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Sunflower by on @deviantART. Encre Mecanique Black Line Tattoo, Line Tattoos, Great Tattoos, Tatoos, Coloring For. Pioneering black-and-gray tattoo artist Freddy Negrete was twelve years old and confined Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Art. The book takes the form of a memoir by Madeleine "Maddy" or "Monkey" Wirtz. on January 1, , involving secret tattoos of the gang's symbol, a red flame.

I have worked on this book for two years with no monetary gain and ask that youmay distribute this as much as you like as long as the information is not changed. This bookis to help you and many others, please respect that idea and my hard work. I want to thank the half of my family that supported my decision to be atattoo artist, and thank the other half that supported me in other ways.

I also want to thank every friend and client I, and the Shop have. I could not have been what I wanted if not for you guys. I also want to give a big shout to all the moderators and members of www. Thanks for giving me something to work for. Introduction Welcome to my world.

The Black Book of Tattooing

I have fought all my life to be a tattooartist despite the bulk of the world telling me it was a pipe dream. Iimmersed myself in a world like no other. A battle field of the boundaries setby society which told me that I would be less of a person if I followed my truecalling. I have worked my way from being all but homeless at the age ofsixteen to operating several studios over the years and now own a respectedtattoo studio Madd Hatter Tattoos in Spencer, WV at twenty-eight.

My owntrials and tribulations to see how far I was willing to leap from the edge ofwhat is considered normal life was for the sake of being a tattoo artist. Notmany tattoo artists really know what they have or the true level of dedicationit deserves. It has been a long and arduous path which I would do again if itwere twice as difficult. Tattooing has, for me, been the root that every pieceof happiness in my life has grown from. I can only wish you the same fortune Ihave had. As I reach the point in my life where I can finally say with pride that Iam a tattoo artist not that I just do tattoos for a living I see the ideas andtrue nature of the art fading out and turning into something else.

The tattoo. The true ideals ofthe artistry are fading away as the true tattoo artist becomes a dying breedgiving into the next generation. My belief is that tattooing is the last trueform of art left in the world.

People no longer work to be professionalpainters unless they are painting a house. There are no more great poets, orplay writes that walk among us.

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Now the last true form of self expression isturning into a drive through industry which is based of everyone thinking thatbeing a tattoo artist makes you the same ranks as a rock star. I have happilywritten this publication to share with you the opinions and facts I havelearned over the years to help instill the next generation of artists with aguide of technical knowledge and the true meaning of what it is to be anartist.

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I can only hope that the next generation of tattoo professionals treatsthis industry with the strength and integrity that it deserves. Through properdedication and sacrifice you will find a joy that cannot be explained by aprofession of any other type. You must understand that becoming a truetattoo artist requires all of you; your whole way of life has to be disciplineand dedication to what you want to become.

There are no part time tattooartists; you do not stop being a tattoo artist when you go home at night. Yourartistry and the quality of who you are as an artist is judged by three thingsalone, your dedication, your personality, and your technical knowledge of thelifestyle you lead. I hope it will bring you the happiness and peace it hasbrought me.

The last true form of art is left in your hands, treat it right. Chapter 1 History and Basic Information Tattooing the skin is the oldest profession in the world. The oldestrecorded human to date is referred to as the ice man.

He was found underwhat was left of an iceberg near the Austrian border in Italy. Carbon datingplaces the ice man around 5, years old. This was a cultural surprisebecause he had a few tattoos. Before his discovery, it was popular belief thatthe oldest culture to tattoo was Egyptians over 3, years ago. So the iceman out dates the Egyptians by 2, years The ice man had a small cross.

firefox book of the black tattooing

The first sign of tattooing in the west was brought to us fromTahiti by a man named Captain Cook in Initially the traditional tattoos were applied by a stick with a comblike head attached to the end. They used another stick to tap the first; thisachieved a stabbing motion. This ancient type of tattooing is rapidly gainingpopularity once more.

