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Book: The Hot Gate (Troy Rising Series #3) Fоrmаts: pdf, epub, text, audio, android, ipad, ebook. Date added: Author: John Ringo Sіzе: MB. (PDF),`Read The Hot Gate (Troy Rising, #3) EPub PDF by John Ringo (PDF),`​Read The Wooden Spaceships (Land and Overland Series, #2) EPub PDF by. In the Vorpal Blade series I have the luxury of simply tossing that on my coauthor, Dr. Travis Taylor. Alas, Travis got a real job and he's been busy.

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To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Prime. First Contact Was Friendly When aliens trundled a gate to other worlds into the solar system, the world reacted with awe, hope and fear.

troy epub ringo john rising series

But the first aliens to come through, the Glatun, were peaceful traders and the world breathed a sigh of relief. Who Controls the Orbitals, Controls the World When the Horvath came through, they announced their ownership by dropping rocks on three cities and gutting them. Since then, they've held Terra as their own personal fiefdom. With their control of the orbitals, there's no way to win and earth's governments have accepted the status quo.

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Live Free or Die. To free the world from the grip of the Horvath is going to take an unlikely hero. A hero unwilling to back down to alien or human governments, unwilling to live in slavery and with enough hubris, if not stature, to think he can win.

Fortunately, there's Tyler Vernon. And he has bigger plans than just getting rid of the Horvath.

ringo series john epub rising troy

Troy Rising is a book in three parts—Live Free or Die being the first part—detailing the freeing of earth from alien conquerors, the first steps into space using off-world technologies and the creation of Troy, a thousand trillion ton battlestation designed to secure the solar system. Read more Read less. Books In This Series 3 Books. Complete Series.

Troy Rising

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John Ringo. Into the Looking Glass. Manxome Foe Looking Glass Book 3. Travis S. Ghost Paladin of Shadows Book 1. Related video shorts 0 Upload your video. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have been reading science fiction for over thirty years. I have liked many of them but I seldom do a review of them because I find it tedious to to comment on each book in the series.

I just felt that I needed to do something for this series. I have read John Ringo in the past and always liked his writing. When I picked up this book I knew I would like it because of my previous experience but I have to say that I was surprised. I Loved the premise, I enjoyed the characters, I loved the space battles and even though I am no scientist I liked the science.

The reason I was upset when I got to the last book was because I wanted to see the story continue.

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I was invested in the story and the people and did not want to say goodbye to them. In my estimation, that is what every author should be shooting for and in this instance that is exactly what John Ringo has achieved. I think that if you read this book you will want to immediately pick up the 2nd and 3rd installments and be very happy to have spent your time because if you like this one you will like the next two as much or more.

The pacing is quick, the characters are likeable and this book is just FUN to read. The fun factor comes from two sources as far as I can tell: 1 The plot, characters and dialogue are beautifully free of forcible political-correctness. There are no characters belonging to identity-groups simply for the sake of having them represented. The characters are who and what they are because it serves the story for them to be that way.

Thats professionalism. That's passion. It can't be faked. I won't go into much detail about the plot as it was covered in earlier reviews, but I found it highly plausible for a sci-fi novel, wonderfully inventive as far as the initial conflict between humans and Horvath was concerned, and what drives it all forward is the presence of a HERO who takes on his own hardships, uses initiative and intelligence to rather quickly go from pauper to prince of sorts while staying rather humbleand demonstrates that human beings might be behind the technological curve compared to alien races, but can catch up quickly and hold our own because we're determined to survive while maintaining our sovereignty.

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I heard of John Ringo thanks to people in SF fandom who were protesting his participation in various conventions which I have never attended. He was said to be racist, misogynist, sexist, etc. If there are -isms and -ists, they must be found in here. Guess what I found?

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There's no evidence to back up what the protestors say. Personally, I think they're jealous of Ringo's success and writing ability. However, I thank them heartily for bringing my attention to this writer, whose books I will happily continue to buy and read because just like a good spouse, they're FUN to spend free time with, they don't insult my intelligence, and they keep their promises. And if buying and enjoying more of this author's books makes social-justice worrier heads explode, that's just seasoning on the steak.

series troy john epub rising ringo

Some may be turned off by the politics. However, that is the main character. If hearing an opposing viewpoint is going to make you give a lower ranking for a good story, then you are too wrapped up in your political views.

The other possible turnoff is that it gets too technical at times. The technical descriptions are important but can go on for too long at times. This tends to slow the story to a crawl at times. That is why I gave it four stars.

All in all, a really good sci-fi book.

John Ringo - [Troy Rising 02] - Citadel pdf

Glad my brother recommended it to me. Highly recommended. The prolific John Ringo begins his epic three volume series of alien invasion with the most excellent "Live Free or Die", a slogan taken from the licence plate of the state of New Hampshire, where much of the action of the first part of the book takes place.

We have space bombardment, a handful of alien races, technology from the future and best of all, Ringo gives us characters that we enjoy. I found the space-tech to be fascinating, well thought through by the author and believable. He creates a vision of alien culture with hard edges to constrain the action of the characters, the various alien species act only within their natural limits. They are not super beings. They are however very dangerous beings with a much advanced technology and not the least concern for human kind.

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As we might expect from the title Ringo has the very nature of freedom as one of his recurring philosophical threads through out the book.

But more and better are his explorations of American political culture. He puts an alien microscope on our political 'tribes' and savagely dissects them. Not everyone will agree with his analysis but everyone will get a shot at clarity from these pages.

And Ringo does pay off in terms of high speed action and vast battles. He is well known for his depictions of fighting, battle and general violence and it does not come short of his reputation here. I recently re-read the whole series, I liked it so much. Incredible start to a new series by John Ringo. When aliens put a transportation gate in L2 orbit near the Earth and say that anyone can use it for a fee.

We can't get to it without better space technology - but aliens can.

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The planet is held hostage when the Horvath come through and demand tribute in order to save the earth from their orbital bombardment. Earth is a back-water planet with limited technology and nothing to offer other than all our heavy metals - all of which are now going to the Horvath. One man has the ideas and the drive to get the Horvath off our necks and the human race into space - this time to stay.

Highly-highly recommended! See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English.

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