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Soft Copy of Book The Bible Code author Michael Drosnin completely free.​ During Drosnin’s five-year investigation of the 3,year-old code in the Bible that may reveal our future, he interviewed all the experts, here and abroad.​ Eliyahu Rips, and he met with famous mathematicians. "A Touchstone book." Contains: Equidistant letter sequences in the book of Genesis / Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg. PDF | A paper of Witztum, Rips and Rosenberg in this journal in made the extraordinary claim that the Hebrew text of the Book of Genesis encodes | Find​.

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Others such as Christians, Muslims, and Jews are employing similar codes and methodologies to draw their own distinctive conclusions. What is a biblical response to the issue of the Bible codes? Can the codes really be used to establish divine authorship of the Bible? Will Bible codes become an important weapon in the apologetic arsenal of evangelical Christians?

The goals of this review are 1 to define common terminology associated with the controversy, 2 to explain in some detail the various examples of the codes and to discuss in layman's language both some of the general mathematical issues and some detailed analysis of the precise method, 3 to illustrate some parallel uses of this methodology in the apologetical approaches of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian circles, and 4 to critique the methodology from within the framework of biblical theology.

In the process of investigation, some of the more prominent names and figures associated with the controversy will arise and brief bibliographic information will attend each key figure. A careful analysis of the Bible Code controversy indicates that there are many reasons to reject the theory that there are codes embedded in the Torah or elsewhere in the Bible of the type presented by these codes researchers whether individuals or groups.

It is encoded from beginning to end with words that connect to tell a hidden story. What Moses actually received on Sinai was an interactive data base, which until now we could not fully access. In The Bible Code, Drosnin utilized a highly complex code, allegedly embedded in the Hebrew Bible, to propose that hidden messages 3 revealing future events have been placed into the Torah text. His argument depends on the precise positions of allletters in the Torah text.

Many observant Jews believe that every letter of the Torah was directly dictated to Moses by God. While most evangelicals do not subscribe to a dictation theory of inspiration, they do hold to the integrity of the autographa, that there was no error in the original manuscripts. Evangelical belief in the preservation of the Word is often expressed in terms of the smallest letter or stroke of the Hebrew letters of the Law Matt and Luke That is, one takes the entire Torah or a specific book within Torahdrops spaces between letters, and looks for new words in the resulting stream.

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The coded message is then decrypted located by sampling, for example, every 4th or 12th or nth letter rather than following successive letters. They applied their sieve to particular biblical books like Genesis and Deuteronomy and received a statistical count. They next applied the same sieve to a control non-biblical text and to randomized versions of both texts, in order to get an idea of whether the count for the biblical is high.

On the surface, the count for the Bible books seemed to be improbably statistically high. If it is a code, it is hidden in some manner. The Masoretic pointing vowels is omitted in the process. The authors of the article write p. In such cases we used both forms.

The Bible code

Other natural questions concern whether they ignore vowels, whether they distinguish word -final character forms, which spellings they use, etc. These questions are all settled somewhat arbitrarily. One may believe that the text in its fulness exists, however, without pointing to a particular version or collection of manuscripts.

code book pdf the bible

Reasonable doubts exist about the verities of any textual tradition left standing on its own. The number of letters in the Pentateuch in Jewish literature, Chumashlit.

When code authors search for an ELS of a relatively short word, they are unwittingly searching for a blade of grass in a haystack! Drosnin had the computer arrange the letters of the text in 64 equal rows of letters. What makes anyone think such an arrangement is intentional, let alone sacred? If Genesis is special, the sieve should still pick that up, to a greater or lesser extent.

Those writing about the subject often display the results of ELS by writing down the section of Torah containing the ELS with lines as long as the spacing of the ELS or a length a few letters longer or shorter than this spacing. This method of display has no special significance, although it appears designed to make readers forget the large spacings between letters that are sometimes involved.

The Bible Code

One is allowed to look for coded messages within ELS going forwards, backwards, or, on some occasions, as a boustrephedon! In some cases it is the sound of the word, not the actual spelling, that counts. Some codes researchers distinguish between ELS and what they call legitimate codes. The nature of the codes for these researchers is thus defined by the purposeful placement of the codes into the text by the author of the text.

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Further, ELS are used to identify these codes as purposefully placed by the author! One need not dispute the possibility that biblical authors may have used such methods. It is another question altogether, however, as to what significance should be given to such placement. A Brief History 8 A boustrephedon refers to an ancient writing method in which the lines of a text alternate in their inscription and in reading from left to right and then right to left.

