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munyNYrk - Download and read Daphne du Maurier's book Rebecca in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free Rebecca book by Daphne du Maurier. Read "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier available from Rakuten Kobo. "Rebecca is a work of immense intelligence and wit, elegantly written, thematically solid. Author of Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, Frenchman's Creek, Mary Anne, My Cousin Rachel, The scapegoat, The King's General, The glass-blowers.

This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. Rebecca is a novel by English author Daphne du Maurier. A best-seller, there were 2, copies of Rebecca sold between its publication in andand the book has never gone out of print.

The novel is remembered for the character Mrs. Danversthe fictional estate Manderleyand its opening lines: [1]. After a fortnight of courtship, she agrees to marry him and, after the wedding and honeymoon, accompanies him to his mansion in Cornwall, the beautiful West Country estate Manderley. Danversthe sinister housekeeper, was profoundly devoted to the first Mrs.

maurier rebecca du website daphne epub

She continually attempts to undermine the new Mrs. Whenever the new Mrs. Danvers describes how Rebecca ran it when she was alive. Each time Mrs. Danvers does this, she implies that the new Mrs. Cowed by Mrs. Danvers' imposing manner, the new mistress simply caves in.

She is soon convinced that Maxim regrets his impetuous decision to marry her and is still deeply in love with the seemingly perfect Rebecca. The climax occurs at Manderley's annual costume ball.

Daphne Du Maurier

Danvers manipulates the protagonist into wearing a replica of the dress shown in a portrait of one of the former inhabitants of the estate—the same costume worn by Rebecca to much acclaim shortly before her death.

The narrator has a drummer announce her entrance using the name of the lady in the portrait: Caroline de Winter. When the narrator shows Maxim the dress, he gets very angry at her and orders her to change. Shortly after the ball, Mrs. Danvers reveals her contempt for our heroine, believing she is trying to replace Rebecca and reveals her deep, unhealthy obsession with the dead woman.

Danvers attempts to take revenge by encouraging Mrs. However, she is thwarted at the last moment by the disturbance occasioned by a nearby shipwreck.

A diver investigating the condition of the wrecked ship's hull also discovers the remains of Rebecca's boat. Maxim confesses the truth to our heroine: how his marriage to Rebecca was nothing but a sham; how from the very first days husband and wife loathed each other. Rebecca, Maxim reveals, was a cruel and selfish woman who manipulated everyone around her into believing her to be the perfect wife and a paragon of virtue.

She repeatedly taunted Maxim with sordid tales of her numerous love affairs. The night of her death, she told Maxim that she was pregnant with another man's child, which she would raise under the pretence that it was Maxim's and he would be powerless to stop her. In a rage, he shot her, then disposed of her body on her boat and sank it at sea.

13 May 1907 - 19 April 1989

The second Mrs. Rebecca's boat is raised and it is discovered that it was deliberately sunk. An inquest brings a verdict of suicide. However, Rebecca's first cousin and lover Jack Favell attempts to blackmail Maxim, claiming to have proof that Rebecca could not have intended suicide, based on a note she sent to him the night she died.

It is revealed that Rebecca had had an appointment with a Doctor Baker in the outskirts of London shortly before her death, presumably to confirm her pregnancy. When the doctor is found, he reveals that Rebecca had been suffering from cancer and would have died within a few months.

Furthermore, due to the malformation of her uterus, she could never have been pregnant. Maxim assumes that Rebecca, knowing that she was going to die, manipulated him into killing her quickly; Mrs. Danvers had said at the inquiry that Rebecca feared nothing except dying a lingering death.

Maxim feels a great sense of foreboding and insists on driving through the night to return to Manderley. However, before he comes in sight of the house, it is clear from a glow on the horizon and wind-borne ashes that it is ablaze.

epub rebecca website maurier du daphne

There is little likelihood of my bringing back a finished manuscript in December. Psychological and rather macabre. Du Maurier commented publicly in her lifetime that the book was based on her own memories of Menabilly and Cornwallas well as her relationship with her father. The suspicion that Tommy remained attracted to Ricardo haunted Daphne.

