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Prepare urself for another classic yet fictional ride with this children novel based on the much loved show- the 39 clues. Model: Let's look at an inference that Dan. Cahill made in the first part of the book​. He and. Amy were in Grace's library, wondering if Grace had other books. Dan. The 39 Clues, Book 2 “One False Note” - Author Gordon Korman 1. Created by N.M. Hayes April This motivational.

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For the fans, past, present, and future — P. For Rose Brock — G. For David, Rachel, and Mallory, the best editorial team in the world — J. It was a fine autumn morning. A crisp wind had blown away the fog, and sunshine sparkled on the Celtic Sea. In the distance, the coast of the Irish mainland stretched out lush and green. All of that land, as far as Damien could see, had been controlled by the Vesper family for centuries.

Far to the northeast, one pillar of smoke snaked into the blue sky — probably another village being burned — but otherwise everything looked peaceful and beautiful. No sign of the Black Death. Damien sipped his mulled wine, enjoying the scent of clove and nutmeg. So many advances in the sciences since then, so many amazing discoveries, and still the plague hampered his plans.

But no matter. He simply left his lieutenants in charge on the mainland to collect his taxes. He continued his work in peace, enjoying the acquisitions his agents sent him from across Europe. He gazed at the woodblock-panel map now adorning his wall — a beautiful piece just arrived from France.

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Reports and sketches from Italy covered his desk. Damien searched the world for rare treasures and powerful secrets. Was it possible that the most powerful secret in the world, a bit of information that could help Damien realize his wildest ambitions, was hiding right under his nose? This morning, he intended to find out.

His eyes drifted to the new mosaic on his ceiling: a circle five feet in diameter depicting the Vesper coat of arms, but it was more than decoration. But now it would serve a much more important purpose. He would test his theory. If he was right, Damien Vesper might become the most powerful man in the world. There was a rap at the door. His servant Balthazar stepped through, bowing low. But he did believe in being flexible. Gideon was dressed in his usual peasant clothes — quite unbecoming for a man of his talents.

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His hair was a swirl of wild gray tufts like a bank of storm clouds. His rugged face was darkened from years of brewing mixtures in a smoky laboratory. And his eyes — still fierce and bright as ever under bushy gray brows. Damien was not used to being corrected. He remembered thinking: Here is a man I could use. Not a sheep. A man of intellect. It had been the beginning of a rare friendship.

clues pdf books 39 the

True, that friendship had frayed since the Cahills and Vesper and his household had fled to this island together. The last time Damien had seen Gideon in person, about a week ago, Damien had been startled — even concerned — by how much his friend had aged. Poor, noble Gideon, who took the plague so personally and labored like Hercules to find a cure.

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But now … just as the housekeeper had reported, something about Gideon Cahill had changed drastically. Gideon stood straighter. His shoulders seemed broader. Was his hair actually darker? It seemed impossible, but Gideon Cahill seemed healthier, younger. Sick for a while, he was. I heard him talking to himself about a formula, a concoction. Damien felt a twinge of annoyance.

He cloaked his anger with a broad smile and shepherded his friend into the study until Gideon stood just beneath the new mosaic crest on the ceiling.

clues the books pdf 39

But my agent in Florence tells me this artist, Leonardo, is a master and also quite an inventor of mechanical devices — which, as you know, are my passion. Leonardo just completed a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo. He calls it the Mona Lisa. How does that sound? Vesper chuckled. Gideon was never easy to impress, which just made Damien more determined to impress him — even if today might be the last time.

He pushed aside the Leonardo sketches.

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But surely you must admit this was worth the price. What do you notice?

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He has labeled them … America? Seems a silly name to me, but no matter.

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Our world has officially expanded, Gideon! Think of all those lands to conquer, all those kingdoms of savages with riches beyond imagining. Spain is already becoming wealthy, you know, bringing back shiploads of gold and silver. I tell you, if a man had enough power, he could set himself up as an emperor in the New World. It could as easily be called Vesperia, eh? Forty-three more of our villagers died this week, you know.

The 39 Clues Book 11: Vespers Rising

We must find a cure for the Black Death, and I doubt the answer lies in this … America. Gideon was the only one who would dare speak so boldly to him. In years past, Vesper had found his honesty refreshing. He even allowed Gideon to call him by his given name. Our villagers? These lands belonged to Vesper alone. And when had his friend become so narrowminded?

Vesper showed him the new continents full of thousands of would-be subjects — a world to be conquered — and Gideon was concerned about forty-three plague-ridden peasants.

How goes your research? Gideon was definitely hiding something. The look in his eyes was almost fear.

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And yet physically he seemed so full of energy, standing tall and straight. He fairly radiated health. A formula, a concoction, the housekeeper had said. If things went wrong, Gideon was in the perfect position. After all these years, Gideon Cahill still mystified him. So dedicated to finding a cure, and yet he refused to do the logical thing and experiment on peasants.

Unless, of course, he had already tested his cure some other way…. Gideon hesitated. You are a poor liar. At the very least, you owe me the truth. What have you found? Believe me, I have not.

Readers Theatre The 39 Clues One False Note Book 2.pdf

The anticipation of violence had a calming effect on him — like a form of prayer. But I do conduct my own research with mechanics, as you know. Unlike you, I have no problem testing my inventions on live subjects.

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    The 39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers 03 The Dead of Night Peter Lerangis Because Isabel Kabra thought they were hiding one of the thirty-nine clues? go to school, but he learned nine languages and read a thousand books during their run.

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    The 39 Clues: Cahills vs Vespers Series (PDF). Fantastic young-adult series featuring 6 adventure books by bestseller authors. Amy and Dan Cahill face new​.


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