulary and improvement in your reading comprehension skills. However, it is not always possible for you to give a perfect answer to all the questions in IELTS speaking. Here, would like to tell you that there are NO perfect answers in speaking, You are expected to state your opinion or belief about the topic. In this process can't speak fluently.

For example, select a Q card from this book, take one minute to think over the topic, press the recording button of your music system or computer or mobile and start speaking on the topic. Stop recording when you finish speaking. Now, hear the recording and analyze it on different criteria given in the table below and give rating for each criterion on a band scale of Criteria Rating 1 to 9 Did speak for two minutes?


How many sauses did take during the speech? How many oauses were negative and positive? Was my pronunciation clear? Did use connectives and complex structures in the speech? Once you fin sh the analysis of your speech, speak again on the same topic and see where you heve improved over the previous attempt.

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