1990 ktm 250 mxc repair manual

ktm repair mxc manual 250 1990

true in your case, you will be able to use this manual to carry out most of the sure to have any maintenance jobs performed by an authorized KTM dealer. DONT TURN THE PARK LIGHT FOR MORE THAN 90 MINUETS, WHEN THE. Sx Manual toyota owners manual for ktm sx 22, results for ktm See more like this View and Download KTM EXC EU repair manual online. Page 1 REPAIR MANUAL EXC EU EXC SIX DAYS EU EXC AUS XC‑W USA EXC EU EXC SIX DAYS EU 90) – Check the headlight setting.


Page of Go. Page 24 - Assembling the compression damping fitti Page 25 - Assembling the cartridge Page 26 - Assembling the fork legs Page 27 Page 28 Page 29 Page 30 Page 31 - Greasing the steering head bearing Page 32 - Installing the lower triple clamp Page 33 - Checking the play of the steering head b Page 34 - Adjusting the play of the steering head Page 35 - Adjusting the rebound damping of the for Page 36 - Loosening the fork protection Page 37 - Installing the fork legs Page 38 - Installing the fork protector Page 39 Page 40 - Removing the spring Page 41 - Disassembling the cartridge Page 42 - Disassembling the piston rod Page 43 - Disassembling the hydrostop unit Page 44 - Disassembling the seal ring retainer Page 45 - Assembling the seal ring retainer Page 46 - Assembling the hydrostop unit Page 47 Page 48 - Assembling the cartridge Page 49 - Assembling the fork legs Page 50 Page 51 Page 52 - Greasing the steering head bearing Page 53 - Removing the lower triple clamp Page 54 Page 55 - Checking the play of the steering head b Page 62 - Checking the riding sag of the shock abs Page 97 - Installing the rear wheel Page 98 - Removing the brake disc of the rear brak Page 99 - Cleaning the chain Page - Checking the chain, rear sprocket, engin Page - Connecting the negative cable of the bat Page - Checking the front brake fluid level Page - Changing the front brake fluid Page - Checking the rear brake linings Page - Changing the brake linings of the rear b Page - Checking the free travel of foot brake l Page - Installing the crankshaft bearing inner Page - Checking the crankshaft run-out at the b Page - Alternator - checking the charging coil Page - Alternator - checking the light winding Page - Removing the stator and crankshaft posit Table of Contents.

Ktm owner's manual motorcycle exc, exc six days xc, xc-w, exc xc, xc-w, exc, exc six days xc, xc-w, exc-e, exc-e six days 74 pages. Ktm owner's manual motorcycle sx, exc exc, xc, xc-w sx, exc, xc, xc-w exc, xc, xc-w 70 pages.

1990 KTM 250 Repair Manual

Page 3 KTM accepts no liability for delivery options, deviations from illustrations and descriptions, as well as misprints and other errors. Page 7 Indicates an expected reaction e. Indicates an unexpected reaction e. Indicates a page reference more information is provided on the specified page.

Indicates information with more details or tips. It contains useful information and tips that will help you repair and maintain your vehicle. Safety advice A number of safety instructions need to be followed to operate the vehicle safely.

Lift stand p. Info Adjusting screws are located at the bottom end of the fork legs. Make the same adjustment on both fork legs.

manual 1990 ktm 250 mxc repair

Adjusting the spring preload has no influence on the absorption setting of the rebound damping. Push the fork protection downwards. B 6. Condition The fork legs have been removed. Info Use soft jaws. Info Pull out and push in the piston rod a few times to empty the cartridge. Guideline Use soft jaws.

Clamping stand TS p. Preparatory work — Disassemble the fork legs. Fork oil SAE 4 S1 p. Assembly tool TS p. Lubricant T p.

KTM 250 EXC EU Repair Manual

Guideline Preload Adjuster on the outer tube High viscosity grease p. Mount the upper steering head bearing. Move the fork legs to and fro in the direction of travel. No play should be noticeable in the steering head bearing. Info Adjusting screw is located at the upper end of the right fork leg.

repair 1990 ktm manual mxc 250

Universal oil spray p. Remove the fork leg on the left. Remove the fork leg on the right. Info The rebound damping is located in the right fork leg red adjusting screw.

The compression damping is located in the left fork leg white adjusting screw. Lift off the fork protector. Mount the open end wrench on the hexagonal part. Release screw cap but do not remove it yet. Special socket T p. Info The adjusting tube can be used for this. Outside diameter of inner tube Mount valve needle in the piston rod.

Preparatory work — Assemble the seal ring retainer. Info The nut must be firmly tightened against the stop by hand.

mxc 1990 manual repair 250 ktm

Do not use a tool. Have the entire filling quantity of fork oil available. Info The upper milled groove in the fork leg must be flush with the top edge of the upper triple clamp. Position bleeder screws toward the front. Hole distance A 15 mm 0.

Hole distance B 3. The throttle cable must be routed behind the handlebar, on the right of the upper frame tube, and to the carburetor. Remove the engine guard. Adhere to the description provided.

10 Bourke Street, Kyneton VIC 3444 Australia. LMCT: 6244

Info The high-speed setting can be seen during the fast compression of the shock absorber. Main work — Choose and mount a suitable spring. Condition The shock absorber has been removed. Drain the remaining oil. Remove the spring and piston. Damper cartridge Diameter Pressing tool T p. Info Push in the rebound needle to the point where it is possible to mount the rebound damping adjusting screw.

Completely open the adjusters of the rebound and compression damping. Guideline 0 bar Oil is pumped into the damper.

1990 KTM 250 300 Repair Manual Two Stroke Engine

The pressure gauge increases to the required value. Guideline 10 mm Depth micrometer TS p. Guideline Reservoir filling port screw 3. Info The heim joint for the shock absorber at the swing arm is Teflon coated.

Do not touch hot components. Pull out inner tube — Pull the glass fiber yarn filling from the inner tube. Info If the air filter is not correctly mounted, dust and dirt can enter the engine and cause damage.

Be careful that no fuel is spilt, especially on hot vehicle components. Clean up spilt fuel immediately. Tap handle on the fuel tap is used to open or close the supply of fuel to the carbure- tor.

Possible states Fuel supply closed OFF — Remove the front fender. Page Wheels DOT marking. The first two digits indi- cate the week of manufacture and the last two digits the year of manufac- ture. KTM recommends that the tires are changed at the latest after 5 years, regardless of the actual state of wear. Info Make sure when pushing back the brake piston that you do not press the brake caliper against the spokes. Mount nutbut do not tighten it yet. Guideline Chain tension 55… 58 mm 2.

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