The word is a combination of the Greek words bou"j ox and strefein to turn. The metaphorical comparison would be the turning of the oxen while plowing a field. One plowing with oxen heads down one row and returns along but below the row just plowed. For a clear example in Drosnin, see The Bible Code, His book is based on a popularized approach to a study published in the scholarly journal Statistical Science.

This was an involved attempt including a sophisticated statistical analysis done on a computer to try to show that the codes cannot be explained by random chance.

[Full Complete Audio-Book] The Secret Code of Success - Act II Chapters 4-5

Likewise, the theory and presentation by the Israeli mathematicians in their article in Statistical Science is not new, but is a computer-nuanced approach toward some much older Jewish Bible study methods as shall be demonstrated below. The noted Rabbis example of Rips and his colleagues within the article is a sophisticated statistical analysis done on a list of celebrated rabbis correlated to their dates of birth or death. This data is provided in an involved attempt to demonstrate that the codes are not to be explained by coincidence or contrivance.

They ignored Masoretic marks and pointing altogether and did not consider text critical matters.

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The authors took a list of names of 32 noted rabbis. In their initial sampling, they used the names of 34 very famous rabbis, but after refining their methods of analysis, they reported that they took the moderately known rabbis to avoid any charges of having fitted the tests to accommodate the data. The trial took the names of these 32 great men, together with their dates of birth and their dates of death, and examined how closely the dates were to the names when they searched for the names and dates as ELS in the consonantal text of Genesis.

There are some mitigating factors of the process that are very significant. Further, the authors did not use the actual dates or names cited in the Encyclopedia but ones that they had determined from their own research.

The Bible Code. Michael Drosnin

Other factors could be cited, but one gets the impression that, when looking for examples of what one wants to see, it helps to increase the probabilities of getting to see it if one increases the variables. The paper was reportedly presented in in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. I was unable to access a copy of this earlier article to verify this point.

Witzum and Rosenberg, his associates, carried out their research at Jerusalem College of Technology, Jerusalem. One searching for codes has to experiment to find what might be encoded. Computers allow the trial of limitless possibilities so that even a well-meaning searcher can inadvertently produce what appear to be statistically rare results when doing multiple tests.

Margalioth, ed. In fact, Rips and others have been vocal in their criticisms of Drosnin, suggesting that he does not understand the proper uses of codes methods.

The testimonies of Jews attending the seminar are illustrative, if not enlightening. Grayson, a year-old graduate student of Social Work at Columbia University. Their mission is to persuade secular Jews to return to observance of Judaism. They have put about 60, people world-wide through the seminar since —more than one third of those just in the past two years.

Web page claim marketing the book, Yeshua: The Hebrew Factor21 Ever since the work of Witztum and Rips became known and perhaps beforeclaims have been made that hidden messages of Christian theological relevance can likewise be found embedded in the Hebrew text.

Most of these claims have little merit due to a lack of any scientific discipline on the part of those espousing them. The associations with numerology are stronger than he realizes, however, since no one claims that the Bible Codes authors are using strict numerology to draw their assertions, but a strange blend of modern computer science, mathematics, and gematria. Jeffrey cannot have it both ways!

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin PDF : eBook Information

Let me introduce my husband, Yacov James Rambsel—the author—to you. These insights are coming in too fast for me to write them all down! The strained credibility issue extends from Rambsel to other Christian Bible Codes researchers. For example, what Grant Jeffrey uses to document his codes research is often questionable at best.

Publication in a critical journal like Statistical Science is not ipso facto proof of the alleged reality of the Bible code. Even the length of time that has elapsed since the publication is not proof of the accuracy of the statements made by some codes researchers. The complexities of statistics and mathematical probabilities involved prevent a quick response from the critics. This is not to say that the critics have not weighed in with their responses.

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

Jeffrey cites articles in Statistical Science and elsewhere in a way as to suggest that he considers the sources unimpeachable. He cites an article in the liberal Bible Review by Jeffrey Satinover, for example, for its open stance to the codes. What Jeffrey fails to tell his readers is that subsequent issues of Bible Review provide scathing critiques of both Eliyahu Rips and Drosnin for their ignorance of basic matters pertaining to Hebrew, mathematical probabilities, and textual transmission issues.

To be sure, the men who write these and other critiques are not Christians, but this does not excuse Jeffrey from answering the specific issues raised by them that invalidate his entire position.

Reviews of : The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin PDF Book

These positions were matters of public record at the time of his later publication of The Handwriting of God. If even one Hebrew letter 22 Yeshua, from the foreword.

Biblia Hebraica contains the multiple variant readings fo und in different ancient manuscripts in its critical apparatus. The Talmudic citations of the Hebrew Bible also differ from the Koren edition in about citations.

The Bible code computer program uses the universally accepted original Hebrew text.

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