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D Programming Language (): Alexandrescu, Andrei: Books. is a book by a skilled author describing an interesting programming language. Book Description. “To the best of my knowledge, D offers an unprecedentedly adroit integration of several powerful programming paradigms: imperative. D programming language tutorial from the ground up. prices, shipping times, shipping costs, customs and other fees, availability at local book stores, etc.

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Explore a preview version of The D Programming Language right now. D is a programming language built to help programmers address the challenges of modern software development.

It does so by fostering modules interconnected through precise interfaces, a federation of tightly integrated programming paradigms, language-enforced thread isolation, modular type safety, an efficient memory model, and more. The D Programming Language is an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to D. It covers all aspects of the language such as expressions, statements, types, functions, contracts, and modulesbut it is much more than an enumeration of features.

D Programming

Discussion of cross-cutting issues, such as error handling, contract programming, and concurrency. Written for the working programmer, The D Programming Language not only introduces the D language—it presents a compendium of good practices and idioms to help both your coding with D and your coding in general.

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The D Programming Language

Table of Contents Product Information. Basic Types. Expressions Chapter 3. Statements Chapter 4.

D (programming language)

Arrays, Associative Arrays, and Strings Chapter 5. Data and Functions.

book the language d programming

Functional Style Chapter 6. Object-Oriented Style Chapter 7.

programming language book the d

Other User-Defined Types Chapter 8. Type Qualifiers Chapter 9. Error Handling Chapter Contract Programming Chapter Scaling Up Chapter Operator Overloading Chapter

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    D is a programming language built to help programmers address the challenges of modern software development.


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