While receiving a tattoo you would not honor yourexperience if you showed any sense of pain or discomfort and the practiceusually was a ceremony that lasted for days often resulting in shock for thepatron. The tattoo machine we all know and love today is nothing more than amodified version of the first electric engraver. In the US we first startedseeing tattoos regularly on sailors that had been to distant lands.

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Theybrought them back as permanent souvenirs. In the 's and 's sailorsnavigated there voyages by the stars and constellations. It symbolizes the North Star and means that the oneadorning such a tattoo is looking for there way. Many military men are knownto put this design on there trigger finger to help guide there shot in combat. Now, as time progresses I find myself tattooing doctors, lawyer,teachers, you name it.

Smile Now, Cry Later: Guns, Gangs, and Tattoos-My Life in Black and Gray

Once I gave the city I live in a discount because mostof the sheriff's department came in to have there shields tattooed in oneweekend. It's funny to me that all of these people have tattoos yet you stillare heckled by strangers for having them. I have my own theory on thissubject. I think that people have this psychological need to hate something.

Inthis day and age of political correctness, I think that tattoo hating is just thelast excepted form of racism. There are many famoustattoo artists but only a few of them are respected.

There is an unspokencode among tattoo artist. This code is based on respect, loyalty and secrecy. In fact it is a fear of mine to be shunned in the tattoo community for writingthis publication.

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Thankfully my willingness to teach out weighs my need forpopularity. There are a few different types of tattoo artists. First you havethe scratchers. They buya tattoo kit from some hack company or online and pay ridicules prices whilethinking they got a great deal or they buy from some online auction.

Thereare only a few companies that sell to the public and they mark up prices so ahundred dollar tattoo machine goes for about four hundred, and a fifty dollarmachine goes for about four hundred, while out of date machines that shouldbe disposed of go for aboutoh You get the idea.

Thesecompanies are part of the problem. They will sell anyone a tattoo rig justbecause they can take their money. They don't think about the fact that theyare selling people that have no clue what they are doing the ability to givetheir loved ones hepatitis.

Scratchers like to think they are tattoo artists because they saw somefamous chick on TV tattooing.

They think they can watch a few re-runs oftattoo shows and presto, instant VanGough. The truth is yes, scratchers willgive you a tattoo for twenty bucks or for a case of beer. While they mighthave a small idea of how to draw a pot leaf, or the Tasmanian devil, they alsohave no idea how to not give you hepatitis or some other disease that you canpass to your wife or your children.

Sure you can save a few bucks. But you willend up having to pay five times as much to have it covered by a real shop. While you have no idea how many people before you have had that sameneedle under there skin.

You cannottattoo on self education alone unless you have at least ten years experience. You need a proper education. Unfortunately, many artists think that tattooingfor a few years gives them the right to teach, so be careful who you get anapprenticeship from. Another teacher to watch out for is the guy that tellsyou the old ways are the best. Like anything technology improves with time,you have to learn and change with your environment.

If you stop learning, youbecome out dated. By this same logic, modern medicine would still be usingleaches to cure every thing. Next you have the apprentice. These guys work hard before they evereven start. It took me a few years to talk someone into giving me a shot.

Mostartists will not teach. So you have to fight tooth and nail to actually getsomeone just to say yes.

A real apprenticeship takes about two years, give ortake a few months. These guys work hard. Usually, you will work for six months just taking notes andlearning sterilization procedures before you ever get to touch a machine.

Then one magical day arrives and you get to play with the machine, by takingit apart and cleaning it every day for another six months. You have to know how to clean a surface, and how to know.

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Basically, for the first year you will answer phones, study, clean and mopfloors, study, Clean windows and counters, study, sterilize equipment, andstudy some more. You always hear about tattoo artists treating thereapprentices like shit.

book tattooing firefox the of black

Making them mop the floor with a toothbrush and domany vile jobs. The art of tattooing is one of patience and respect. You have to learnpatience and earn respect before you can do anything. Really the idea is similar to the military.

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