Pro sql server 2012 bi solutions ebook

2012 bi pro ebook server sql solutions

Pro SQL Server BI Solutions provides practical examples of cost-effective business intelligence projects. Readers will be guided through. Pro SQL Server BI Solutions provides practical examples of cost-effective business intelligence projects. Readers will be guided through several complete​. Get this from a library! Pro SQL Server BI Solutions. [Randal Root; Caryn Mason] -- Business intelligence projects do not need to cost multi-millions of.

You can put forward a strong argument that Business Intelligence is the only real point of having a database. Why keep data unless you're going to use it to make your business more effective, or in some other way to use the data to provide insights that can't be seen by 'just looking' at the records? The problem in the past has been that BI products are large, cumbersome, expensive, and hard to use.

Whether or not you like SQL Server as a database, there's no denying that Microsoft has, over recent versions, put together some BI tools that don't cost a fortune, and that in theory are simple enough for anyone to use.

It isn't aimed at programmers in particular, just at database techies who need to understand BI. The book kicks off with a general introduction to BI solutions, followed by a '10, foot view of a BI project'.

solutions ebook pro sql server 2012 bi

This chapter would be an excellent one to give to anyone you're working with who has no idea what a BI project involves, as it lays out in fairly understandable terms just what is needed.

The next chapter looks at how to plan a BI project, with questions you should ask such as 'why do we need it?

The chapter also covers concepts like locating the data and estimating the cost. Having laid out the high level requirements, Root and Mason go on to some of the basic necessities, starting with a chapter on designing a data warehouse.

bi pro 2012 sql ebook server solutions

This discusses star and snowflake structures, dimensional patterns, and surrogate keys. The next chapter looks at creating the warehouse using SQL Server Management Studio, and this is followed by a chapter on ETL - Extract, Transform and Load - the processes involved in taking data and placing it in the data warehouse in a usable format.

SQL Server Analysis Services lets you create data cubes made up of aggregate data that you can run reports on.

MCSA Certification Prep - Exam 463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Root and Mason have good in-depth descriptions of the concepts of setting up data cubes, and how to design and configure the dimensions. There's also a chapter on additional cube and dimension configurations that looks at the 'extras' - the other tabs you get when crating cubes and dimensions where you can specify actions, partitions, aggregations, perspectives and translations.

I'd have liked more coverage of this area, but I can see how the space requirements make that difficult.

Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions

Overall, I liked this book. It gives a good balanced view of what BI is all about, and how to go from a mass of data to a system that you can run queries and reports against.

bi server 2012 pro ebook sql solutions

If you don't really understand SQL Server's BI facilities, it's a good read, and it contains enough detail and descriptions to enable you to create a fully featured BI system. Does this book help you into this area?

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    If you don't want to wait – have a look at our ebook offers and start reading Pro SQL Server BI Solutions shows how to use Microsoft SQL Server and.

  2. Goltilkree Business intelligence (BI) solutions are all the buzz as of late, and BI developers are highly sought after. Microsoft SQL Server provides invaluable tools to help you accomplish it, saving time and simplifying the.

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    Business intelligence projects do not need to cost multi-millions of dollars or take months or even years to complete! Using rapid application development (RAD).


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