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Adding Sims 3 to a 2017 MacBook Pro

Categories Discussions Activity Best Of March 27 - Click here for the last Friday Highlight of the month! Take a look here! Next Go. Annikaperi Posts: Member. November in The Sims 3 Mac Discussion. It is installed with a pre disc and using Patch 1. I have not updated past Mavericks so as not to mess up my game. I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro. It is thankfully on the list of macs that can run The Sims 3.

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I have copied my entire Documents folder onto this Mac, including my Sims 3 folder. How do I add my base game and expansion packs to this mac?

macbook populars for sims 3

Most of my expansion packs and stuff packs are on disc. Can a disc be used on more than one computer? Can I install them manually, or does one have to go through Origin? If going through Origin, is there anything that as a mac user I should beware of? I am anxious to see how the game will work on the new computer and with Sierra.

It should look beautiful.

Re: Will the Sims 3 work on my new Macbook Pro?

In fact, I am anxious to get back to the game, period; I have not even tried to start it up on the old mac, lately. Alternately, I have been thinking about upgrading the old MacBook and using that as my Bootcamped computer — unless the game somehow goes swimmingly on the new mac with Sierra. November edited November Hi there. Couple of things worth pointing out. Installing by way of Origin for Mac is the only way.

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Purging RAM constantly throughout play in an effort to keep the game under that level of usage is still required and, for many players depending on their play style, the EPs and mods they may want to have in use, how far progressed their games become, etc. If Bootcamping on either Mac is an option, again depending on the hardware we are talking about, the Windows version of the game that ever since Patch 1. NRaas has moved! November Thank you, igazor.

That answers a number of questions. And thank you for the link. Too bad I don't have a gaming PC. If I should ever be lucky enough to find an affordable one, can I install my Sims 3 discs manually on there, totally bypassing Origin, or will I have to remove them from the Mac first? Discs have always allowed for up to five installs on different machines so no removal necessary. If your base game disc is newer than that, then Origin becomes involved with no choices given and on Windows you will land on Patch 1.

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Regardless, with Origin you can install as many times as you want but only one Internet connected computer can play the game at a time. If your discs are Mac only I'm not even sure if or how many of them were released that waythen if registered you can still install TS3 for Windows but only by way of Origin.

You don't need a super deluxe gaming PC for TS3 but there are some basic requirements. I've been playing the Windows version on my Bootcamped iMac for years -- but am fortunate that it has a strong enough processor and a dedicated AMD Radeon video card to handle the game. Thanks, igazor! BluebellFlora Posts: 7, Member.

macbook for 3 sims populars

Annikaperi Hardly any Macs produced since are actually compatible with the game as they all have unsupported graphics cards. If you have the 15" with AMD GPU then you may be ok as that still seems to behave properly but otherwise you will most probably need to edit the. Why is installing Origin not an option? What errors were you getting?

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Just woke up in my parking space with the car still running, after eating a big Italian meal, to find the desk clerk of the hotel and one of the guests peering into my car to see if I was okay. Pulled a couple of almost allnighters this week, and I have a meeting in the morning!

And now that I am back in my room catching up on some correspondence, I just lost four paragraphs because I accidentally swiped backwards. Teach me not to save on a word document first! BluebellfloraI just wanted to get an overview of what one does, depending on the operating system.

I have been reading various posts until I was confused. I realize that most people who are wary of Origin have PCs, but I did not know what the new Origin for Mac does — I guess it is necessary for the new Macs — and I am eventually going to want to have alternatives in place in order to preserve my game.

I am definitely going to have to save the Superpatch to disc. I am also trying to decide if I want to put any more money into the old MacBook in order to keep it running. I guess I was right to be concerned about upgrading past Mavericks, but eventually my computer just could not keep up.

I guess those are very bad practices. I have not been able to try the game yet on the new computer because I have to locate the rest of my discs in the storage shed after moving. I guess some people have been needing the discs even to download from Origin, although I will definitely need your fix for some of the EPs. I have been wary of Bootcamping my Mac. I do have one friend that says yes, it does seem like something we should not do put Windows operating system on our Macbut has done it for the same reason — he has a favorite game.

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Loving the new MacBook Pro, although the new keyboard is taking some getting used to — very light touch, no satisfying click on the trackpad, and I keep hitting the touchpad by mistake. I do have one friend that says yes, it does seem like something we should not do put Windows operating system on our Macbut BluebellFlora Thanks for the downloading, partitioning and touchpad tips. It is amazing all the work you put into your blog and postings.

JessicaWake Posts: 2 New Member.

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I have 13' Touch bar macbook pro and High Sierra. My games are because of this the game is all digitally downloaded. So I have been struggling with this problem for a few months I have uninstalled reinstalled everything and fixed one part of the problem the unknown error but now I have a new problem. The game simply will not launch, I will press play on origin, it will load up the launcher, I press play on that, and it simply closes the launcher and opens up origin again.

for populars sims macbook 3

I have tried bypassing the launcher and the game will act like it is about to launch, plumbob pops up in the dock however, it closes and opens up origin again. Would love to play the game again.

Thank you. Thank you but, where exactly do I find my own device id?

The Sims 3 cheats: A full list of cheat codes for everything you can do in The Sims 3

There is nothing when I go system report, network and then wifi like some people suggest? Tremayne Posts: 3, Member. Sims 3 runs just fine on High Sierra for anyone still playing on the Mac side.

Second Star to the Right and Straight on 'til Morning. January I have never liked the sound of Bootcamp since I first heard of it. I always wondered wouldn't that just expose your computer to viruses? I suppose there are precautions one can take, but since I have no other reason to have it on my computer, I think I will try doing without it first and see how the new computer does. You probably think that sounds crazy. Thank you for your comment, Tremayne I was a bit worried at first as people seemed to be having some problems with it, but then it seemed that those problems must have been worked out.

An Apple Genius helped me transfer all my documents, but I imagine my Sims 3 folder has to be moved and renamed. Can I rename it and keep it elsewhere in my Documents file, or do I need to remove it from Documents completely?

I guess I need to download Origin for Mac, download the games, and then add Saves, etc. Installed Origin for Mac and read the agreement.

My head hurts. This application seems rather fidly and won't even scroll properly so that I can see everything. Will it apply the superpatch? How do I turn off all the extra stuff, or better yet, can I just keep it turned off once my game is all installed and play offline? I am hoping there is no new weirdness on the Mac side.

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January edited January That can all be bypassed with a shortcut to the TS3w. Or you could just use the Launcher and keep the game offline. The SuperPatch is not part of Origin for Mac installs, it needs to be applied separately. It's the Windows version of Origin and Patch 1.

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    The Sims 3 Starter Pack has everything you need—and far more—to play with life​. Start your Sims 3 collection and get bonus content for The Sims 4! Powerful character design tools let you Macintosh System Requirements OS: macOS.

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    Sorry if this has been answered before, but I can't find a post specifically about this. I have The Sims 3 on my early MacBook Pro.

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    The Sims 3 is not compatible on Macs which only have integrated Intel Iris graphics. If you would like to play the game on your Mac with these graphics you have to.


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