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The Makings of a Good Man

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Blood was everywhere. Priscilla heard screaming and it took her a moment to realize that it was her own voice.

The Makings of a Good Man by Lietha Wards

People dressed in their finest evening wear were rushing all over the place. Her eyes guided up to the enormous crystal chandelier then over the still body of the woman laying on the floor at a distance, then to Seth. It would occur to her later that she was in shock.

There was so much blood. Instinctively she leaned forward and placed one hand on top of another over the bullet wound in his upper chest. He had collapsed on the spot when he was shot.

Somewhere in her mind she hoped it missed his heart or a major blood vessel. His head turned and looked at her as his eyes glossed over. Tell me what to do! She already knew to do that, but what else?

Every Good Man

She felt more panic rising and her heartbeat was pounding in her ears as she felt helpless to save him. I can hear the ambulance! Balling a bunch of the cloth in his fist he knelt abruptly down on the opposite side of his brother and helped apply pressure to the wound.

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Seth had shut his eyes. His tuxedo was crimson with his own blood. She felt a wave of sadness over that event missing the woman dearly. It was hard to leave her hometown after that. At the funeral Alex and Seth, her sons, were clearly devastated and her heart went out to them.

Bea was an amazing woman and Priscilla loved her almost as much as her own mother because she was good to her and never expected her to be any different than who she was. Maybe it had something to do with only having sons so she treated her and her sister like her own.

It was the one place the both of them could be themselves without the constant pressure of their own parents. They were stricken. She knew they were because they both wore dark sunglasses and it was cloudy out. They stood above the grave while Alex held his wife, her sister, close to his side and Seth had his hands in the pockets of the slacks of his dark navy suit.

His shoulders were slouched, and like Alex, had his head bowed as they lowered the coffin containing their mother in the ground. Pris wept openly as she tossed a white rose into the grave.

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She really loved Bea. Then she saw Seth reach up lift his glasses and use his other hand to wipe away a tear. It broke her heart. Both of the men loved their mother dearly and from the events of four years ago it was apparent how much.

They protected their mother from hurt and shame no matter how much it cost them, especially Alex who had nearly sacrificed his love for Angel over it. Before Priscilla went away to college, she had spent a lot of time with their helping her redecorate the house, and she was grateful for every minute of that time.

Bea accepted all of her idiosyncrasies. Her father owned the Ranch next to the Harrisons since she was born and they were good friends besides neighbours. Also, her sister Angel had married the oldest brother four years ago and they had two rambunctious boys named Morgan and Shane. Morgan was three and a half and could ride a horse like he was born to it. Shane was born ten months later which got Angel and Alex a lot of teasing from their friends and family at a banquet that the town put on every two years.

It was the event that no one who was anyone should miss and it raised a lot of money for charity. Pris gave her sister a generous hug while the men around the table continued to rib Alex.

Look at her. Priscilla laughed to herself remembering her baby sister blushed furiously followed by a shy smile of pride. Yet Angel had always seen the intellect and tender side of that large cowboy and fell in love with him. She was probably the only one besides Seth that could soothe the man when he was raging.

She sighed to herself.

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He was the object of her affection since she could remember yet he never noticed her. He was tall, dark and handsome, literally. It was her fault and even though no one made her feel guilty she shouldered it on her own. However, now she was twenty five and just finished her training as a Nurse. In fact, it had opened her eyes to a new world. She never realized how hard people had it until she 4 Seth and Priscilla went out on her own because she came from money and was indulged growing up.

Even now she wore inexpensive olive coloured slacks and a cream blouse.

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It was an incredible eye opener. She brushed back a long strand of platinum blonde hair remembering that she was seen as the class joke when she first started nursing. She showed up in a designer dress and high heels. It was such a shock because she was popular in school, and never had a problem making friends.

The first time she heard that she went home not intending to return and actually cried herself to sleep. Him of all people! He was in town for a few hours before he had to catch a flight, and was wondering about dinner. Of course she accepted. She was crazy about him. She was devastated.

Lietha Wards

As sophisticated as she was, they outdid her. She thought she had them covered with makeup. She shrugged and averted her gaze to hide the sadness in them. How could she refuse that smooth deep tone?

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It could sooth birds out of the trees. Priscilla realized that he was really interested in what she had to say. It was odd because she tried her whole life to get his attention and now she that she had it, she felt oddly insecure. Something she never had to deal with in the past. After that she told him everything. He listened with the patience of a saint not interrupting, not once.

When she was done he took her hand, stared directly in her eyes and asked her why she wanted to be a nurse.

The Devil in a Stetson

It actually took her a moment to find her voice. Go and be that nurse you want to be. Even if he only meant it in a plutonic affection sense, it 6 Seth and Priscilla would have thrilled her. Only if he would use it in a different reference instead of making it sound like affection for a family friend.

After he dropped her off, she thought about it a lot. That night she threw all her designer clothes in bags with the intention of giving them to good will. Then she went shopping the next day at department stores instead of boutiques and bought clothing that was comfortable and practical for school.

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