Sony hvr z7 manual pdf

pdf manual sony z7 hvr

Digital HD Video. Camera Recorder. Operating Guide. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. HVR-Z7U/. Introducing the HVR-Z7P, the world's first HDV handheld camcorder that uses 1/3​-inch bayonet joint interchangeable case, either manual or auto focus mode can be selected by improved in the HVR-Z7E and HVR-SE camcorders. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline.

Most useful pages: More Adjusting to natural color White balance Supplied items. Page of Go. Page 44 - Recording an index signal Page 45 - Reviewing the most recently recorded sce Page 54 - Displaying the settings in your camcorde Digital HD Video. Camera Recorder. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Digital hd video camera recorder and memory recording unit pages.

Digital hd video camera recorder; digital hd videocassette recorder 20 pages. Sony digital hd videocassette recorder owner's manual 20 pages.

Sony hvr-z7e.z7- Camcorder User Manual

Sony operating instructions digita hd video camera hvr-z1u pages. It adopts the MTF measurement system for video cameras and offers a quality typical of a Carl Zeiss lens. Page 7 Additional Information Using your camcorder abroad Page 8: Getting Started p.

hvr manual sony pdf z7

Page 9 Connecting cord DK 1 p. Place the microphone A in the microphone holder C with the model name facing upward, close the cover, and shut the clamp. Connect the plug of the Page 13 pressing the PUSH lens hood release button.

PL filter or MC protector, remove the lens hood with lens cover. To open or close the shutter of the Lens hood with lens cover Move the lens cover lever up or down to open or close the lens cover. Page 16 — The battery pack is damaged. Page 19 When the picture in the viewfinder is hard to see If you cannot see the picture in the viewfinder clearly under bright circumstances, use the supplied large eyecup.

To attach the large eyecup, stretch it slightly and align it with the eyecup groove in the viewfinder. Changing the language setting You can change the on-screen displays to show messages in a specified language. The recording lamp lights up during recording.

Move the power zoom lever D slightly for a slower zoom.

Move it further for a faster zoom. Use this function in the following cases.

pdf manual hvr sony z7

Page 29 adjustment, set the focus ring to mode B. You cannot use the automatic adjustment functions in mode A. Using automatic focus temporarily One push auto focus You can use this function only in mode B. By adjusting the iris, you can change or close the aperture of the lens, which is expressed as an F value between F1. The ND filter D suppresses this phenomenon and gives better recording results. Adjusting the gain You can adjust the gain manually when you do not want to use the AGC automatic gain You can store white balance values in memory A memory B Brespectively.

Page Adjusting The Black Balance the dial to set the temperature. Connect your camcorder to a TV or monitor, and adjust the picture quality while observing the picture on the TV or monitor screen. Page 36 Changing the settings of your camcorder recordings Continued KNEE To set knee point and slope for video signal compression to reduce over-highlighting by limiting signals in high contrast area of the subject to the dynamic range of your camcorder.

This function is more effective for deep colors and less effective for light colors. The color looks deeper as you decrease the setting value to more negative side, and lighter as you increase the value to more positive side.

Sony HVR-Z7E/Z7P Operating Manual

COPY To copy the settings of the picture profile to another picture profile number. Page Reviewing The Most Recently Recorded Scenes rec Review Reviewing the most recently recorded scenes Rec review You can view about 2 seconds of the scene recorded just before you stopped the tape. This is convenient during playback of the latest scene check.

You can use this function during the manual focus. Start playing back. Press rewind to go to the point you want to view, then press N play to start playback.

Searching for a scene by date of recording Date search You can search scenes by recording dates. Your camcorder may not detect the date if the recording between the indexes is short. Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the device to be connected. Jacks on your camcorder Open the jack cover and connect the cable.

Page 59 Type Camcorder i. For details, confirm the specifications of your TV. Page Using The Menu Using the Menu Using the menu items You can change various settings or make detailed adjustments using the menu items displayed on the screen.

Press the MENU button. The default settings are marked with B.

The indicators in parentheses appear when the items are selected. See page 64 for details on selecting menu items. ATW SENS You can set the auto white balance operation under a reddish light source such as an incandescent lamp or candle, or under a blueish light source such as in outdoor The default setting is [FAST]. Page 72 Press the MENU button t select the during recording of a subject under strong light, such as a stage. For example, you can prevent people's faces from over- highlighting.

The default setting is [OFF]. Page 73 To cancel before starting the operation, select [OFF] in step 1. If you are keeping the default recording time, go straight to step 3. Page 75 S. Color When you set this function to [ON], you can record with the wider color range. When using a highly sensitive microphone or recording loud sound, set this to the minus side.

Changes in the LCD brightness will not affect the brightness of recording images. It is displayed when you start playback or recording.

LINK jack for recording or playback. During the i. LINK jack. Page 88 Press the MENU button t select the 1 Insert a tape to the main camcorder from which you want to generate the time code.

LINK cable. The camera profile is saved. The default setting is [ON]. Connect your camcorder to the wall socket using the supplied AC Adaptor for this operation p. Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices to be connected.

LINK cable, after pausing or stopping and then resuming the recording, the images will be a bit choppy or rough at that point. Page 97 Dubbing to another device Prepare your camcorder for playback.

Insert the recorded cassette. When dubbing to the VCR, insert a cassette for recording. When an i. LINK cable is connected, the format of the input signal will be indicated on the LCD screen of your camcorder This indicator may appear on the screen of the playback device but it will not be recorded. The pictures on the VCR appear on the screen of your camcorder. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you run into any problems using your camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the problem.

If the problem persists, disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer. Page Troubleshooting Continued The picture in the viewfinder is not clear.

The picture in the viewfinder has disappeared. Rewind it, or insert a new cassette. Page Troubleshooting Continued End search or last scene review does not work. This is not a malfunction. Auto focus does not function. Tiny spots in white, red, blue, or green appear on the screen. Clean the head using the cleaning cassette optional p.

You cannot hear the sound recorded with 4CH microphone recording on another camcorder.

z7 manual pdf sony hvr

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