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repair 125 free manual gn suzuki

Suzuki GN Service Manual | Suzuki GN. In this Articel you'll find all Suzuki GN Tech, Service and Repair next pages will help you LearnlHow-To. Suzuki gn workshop manual pdf manuale istruzioni fiat smf manual buick rendezvous repair stilo manual. selben motor wie die gn hat nur. Suzuki gn service manual downloaded ico scoalasoferigalat honda yamaha suzuki manual i aprilia virago

Page of Go. Table of Contents. Page 2: Table Of Contents They may not represent the actual motorcycle exactly in detail. This manual is written for persons who have enough knowledge, skills and tools, including special tools, for servicing SUZUKI motorcycles.

Primer Service Completo (Aceite, Cadena, Bateria) -- Suzuki GN125

The text of this manual is divided into 7 sections. Holding the manual as shown as at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily.

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Apply oil. Use engine oil unless Apply or use the absorber oil otherwise specified. Grown Black Light blue Violet Blue Light green White Brown Orange Yellow Deep green Pay special attention to the messages highlighted by these signal words. Indicates a potential hazard that could result in motorcycle damage. When removing parts that are to be reused, keep them arranged in an orderly manner so that they may be reinstalled in the proper order and orientation.

Page 9: Serial Number Location. Mileages are expressed in terms of kilometer and time for your convenience. NOTE: More frequent servicing may be performed on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions.

Check and clean the element in the following manner. Remove the left frame cover. Tighten four M10 nuts to the specified torque when the engine is cold. Inspect the screen to insure that it is free of any sign of damage. The clutch play should be 4 mm as measured at the clutch lever holder before the clutch begins to disengage.

Loosen the locking nut turn the adjuster so that the throttle grip has 0. Tighten the locking nut 0. Replace hose every 4 years.

Change fluid every 2 years. The presence of air is indicated by "sponginess" Rear brake pedal height : mm Rear brake pedal travel Rear brake travel is the distance from stepping on the brake There are serial marks T. Tire Wear Indicator in the edge of the tire. Check the block of T. Inspect the rear absorber spring for damage, deformation or oil leakage. The necessity of repair depends on the result of inspection. The record of your authorized maintenance dealer should include compression pressure readings obtained in every maintenance.

Oil pressure inspection procedure Support the motorcycle with the main stand; Install the oil pressure gauge in the position shown in the illustration. The procedure of engine removal is sequentially explained in the following steps: Support the motorcycle with main stand.

Drain the engine oil. Loosen the throttle cable adjuster lock nuts, and take off the throttle cable Remove the crankcase breather pipe Remove the speedometer cable mounting screw, take off the speedometer cable assembly Take off the engine sprocket cover Disconnect the ground wire Take off the spark plug cap Remove the muffler mounting bolt Remove the muffler mounting bolts then take off the muffler.

Remove the engine front mounting bolt and engine lower hanging plate bolttake off the engine lower hanging plate. Temporarily fasten the engine mounting bracket before inserting the engine mounting bolts.

NOTE The engine mounting nuts are self-lock nuts.

Once the nut has been removed, it is no longer of any use. Be sure to use new nuts and tighten them to the specified torque. Refer to page Remove the generator cover cap and valve timing inspect- ing plug Remove the valve inspecting caps Bring the piston to top dead center. When removing cylinder head cover piston must be at top dead center on compression stroke.

The cam chain tensioner bolt is to be removed only when disassembling the engine Do not drop camshaft drive chain, pin and sprocket into the crankcase. Remove the cylinder head side nuts and cylinder side nuts. Loosen the cylinder head cover nuts diagonally, then detach the cylinder head. Pull out the valves from the other side.

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Remove the oil seal. Removed oil seal should be replaced with a new one. Remove the spring lower retainer. Rocker arm shaft O. IN and EX : Camshaft runout limit: 0. Valve spring free length imit: IN. The valve must be replaced if the runout exceeds the limit. Valve stem runout limit: 0. If found any defective, service the valve seat. Damaged surface Uneven contact surface Using the 45 reamer, descale and cleanup the seat with Fill intake and exhaust ports with gasoline to check for leaks and worn seals.

If any leaks occur, check the valve seat and face for burrs or other defects that could prevent the valve from fully seating. Gasoline is very explosive, be sure to keep the work area well ventilated. Lubricate the rocker arm shaft with engine oil. Mount the rocker arm, rocker spring, flexuous washer and rocker arm to the cylinder head cover.

gn 125 manual suzuki free repair

Refer to page Remove the gasket, dowel pins and guide rod. Remove the cylinder. Using a soft-metal scrapper or discarded piston ring to decarbon the ring grooves of the piston. Do not use the steel brush or the piston will be scratched. If any ring has an excess end gap, replace the ring. Page 51 ENGINE Place a clean rag over the cylinder base to prevent piston pin circlip from dropping into crankcase, and then fit the piston pin circlip with long-nose pliers.

Replace with a new piston pin circlip to prevent circlip slipping from position. End gap of the circlip should not be aligned with the cutaway in the piston pin bore. Remove the clutch cover screws diagonally, take off the clutch cover Remove the gasket and dowel pins.

125 suzuki manual free repair gn

Remove the clutch spring bolts diagonally. Flatten the lock washer. Hold the clutch hub with the special tool, remove the clutch hub nut and lock washer.

Suzuki GN125F Service Manual

Remove the primary driven gear, spacer and washer. Replace all driven plates if any of them exceeds the limit. Install the lock washer, tighten the clutch sleeve hub nut to the specified torque. Remove the oil pump.

If the oil pump does not move smoothly, replace it. Remove the clutch. Remove the engine sprocket cover. Remove the starting motor by removing the bolts.

Remove the generator cover Remove the gasket and dowel pins. Remove the generator rotor nut while holding the generator rotor with the special tool. Remove the starter clutch gear. Remove the rollerpush pieceand spring The gear turns one direction only. If a large resistance is felt to rotation, inspect the starter clutch for damage or inspect the starter clutch contacting surface of the starter driven gear for wear or damage.

When installing the key, take care not to damage the key slot and crankshaft. When installing the rotor, align the rotor key slot with the key on the crankshaft.

Install the generator nut, tighten the nut to the specified torque. Refer to page Remove the clutch and gear shifting shaft. Refer to page 3- Remove the generator rotor and starting clutch.

Refer to page Remove the neutral locate screw plug and oil filter cover.

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