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Leaked databases get passed around the internet and no one seems to notice. We've become desensitized to the data breaches that occur on a daily basis because it happens so frequently. Join me as I illustrate why reusing passwords across multiple websites is a truly awful practice ā€” and compromise hundreds of social media accounts in the process.

In a recent survey by LastPassit was disclosed that:. People simply don't care to better protect their online identities and undervalue their worth to hackers.

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I became curious to know realistically how many online accounts an attacker would be able to compromise from a single data breach, so I began to scour the open internet for leaked databases. When deciding on a breach to investigate, I wanted a recent dataset that would allow for an accurate understanding of how far an attacker can get.

I settled on a small gaming website which suffered a data breach in and had their entire SQL database leaked. To protect the users and their identities, I won't name the website or disclose any of the email addresses found in the leak. The dataset consisted of roughly 1, unique emails, usernames, hashed password, salts, and user IP addresses separated by colons in the following format. Password hashing is designed to act as a one-way function: an easy-to-perform operation that's difficult for attackers to reverse.

It's a type of encryption that turns readable information plaintext passwords into scrambled data hashes. This essentially meant I needed to unhash crack the hashed strings to learn each user's password using the infamous hash cracking tool Hashcat. Created by Jens "atom" SteubeHashcat is the self-proclaimed fastest and most advanced password recovery utility in the world.

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Many Null Byte regulars would have likely tried cracking a WPA2 handshake at some point in recent years. That's 8, WPA2 password attempts per second. To someone unfamiliar with brute-force attacks, that might seem like a lot. The equivalent of Not all encryption and hashing algorithms provide the same degree of protection.

In fact, most provide very poor protection against such brute-force attacks. After discovering the dataset of 1, hashed passwords was using vBulletin, a popular forum platform, I ran the Hashcat benchmark again using the corresponding -m hashmode:. Hopefully, this illustrates just how easy it is for anyone with a modern GPU to crack hashes after a database has leaked. The hashed passwords and salts were filtered out into the following format.

The dictionary attack, or "straight mode," is specified using the -a 0 argument.

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To improve Hashcat's overall performance, I generally set the -w or --workload-profile to 4to maximize the cracking speed. Finally, the --potfile-path argument was used to save the cracked hashes to the specified file. Still a bit unsatisfied, I tried more of Hashcat's brute-forcing features:.

facebook v0.2 user skype attacker

Here I'm using Hashcat's Mask attack -a 3 and attempting every possible six-character lowercase? After rejoining the cracked hashes with their corresponding email address, I was left with lines of the following dataset.

As I mentioned, this dataset was leaked from a small, unknown gaming website. Selling these gaming accounts would produce very little value to a hacker. The value is in how often these users reused their username, email, and password across other popular websites. To figure that out, Credmap and Shard were used to automate the detection of password reuse.

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These tools are quite similar but I decided to feature both because their findings were different in a few ways which are detailed later in this article. Credmap is a Python script and requires no dependencies. The --list argument can be used to view the websites Credmap currently supports.

Using the --load argument allows for a "username:password" format. Credmap also supports the "username email:password" format for websites that only permit logging in with an email address. This can be specified using the --format "u e:p" argument. This is no doubt a result of dozens of failed attempts in a period of several minutes. I decided to omit --exclude these websites, but a motivated attacker may find simple ways of spoofing their IP address on a per password attempt basis and rate-limiting their requests to evade a website's ability to detect password-guessing attacks.

skype v0.2 facebook user attacker

All of the usernames were redacted, but we can see Reddit, Microsoft, Foursquare, Wunderlist, and Scribd accounts were reported as having the same exact username:password combinations as the small gaming website dataset.

Shard requires Java which may not be present in Kali by default and can be installed using the below command. Like with Credmap, the --list argument can be used with Shard to view its supported websites.

Using Shard only requires the --file argument to begin detecting password reuse. After running the Shard command, a total of Twitter, Facebook, BitBucket, and Kijiji accounts were reported as using the same exact username:password combinations. Interestingly, there were no Reddit detections this time. The Shard results determined that BitBucket accounts were compromised using this password-reuse attack, which is inconsistent with Credmap's BitBucket detection of accounts.

attacker skype facebook user v0.2

Both Crepmap and Shard haven't been updated since and I suspect the BitBucket results are mostly if not entirely false positives. It's possible BitBucket has altered their login parameters since and has thrown off Credmap and Shard's ability to detect a verified login attempt. In total omitting the BitBucket datathe compromised accounts consisted of 61 from Twitter, 52 from Reddit, 17 from Facebook, 29 from Scribd, 23 from Microsoft, and a handful from Foursquare, Wunderlist, and Kijiji.

Roughly online accounts compromised as a result of a small data breach in And keep in mind, neither Credmap nor Shard check for password reuse against Gmail, Netflix, iCloud, banking websites, or smaller websites that likely contain personal information like BestBuyMacy's, and airline companies.

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With very little effort and time, an attacker is capable of compromising hundreds of online accounts using just a small data breach consisting of 1, email addresses and hashed passwords. A motivated attacker with 8 million or 26 million unique datasets would be able to cause major destruction across thousands of online accounts. If you don't want your usernames and passwords showing up in any of these leaked databases, there are a few obvious things you can do:.

And as always, leave a comment below or message me on Twitter if you have any questions. Would you mind sharing how you were able to find a database? I have always had trouble in this area. After discovering the dataset of 1, hashed passwords was using vBulletin, a popular forum platform, I ran the Hashcat benchmark again using the corresponding -m hashmode: hashcat -b -m hashcat v4.

Option 1: Using Credmap Credmap is a Python script and requires no dependencies. I credmap v0. Option 2: Using Shard Shard requires Java which may not be present in Kali by default and can be installed using the below command. Don't Ignore Data Breaches If you don't want your usernames and passwords showing up in any of these leaked databases, there are a few obvious things you can do: Change your passwords.

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Right now. And make them strong. Take an afternoon and reset all of your passwords, even the small gaming accounts you forgot you signed up for. Pay attention. Stay current with data breaches as they happen.

There are many reputable news outlets that provide hacker-related news as it occurs. When data breaches happen, don't ignore them.

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If you've ever been affiliated with the website affected by a breach, change your password immediately. If you're not using the account anymore or don't absolutely need it, delete it. Don't think a website is too small to be compromised.

A hacker can easily pivot from one small account to your primary email address. It's possible. Subscribe Now. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.

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