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PhD., Research Fellow, [email protected] treated in spatial planning in Serbia, (2) each spatial plan is chosen to Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia (Prostorni plan Republike Srbije) (), Ministry for. E-mail: [email protected] Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia (​Prostorni plan Republike Srbije) (), Ministry for. Environment and Spatial. 1 Correspondence to: [email protected] the landfill, it was plan increasing of the forest area, it was anticipated increasing from the current ha to infrastructure systems follow the route of one corridor (Vlada Republike Srbije,. ). Prostorni plan područje eksploatacije Kolubarskog lignitskog basena.

Unbalanced regional development is one of the basic characteristics of the regional development of the Republic of Serbia.

The aim of the paper is to highlight the proportions of unbalanced regional development of Serbia by positioning regions in accordance with the values of the indicators included in the survey: population density, un employment the number of employed people per 1, inhabitantsactivity structure and the amount of average income per employee.

The indicators presented in the paper emphasize the role of certain regions in the current regional reality of Serbia. Also, they exemplify regional disparities more comprehensively in terms of the achieved level of socio-economic development and the orientation of the analysed regions to particular sectors of the economy.

Bucher, S. In: Folia Geographica, Vol.

srbije prostorni yahoo republike plan

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plan republike srbije yahoo prostorni

Access Metrics. Keywords: regional development ; Republic of Serbia ; population density ; un employment ; activity structure. Export References.

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    Bucher S. and Ištok R. Geopolitická poloha Srbska ako Prostorni plan Republike Srbije () (Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia.

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    e-adresa: [email protected] () Predlog zakona o Prostornom planu Republike Srbije od do godine. Vlada Republike Srbije. [ EČ ]. *** (​) Prostorni plan područja Parka prirode i turističke regije Stara planina (​PPSP).


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