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Corpus ID: The blue book of grammar and punctuation: an easy-to-​use guide with clear rules, real-world examples, and reproducible quizzes. You don't have to be an English master to understand punctuation and sentence structure. Every generation of English scholars despairs because the language. The #1 Grammar and Punctuation Resources Website – English grammar rules, capitalization, punctuation, whom, whomever, whoever, writing numbers.

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English language—Grammar. English language—Grammar—Problems, exercises, etc. English language—Punctuation—Problems, exercises, etc. Kaufman, Lester II. Stern, Tom III. S Following than or as Possessive pronouns Its vs.

and punctuation pdf book of grammar the blue

Whomever Agreement with the verb in the dependent clause Dependent clause as the subject of the verb following the clause.

Good vs. When the subject does not appear in front of the second verb With introductory words To set off interrupting expressions With names With dates With city and state With Jr. With degrees and titles Starting a sentence with a dependent clause vs.

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Semicolons To replace a period in two closely linked sentences With such words as namely, however, therefore, etc. Effect Quiz 1 Affect vs. Effect Quiz 2 Lay vs. Lie Quiz 1 Lay vs.

Lie Quiz 2 Advice vs. Advise Quiz 1 Advice vs. Advise Quiz 2 Their vs. There vs. Effect Quiz 1 Answers Affect vs. Effect Quiz 2 Answers Lay vs. Lie Quiz 1 Answers Lay vs. Lie Quiz 2 Answers Advice vs. Advise Quiz 1 Answers Advice vs. Advise Quiz 2 Answers Their vs. In the introduction to the tenth edition, the author spoke of her brain tumor diag-nosis, how it led to her next bold steps in life, and her successful surgery to remove the tumor.

Unfortunately, inshe again learned she had a new, unrelated brain tumor—this timemalignant. Jane Ruth Straus passed away on February 25, Due to the outpouring of appreciation for her work, her husband, Lester Kaufman, con-tinued to oversee the GrammarBook.

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He also collected ideas and suggestions for changes, new mate-rial, and improvements to The Blue Book. First and foremost, thanks must go to the late Jane Straus for her vision and persistence increating a reference guide and workbook that is popular and easy to understand. Wealso thank Zoe Kaufman, Jojo Ortiz, and Patti Clements, for their contributions to the quizzes;the thousands of loyal readers and viewers of the GrammarBook.

This book is dedicated to my brilliant wife, Jane Straus. She was a multitalented woman with boundlessenergy and a natural gift for clarifying all matters complex.

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She put her heart and soul into everything sheundertook. She was taken from us far too soon. To prepare for ajob teaching English to employees of the state of California inStraus scoured the libraryfor materials that conveyed the rules of English in plain English.

Finding no such resources, shewrote the rules her own way, made up exercises, ran off some copies, and hoped for the best. The class was a hit. When the Internet was born, she launched a website, GrammarBook.

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Her otherbook is Enough Is Enough! Environmental Protection Agency. He married Jane Straus in After leaving a career in the music business in, he became a copyeditor-reporter-critic, eventually working for a number of San FranciscoBay Area periodicals. You just need rules and guidelines that are easy to understand, withreal-world examples. It will help you and your writing impress your teachers, your clients, and otherreaders.

Every generation of English scholars despairs because the language always seems to be ata crisis point. But it is undeniable that everywhere one looks nowadays, the principles in thisbook are casually and cavalierly violated. The Blue Book will prove to be a valuable tool for teachers and students in achievingthe goals of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Studying the chapters and workingthrough the quizzes will provide students of all ages with the skills and knowledge they needto succeed beyond high school—in college and in the workplace.

Students will learn how touse formal English in their writing and speaking and how to better express themselves throughlanguage. Throughout the text, certain terms have been set in boldface type for instance, at thebeginning of Chapter One, noun, common nouns, proper nouns. Due to space and other xix. Readers are strongly urged to look further into these terms on their own.

PUNCTUATION MASTERCLASS - Learn Punctuation Easily in 30 Minutes - Comma, Semicolon, Period, Etc.

We alsorecommend that those who are serious about improving their English grammar always keep adictionary close by and use it assiduously. Next you will learn about clauses and phrases, the keysto understanding sentence structure. Then, on to pronoun usage, so that you will know whetherto write I or me, he or him, who or whom, etc. You will also learn how to write fractions andlarge numbers. After that, you will enjoy spending time reading all about affect vs. Promise not to skip the quizzes, pretests, or mastery tests in Chapter Six.

Once you get over any fears about test taking. Please visit www. The authors provide rules, guidance, and examples based on areas of general agreement among the authorities. A noun of more than one word tennis court, gas station is called a compound noun.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation [PDF] by Jane Straus

There are common nouns and proper nouns. Common nouns are words for a generalclass of people, places, things, and ideas man, city, award, honesty. They are not capitalized. Proper nouns are always capitalized. I like my friend. They seem friendly.

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State-of-being verbs are called linking verbs. They include all forms of the verb to be,plus such words as look, feel, appear, act, go, followed by an adjective. Examples: You look happy. He went ballistic. Verbs often consist of more than one word. For instance, had been breaking down is afour-word verb. It has a two-word main verb, breaking down also called a phrasal verbandtwo helping verbs had and been.

Helping verbs are so named because they help clarify theintended meaning. Many verbs can function as helping verbs, including is, shall, must, do, has, can, keep, get,start, help, etc.

Examples: The woman hurried. Woman is the subject. She was late. She is the subject. Shakespeare in Love won an Academy Award. Shakespeare in Love is the subject. Rule 1.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (11th Edition)

Then ask who or what performedthe verb. Examples: The jet engine passed inspection. Passed is the verb.

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