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Book Descriptions. Commonly referred to as the Pipe Bible, this is the most widely used book in the trade today. It is an easy to understand, pocket sized manual. The Pipe Fitters Blue Book by W. V. Graves; 3 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Pipe fitting. PDF/EPUB Download ebook The Pipe Fitters Blue Book by W. V. Graves. Unlimited all-in-one ebooks in one place.

fitters book pdf blue pipe

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By rcwelding Date Are there some other good hand books you guys like to carry with you.?? By Cumminsguy71 Date That's the one I have plus the little black book. The blue book seems to lay everything out in simpler terms than the black book.

Used this one for several different pullin heads lately and like how it's just basic.

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The black book seems a bit wordy for me. I have used the black book for rolling offsets and other things, take out on fittings and so on. I carry them both though, there is an excellent info between them both and carry them in my truck all the time.

By Root Pass Date Edited I goofed off all through school and this book has been a life saver. Best one I have found that explains things in a simple and easy to under stand manner.

Pipe Fitters Blue Book

All of the books mentioned can be found at thegangebox. By aevald Date Hello RC, I believe these books cover most of the basic offerings for pipefitting. I also included an electricians conduit bending book for those times when you might be doing some pipe bending and wishing to have some information on offsets, bend allowances, and stretch.

Good luck and best regards, Allan.

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By weldwade Date Normally I want to saddle 'ON' the branch to the header. The blue book by Graves gives the saddle on measurements. I am going to look into the book Shawn mensioned in his post, lord knows I can use all the help I can get with the math!

book pipe pdf blue fitters

I use both the blue and black books depending on the situation and they are both very valuable. I also use my machinests handbook for several different things and feel it is very valuable as well.

Pipe Fitter's Blue Book

I have an old Boilermakers handbook with the cover missing so I dont know the Author but it is a great resource. There is also good info in millwright handbooks. By strat Date Graves is also a good one to have. By rcwelding Date Edited Thanks Allan It seems like I have heard more talk on here about the blue book so I was just curious if the link I posted was of the one you guys were talking about and use the most.

It looks like it is. By scrappywelds Date Forum AWS.

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