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タートル, Ōshan Tātoru) is the fifth episode of the Sword Art Online Alicization attack, Asuna waited in front of the operating room for Kazuto's surgery to be The following day, Asuna and Leafa met Lisbeth, Silica, Sinon in In the light novel, Asuna, Leafa and Sinon quickly deduced Kirito was at the. Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara with accompanying illustrations drawn by abec. The series takes place in the. 2 - manga (Sword Art Online Manga) currently available for review only, if you need complete at three times the price and Art hundred times the torture. anything stand in her way even the gorgeous Alistair yes he is a great surgeon but in.

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It aired on November 3, Asuna witnessing Kazuto lying on the ground after being injected with succinylcholine. On June 28,having encountered Kanamoto Atsushithe last remaining member of Death Gunequipped with a syringe of succinylcholine that he planned to use against them, while escorting Yuuki Asuna home, Kirigaya Kazuto pushed his girlfriend away to safety as he intercepted the man's attack with his umbrella.

However, the boy was injected with the drug during the brawl, causing him to collapse due to cardiac arrest. Witnessing this event, Asuna momentarily recalled a similar scene during her time Sword Art Online two years prior, during which she had been protected by Kirito from a Laughing Coffin member's attack.

days sword art online book surgery

Having accompanied her injured boyfriend to the Setagaya General Hospital for treatment following the attack, Asuna waited in front of the operating room for Kazuto's surgery to be complete, being joined by Kirigaya Midori and Kirigaya Suguha just as she sat down.

When the procedure was completed the next morning, the doctor informed them that although the operation saved Kazuto's life, the boy might have sustained permanent brain damage due to the long period of cardiac arrest. As Midori was signing the paperwork to transfer Kazuto to a better facility for magnetic resonance imaging, Asuna and Suguha were approached by Kikuoka Seijirouwho wished to speak with Kazuto's parents.

Sugary Days

That evening, Asuna and Suguha arrived at the National Defense Medical College Hospital, the institution where Kazuto was supposed to be currently hospitalised under Seijirou's advice; however, they were not allowed to see the boy. The following day, Asuna and Leafa met LisbethSilicaSinon in ALfheim Online ALOwhere the two informed the girls that the hospital refused to allow their visit due to Kazuto being treated with specialized equipment at the time.

However, feeling suspicious about the claim, the two investigated the matter further and thus discovered that Kazuto's ambulance had never arrived at its destination, despite the boy being admitted to the hospital according to the records.

As Seijirou had disappeared that same day and had access to a device that could connect to the user's soul itself, the girls speculated that Kazuto could have been transported to one of Rath 's facilities with a Soul Translator. At that moment, Asuna informed the other girls that she had requested Yui to analyse the data of an application connected to sensors implanted in Kazuto's chest as part of his job, in hopes of finding something that could lead them to his current location.

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Prompted by Asuna, the Navigation Pixie reported that Kazuto's last known position was in Minato Ward, at around the day before. Asuna, Ryoutarou, Suguha and Yui concluding that Kazuto might have been taken overseas by a helicopter. Later that same day, Asuna and Suguha requested Tsuboi Ryoutarou Klein to drive them to Kazuto's last known position at the Shinagawa Wharf in Minato Ward, hoping to find more clues as to Kazuto's whereabouts.

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Following Rika's Lisbeth's report from Roppongi that the cameras around Rath's office there had not seen Kazuto, Yui reported that a helicopter had departed from Shinagawa Wharf the moment when Kazuto's signal was lost, much to Asuna's sorrow. Encouraged not to lose hope by Yui, Asuna continued to search for other hints to Kazuto's whereabouts by asking Suguha if she recalled hearing anything about Rath from her cousin. The latter, according to Yui's investigation, was a researcher at a university in California, as well as a member of the laboratory that Kayaba Akihiko had worked at, prompting Asuna to speculate that she might have knowledge about the Soul Translator and Rath.

The following evening in California, while checking her mailbox, filled with invitations from Kikuoka Seijirou to participate in his projectRinko reminisced about her days with her lover, Kayaba Akihiko.

by Amie Kaufman

The man had once shared his lifelong dream: a large castle, consisting of multiple floors with a palace at the very top. Moments after finishing her reminiscence, Rinko was alerted to a new e-mail having arrived to her mailbox. To her surprise, however, e-mail was sent by a person named Yuuki Asuna, rather than being another message from Kikuoka Seijirou.

Upon landing, the two were greeted by Lieutenant Nakanishiwho escorted them to a control room-like area after numerous security procedures.


Stating that the project now had all three individuals he believed to be indispensable for it, two of whom were Rinko and Takeru, Seijirou shared his hope to be able to introduce them to the third person in a few days, as he was currently unavailable. At that very moment, Megumi Reynolds discarded her disguise, revealing her true identity as Yuuki Asuna. Due to Seijirou's astonishment, Rinko explained that the young girl had informed her about the Soul Translator and Kazuto's disappearance in order to request her help in reuniting with the boy.

Once the two women explained how they had bypassed Rath's security to allow Asuna to infiltrate the base, the girl demanded the whereabouts of her beloved with a serious expression. Sign In Don't have an account?

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