Daphne Du Maurier

A beautiful home But something terrible would have to happen, I did not know what Childhood visits to Milton HallCambridgeshire then in Northamptonshire home of the Wentworth- Fitzwilliam family, may have influenced the descriptions of Manderley. The famous opening line of the book "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. The last line of the book "And the ashes blew towards us with the salt wind from the sea" is also in metrical form; almost but not quite an anapestic tetrameter.

According to Nabuco's autobiography, Eight Decadesshe Nabuco refused to sign a contract brought to her by a United Artists ' representative in which she agreed that the similarities between her book and the movie were mere coincidence.

In in the United States, du Maurier, her US publishers, Doubledayand various parties connected with the film version of the novel, were sued by Edwina L. MacDonald for plagiarism. MacDonald alleged that du Maurier had copied her novel Blind Windows.

Du Maurier successfully rebuffed the allegations. Du Maurier delivered the manuscript to her publisher, Victor Gollancz, in April On receipt, the book was read in Gollancz's office and her "editor, Norman Collins, reported simply: 'The new Daphne du Maurier contains everything that the public could want. The Times said that "the material is of the humblest Pritchett predicted the novel "would be here today, gone tomorrow.

Few critics saw in the novel what the author wanted them to see: the exploration of the relationship between a man who was powerful and a woman who was not.

Rebecca is listed in the 20th-Century American Bestsellers descriptive bibliography database maintained by the University of Illinois. The entry, by Katherine Huber, provided the detailed information on the English and American editions as well as translations listed below. Introducing the story, Welles refers to the forthcoming motion picture adaptation by David O.

Selznick; at the conclusion of the show he interviews Daphne du Maurier in London via shortwave radio. The novel was adapted by Howard E. Welles and Agnes Moorehead Mrs. Van Hopper. Rebecca has been adapted several times.

The best known of these is the Academy Award winning Alfred Hitchcock film version Rebeccathe first film Hitchcock made under his contract with David O.

Danvers, was based on the novel. However, the Hollywood Production Code required that if Max had murdered his wife, he would have to be punished for his crime. At the end of the film version, Mrs. Danvers perishes in the fire, which she had started. The film quickly became a classic and, at the time, was a major technical achievement in film-making.

The Hindi movie Kohra was inspired by Rebecca. The script is expected to be written by Steven Knight. Du Maurier herself adapted Rebecca as a stage play in ; it had a successful London run in of over performances.

rebecca daphne du epub website maurier

The new musical was written by Michael Kunze book and lyrics and Sylvester Levay music and directed by the American director Francesca Zambello. Danvers, but funding difficulties led to last-minute cancellation. For example, the bar in the McKittrick hotel, where Sleep No More is set, is called the Manderley and many characters and scenes have their basis in the novel.

This code was never used, however, because the radio section of the HQ was captured in a skirmish and hence the Germans suspected that the code was compromised. The novel, and the character of Mrs. Danvers in particular, have entered many aspects of popular culture.


The character of Mrs. Danvers is alluded to numerous times throughout Stephen King 's Bag of Bones. In the book, Mrs. Danvers serves as something of a bogeyman for the main character Mike Noonan. King also uses the character name for the chilly, obedient servant in "Father's Day," a tale in his film Creepshow. In Jasper Fforde 's Thursday Next series, in the bookworld, they have accidentally made thousands of Mrs. Danvers clones, which they use as troops against The Mispeling Vyrus and other threats.

In The Maxx issue No. In Danielle Steel 's novel Vanishedit is mentioned that the main character is reading Rebecca. This was most likely deliberate on Steele's part, considering that the novel has many of the same elements as Rebecca.

In Linda Howard's Veil of Night, Eric compares an assistant to Danvers as well as stating he read the book under protest to pass a high school literature class. The science fiction comedy film The Man with Two Brains gives a brief nod to aspects of Rebecca. After falling for Dolores Benedict, Dr. Hfuhruhurr Steve Martin intends to marry her and seeks a sign from the portrait of his deceased wife, Rebecca.

The supernatural reaction of the portrait doesn't convince him and so he places her in a cupboard.

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