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summer isabelle rae epuben when ends

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By Isabelle Rae. Chloe Henderson has never been one to break the rules or push the boundaries … but during her summer break, she and her friends use fake IDs to sneak into a club. The pair hit it off immediately, growing closer with every passing day. But as with every summer, it has to end sometime.

summer epuben rae when isabelle ends

My vision was a little blurry as I continued to dance. My head was just that little bit fuzzy from the alcohol. Shall we drink some more? You can have one.

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Amy led me to the bar so I stood behind her as she waited for the barman to notice her. She turned back to me with an apologetic smile. I desperately need to pee, can you keep my place? The place was packed, and he was on his own, he must have been a little stressed.

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Yeah, okay, I agreed, moving into her space quickly. I leant over the bar a little so I could see if the barman was coming up this end. He looked pretty toned from what I could tell, and his ass was edible. I was happily watching his ass when he turned around so I accidentally looked at his crotch.

Suddenly, he was walking towards me; horrified, I quickly shot my eyes up to his face. He was so handsome that my mouth started to water.

When Summer Ends

His brown hair was messy and swept to one side, his mouth twisted into a smirk as he walked right up and stopped in front of me. He was tall, probably about six foot one. I felt my breath catch in my throat as I looked into his eyes.

He was looking at me so intently that it made my heart start to race. Do you want a drink, or are you happy looking at the scenery? I laughed. I had no idea why I was flirting with him.

rae ends epuben when summer isabelle

He grinned. Yeah, my views pretty good too, he flirted, looking me over slowly. I grinned and leant back slightly so he could get a view of the bottom of my dress. It was pretty short, not my usual type of dress at all, but I thought I would go for something different tonight.

Hey can we get some service down here? The barman looked at me apologetically. He walked off to serve the angry looking guy. After serving Mr Angry, he came back to me. So, have you decided what you want? Um, yeah. Can I get a rum and coke?

I asked, trying to think about what Amy would want. He poured the drink and put it down on the counter in front of me before smiling and walking off to serve some other people. I watched him, confused. How much was the drink?

Around me, people continued to shout their orders at him while he struggled to keep up. The guy next to me slammed his hand down on the bar and growled in frustration. Seriously, how fucking long does it take to get a drink in this place? Why are you on your own? He shrugged, continuing to serve. I turned around and boosted myself up onto the bar, swinging my legs over the other side, and dropping down.

What the hell are you doing? Get back the other side, no customers are allowed back here! I waved my hand dismissively and turned to the nearest man that was shouting abuse.

summer ends epuben when isabelle rae

What can I get you, handsome? I asked, smiling sweetly. I gave him a flirtatious smile before turning back to the barman who was staring at me, a shocked expression on his face. I teased. And how much does that order come to? I asked, grabbing four beer bottles from the fridge behind me.

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Er, we have a special on bud with a shot for the next hour. Most people will be ordering that, he stated, still looking at me shocked. I nodded and grabbed four shot glasses from the side, looking around for the vodka. He pointed to the wall where the bottles where hanging. I finished serving the guy and took his money.

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I had no idea how to work the cash register though. I was standing there looking at it confused; it was one of those electronic ones with a touch screen. I had no idea what I was supposed to do to make it open. I winced and raised a tentative hand, deciding some button mashing was in order. Just as I was about to start a long sequence of button pressing in the hope that something would happen, two arms shot around me from behind, making me jump.

Will took hold of my hand, guiding it towards the screen. Touch here, he instructed, tapping my hand on the screen at the top right. A menu appeared with little boxes with the names of the drinks. I felt a blush creep up on my face at how close he was. His hard, toned body was pressed against my back; his breath blew across my cheek making me hot and bothered. Just tap the drink you made. Then click total. Then cash, he stated, moving my hand to the right places.

The cash drawer shot out at me quickly. You might want to be careful, a pretty little thing like you could get hurt by the big bad register, he whispered in my ear, making me shiver.

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Then he was gone, leaving me there, my whole body tingling, my mouth slightly open, and my breathing coming out in uneven gasps. My mind was whirling with thoughts of how hot he was. After regaining my composure I served a couple of other people, when I suddenly spotted Amy looking around for me. I shouted. I grabbed an ice cube and threw it at her. Her head shot up in surprise as it hit her on the shoulder. She gasped and looked at me, confused, before shaking her head and walking over to me, grinning.

What on earth are you doing? I gave her a little twirl.


New job. Do I make a convincing bartender? I asked, winking at her. I went to serve the guy standing next to her so that I could talk to her. I shrugged. I nodded over my shoulder at his back. Amy looked over at him. Wow, nice ass, she complimented, giggling. I was actually having a lot of fun; the guys were flirting with me like crazy. I refused to serve people unless they were singing and dancing, so people were having a lot of fun waiting to be served, which made Will laugh.

After about half an hour the rush started to slow down because the happy hour finished. Will came over and stood next to me. Thanks for this, I really appreciate your help, he said, handing me a glass which contained a white creamy looking drink. It is. A screaming one?

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