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When he finished the sandwich, he turned to his mother's Facebook page and began typing. He'd have his mother take down her page as soon as possible. his father, he'd immediately assumed the old man was feeble, maybe dying, and. Facebook appears to have been blocked in Vietnam as a part of a No, a strong man! Police arrested up to protesters in Ho Chi Minh City's Paris As another source of confirmation of sorts, the Head of PR & Comms for The country of Vietnam shut down Facebook and Instagram the day I arrive. “feet and hands man, that's how you can tell'” he said confidently. The next morning frank's card came so we decided to bounce to Saigon together and share a taxi. While I was checking in I told him I'd meet him down the road later. million people, and I've added three hundred thousand of them on Facebook already!

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But now a vibrant new scene is creating late-night laughter across this city of 9 million: stand-up comedy. Started by English-speaking foreigners, stand-up comedy is increasingly becoming a new tradition among Vietnamese in the bustling city locally known as Saigon. When I started it was 99 percent expats and travelers, but now there are Vietnamese people in the audience.

Le says he was first exposed to stand-up a few years ago, when he came across the American stand-up comedian George Carlin on YouTube, and then took a comedy workshop organized by Ben Betterby, an Arkansas native who moved to Ho Chi Minh City in Betterby began organizing comedy workshops to help budding comics learn the art of stand-up while learning himself. He has now assembled an active group of performers known as Comedy Saigonwhich organizes regular live shows at venues across the city.

Betterby said. Lately, about half the audience giggles to jokes typically in English, the common language for foreigners and locals talking with each other. Most crowds are about 25 percent locals, with the rest a mix of expats and travelers, along with a smattering of digital nomads who roam the globe working remotely, hailing from countries that include the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, South Korea and Singapore.

another down facebook man saigon

After living in Vietnam for eight years, Ross is now in London, studying law. But he still works as a promoter for popular monthly showcases in Saigon with Facebook and fills rooms using posts and ads on social media.

His comedy outfit, Saigon International Comedypairs a touring international comedian with a handful of local comics and has about 15 sold-out shows a year. The South African comedy veteran Devin Gray knows how to handle a crowd.

man facebook down another saigon

How are the North Koreans doing back there? The international crowd claps and cheers as he introduces a Vietnamese comic who goes by her first name, Tu. Clad in a leopard-skin dress, she mocks foreign Tinder dates seeking Asian women, while bawdily discussing her sex life. Tu, who began performing insays having the outlet of stand-up comedy has helped her cope with depression. On a steamy Monday night, in the dense Da Kao neighborhood along the Saigon River canal, an artsy crowd has gathered to hear comedy and music at the dive-bar-meets-art-lounge Indika Saigon hidden behind a Vietnamese barbecue restaurant.

As the leader of a performing troupe called Saigon Funny PeopleMs.

As an African-American woman and former teacher, she moved to Vietnam in early because she said she found it too hard to make a living wage in the United States. Most events began in lively downtown bars and have now spread into neighboring districts as buzzy night spots have proliferated throughout Saigon, along with the growing Vietnamese middle class.

down saigon another facebook man

As the community of comedians expands, many dream of becoming famous.

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