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SLAM BOOK Slambook Questions, Questions For Friends, This Or That All About Me Poster for Back to School Activities – Education Posters All About Me. HELLO FRIENDS MY NAME IS ANNELIESE. CAN U ALL HELP ME TO FILL MY SLAM BOOK?.I WO'NT ASK ANY PERSONAL QUESTIONS. HERE ARE THE reality show- i liked the first season of BiggBoss. u'd like to own- 10 million worth​. Hey all Kaise hain sab? i had an idea to bring alive some much needed activity in forum this post had been made in the past by one of my friends and must say it had received a please give us the answers for the questions below: Porus, Tara from Satara, The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2, Vighnahartha Ganesha.

We all have friends who want us to sign to their slam book. But what if, signing a slam book will introduce you to your love. Find out what will happen. I bit my lower lip as I answer the questions in my best friend's slam book. Well I have no idea why my best friend bought this slam book.

This book opens up secrets, and personal information that I don't want to talk about, but because this is my best friend's.

I will answer it honestly without any doubts. See this book is so annoying. But I have no choice but to answer it. I had enough of this open secret.

Why would I call these things as secrets if I will open it in my best friend's slam book? I returned the book to Amy, my best friend, and without reading it, she passes the book to Gabby My crush.

Gabby just smirks at me with his eyes teasing me as he leaves the room.

all slam book seasons questions for friends

I just pray while sitting next to Amy. I'm nervous, then suddenly Josh, a friend of Gabby told me to go out the room with him, and i did. He told me to go to the clinic with him and visit Gabby, but I refuse because seeing me can make his situation worst.

As I enter the room, all my classmates look at me like I have done something wrong then they start to talk to their seatmates. I heard someone talking about Gabby, and now my conscience starts bothering me so I turn around and walk towards Josh. Now we are heading at the clinic and suddenly he told me that he needs to go to the C.

for slam all friends seasons book questions

That's why I'm alone now walking in a long corridor that will lead me to the clinic. My mind is full of guilt. My conscience starts to bother me again and again making me more nervous.

My Best friend's Slambook

This time I don't pay attention to where I'm going until I felt like i had bumped into someone or something really hard that makes me dizzy and I fainted. I woke up in the clinic seeing a guy staring at me, everything is blurred. Well bumping someone really hard is a fast way to get to the clinic. I shake my head to wake myself up and get a clearer view. Why are you looking at me like that?

Why am I here in the clinic? I don't suppose to lay here in the bed because you are the one with a heart attack. Now I remember. Hmmm is it all about the secrets inside it?? Well I don't have a heart attack.

My Best friend's Slambook

We just want to make sure that you are concern at me. But nothing is forever. After a few months, he started to ignore me, he can't look directly at my eyes, he never talks to me and he stops texting me. I always saw him, just feet away from me, but I can't even talk to him.

He is unreachable. But nothing changes, until one day Amy, my best friend, bought a new slam book for this year. She wants me to be the first one who will sign for it, but I refuse, because of the memories that that book gave me. I told her that I want to be the last one who will sign in the book.


She just smiled at me and passes the book to our other classmates. I waited for several days hoping that Amy let Gabby sign on the slam book. One day, Amy passes the book to me, with her eyes looking and smiling like a heel. She told me to open the page where Gabby signed.

I open that page immediately and I have been shocked by what I've read. I blushed out and smile like a heel too, well i suppose this is the happiest day of my life. After that day he asks me if I want to be his girlfriend, and I agreed.

seasons for all friends questions slam book

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New Reading List. Send to Friend. Who's your crush: Gabby Have you been in love? I returned the book to Amy, my best friend, and without reading it, she passes the book to Gabby My crush Gabby just smirks at me with his eyes teasing me as he leaves the room.

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    Attached are trivia questions from Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly to be used for book battle, book club, literature circles, guided reading groups.

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    since facebook started consuming all my time (not really, but sorta) while looking for Slam Book- I remember kids getting suspended for having these Slam Book Funny Thoughts About Teachers Day - Quotes 4 You Slam Book Questions, Questions For Friends Could do a page every season in my regular scrapbook.

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    Funny Thoughts About Teachers Day - Quotes 4 You Slam Book Questions, Questions Back to school All About Me Posters Bundle The Perfect Ice- Brettspiele - Jahreszeiten, Monate und Wochentage Board Games - Seasons.


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