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William & Kate: A Royal Love Story [James Clench, Arthur Heard] on Amazon.​com. *FREE* An Amazon Book with Buzz: "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins. William and Kate book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I put it to William, particularly, that if you find someone you l. Prince William and Kate Middleton's fairytale romance is the greatest love story of the century, with a happy ending to come - a Royal wedding that will trul.

Theirs was destined from the very start to be one of the most celebrated unions of the twenty-first century. He was the dash- ing, charismatic young prince who would someday be crowned king of England. She was the stunningly beautiful commoner from working-class stock who won his heart when they were both barely out of their teens.

Along the way, they became the most written-about, gossiped- about, admired, and envied young couple of their generation.

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With good reason. Not only is William heir to the British throne, but he is also heir to the compelling and complicated legacy of Diana, arguably the most celebrated woman of the mod- ern age.

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The bittersweet truth was that we got to see William grow to become the impressive young man his mother never knew. Yet for most of their decade-long romance, William and Kate managed to conduct their love affair largely away from the un- remitting media glare. It certainly helped that Fleet Street, still acutely aware that William believed the press had literally chased his mother to her death, was inclined for a time to keep a some- what more respectful distance from the prince.

They are both impossibly attractive, disarmingly charming, young, athletic, elegant, exciting. More than any other couple in memory, William and Kate stand astride the yawning chasm that separates centuries of tradition from the ever-shifting realities of the electronic age.

And only when Prince William gets married will it be time for another one. The flashes seem to be coming from every direction this time, and in the white-hot glare she feels as if she is about to lose her bal- ance. Guided by the firm hand of her driver, or perhaps just a con- cerned friend, she somehow angles her way through the maelstrom of photographers until she reaches the waiting car.

In one smooth mo- tion, she lowers her head, ducks in, and slides across the backseat. They speed down one narrow side street, turn abruptly, then hurtle down another, but these maneuvers are not enough for them to elude her pursuers; she can see their headlights in the side-view mirrors, vanish- ing as they round a corner, only to reappear a split second later. Suddenly, the car swerves and stops at a traffic light. A dozen pa- parazzi in cars and on motorcycles surround her now, waiting for the light to change.

She turns and looks directly into the eyes of a photog- rapher who sits astride a cc Honda motorbike.

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Instinctively, she smiles out the window at him. He guns his engine, and even though. Over the last several years, she has become adept at disarming reporters with an easy, winsome charm. But then at times like this, in the pursuit of a story and that million- dollar photograph, the sometimes-friendly press becomes the enemy. And everything spins wildly out of control. Without warning, she is thrust back again as her driver jumps the light, making a hard right onto the main avenue paralleling the river.

Glass-domed boats filled with tourists pass one another, and occa- sionally their spotlights fall on the architectural treasures for which the city is famous.

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She sees none of this. No more traffic lights are ahead, and the car zigzags through traffic even as it picks up speed.

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But two of the paparazzi riding on motorcycles manage to keep up, and the driver of the limousine presses down even harder on the gas pedal. With time those. In these terrifying visions, the river is not the Seine but the Thames, the city not Paris but London, and the victim not Diana but the love of his life: Kate Middleton. The cause of the accident in which thirty-six-year-old Diana and her then lover Dodi Fayed died on August 31,was, in the end, as mundane as it was obvious.

Her sons felt otherwise.

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Later, when William enrolled at St. Andrews University in Scotland and Harry pur- sued his dream of becoming a career army officer at Sandhurst Academy, the press grudgingly agreed to extend this hands-off policy, allowing the princes breathing room as they grew into manhood.

By the time they received their de- grees from St. At first, he took some solace in knowing that, whenever they were together as a couple, his security detail could hold the press at bay.

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They sprang from doorways and popped up from bushes, startling her while she tried to start her Audi or as she walked up to the front door of her apartment opposite a bus stop in Chelsea. It was only the first in a string of stern warnings and blistering reprimands aimed at forcing Fleet Street to back down.

I could actually lose my identity. Yet even hulking bodyguards with. The year was to be an extraordinarily busy one for the Royal Family. The public was unaware that, in fact, the Queen had privately rooted for Kate to win back William after their highly publicized split in The Queen had always taken a special interest in William.

Given the increasing likelihood that Charles would ascend to the throne in his sixties, she realized early on that the future of the monarchy rested squarely on the shoulders of her grandson.

So when he was five, she began a ritual that would last until he en- rolled in college. In recent years, William had also come to increasingly rely on Prince Philip for advice and counsel. Far more important, William pondered the moment when he would actually, finally ask Kate for her hand in marriage.

Whenever William thought back to the terrible fate that befell his mother, he faced the undeniable fact that any wife of his would spend the rest of her life being hunted the way Diana was. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

Uploaded by Simon and Schuster. Document Information click to expand document information Description: I put it to William, particularly, that if you find someone you love in life, you must hang on to that love and look after it.

You must protect it. Prince William and Kate Middleton defied all odds to forge a storybook romance amid the scandals, power struggles, tragedies, and general dysfunction that are the hallmarks of Britain's Royal Family.

In the process, they became the most written about, gossiped about, admired, and envied young couple of their generation. Yet for most of their nearly decade-long affair, William and Kate have remained famously quiet and kept their royal relationship a tantalizing mystery. Part glittering fairy tale, part searing family drama, part political potboiler, part heart-stopping cliff-hanger, theirs is, above all else, an affair to remember.

Theirs is the story of private moments stolen for public consumption, of harrowing car chases, of scorching personal dramas played out behind the scenes, of calm heads prevailing in times of panic, and of a singular devotion made stronger by time. The saga of William and Kate is one thing above all else: a love story. Date uploaded Apr 05, Did you find this document useful?

Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: I put it to William, particularly, that if you find someone you love in life, you must hang on to that love and look after it.

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William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Andersen

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