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The sixth & seventh Book of Moses was originally published in Germany, in Its author by the name of Johann Scheibel is shrouded in mystery. The author. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Chemnitz, Germany. There is no longer any magic or witchcraft. In another edition, The New Revised Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, the of Jupiter, for example, assists in overcoming lawsuits and can help win games.

Faust's Book of Hell's Charms Zellerfeld. Faust's Hell-Master Erzgebirge.

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book of games seven moses

Ashliman's folktextsa library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and mythology. That is because the sixth and the seventh books of Moses can no longer be used. Witchcraft, magic, and incantations were all exactly described and recorded there.

games seven moses book of

These two books are now secured at Wittenberg. They can still be seen as curiosities, but can no longer be used. Source: A.

The Book of Moses: Dramatized Audio with Illustrations

Kuhn and W. Brockhaus,no.

Kuhn's and Schwartz's source: "Oral from Chemnitz. They say she had the sixth and the seventh books of Moses. Whenever the woman read in the book, deer, wolves, hares, and other animals would come to her, lie down at her feet, and play with her children. All these animals would disappear as soon as the book was closed.

One day while the woman was reading the book, she was surprised by her husband. He grabbed the book and threw it into the stove.

games seven book of moses

But behold! The fire went out, and the book remained undamaged. The tailor did not want to have this book in his house any longer, so, acting on the advice of some old people, he had a boy who was born on a Sunday during the sermon throw the book into the stove. That worked, for the book was immediately consumed by the flames.


Burmeister's Buchhandlung,no. Haas's source: "Associate Headmaster P. Germany In Sabitz near Bergen there formerly lived a number of peasants who, it was said, possessed a black book. With its help they were able to acquire substantial wealth, and if they did anything bad to a neighbor, they always went unpunished. Whoever wanted to use the black book had to read the text forwards and backwards. The devil gained control of anyone who failed to read it backwards.

It was no longer known where the book came from.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

The oldest people knew only that they had come into its possession through an inheritance. Sometimes the book caused its owners much grief, so finally they tried to dispose of it. For a long time these attempts were to no avail, until they sought the advise of a pastor. He freed them from the book by nailing shut the drawer in which it was being stored. It was written by Doctor Faust. Only a few people can read it, and it is extremely dangerous to read it. To read it without losing one's life, one must be able to read it forwards and backwards.

THE 6th & 7th Book of Moses

If one reads it forwards, the devil will appear. If one reads it backwards, he will leave. If anyone has read the Book of Hell's Charms forwards and cannot read it backwards, then the devil will do the rest. Schulze, no. Harrys' source: "Oral.

Magic Books

This legend's final statement "The devil will do the rest" is somewhat ambiguous. Although it could be interpretted "The devil will read it backwards," a more logical conclusion is "The devil will take possession of the careless reader.

Faust's Hell-Master, which teaches the art of controling spirits, even of making the devil subservient to oneself. Many advocates of the black art have unsuccessfully attempted to find this book.

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    The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses is an 18th- or 19th-century magical text allegedly written by Moses, and passed down as hidden (or lost) books of the.

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    [Rf. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.] Rubiel, Barakiel is invoked to bring success in games of chance, according to De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal.

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    Everyone watched the game with keen interest and nervousness. Father Francis was reading the Six and Seven Books of Moses to tilt the game in their favor.

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    Wippler edition of the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, a most sought after and powerful magical workbook based on Judaic Theurgy.


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