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These Clone commandos have been specially bred at the clone factories on Kamino. The commando team travels to various locations in the Star Wars universe. › app › STAR_WARS_Republic_Commando. You are the leader of an elite squad of Republic Commandos, your mission is to infiltrate, dominate, and ultimately, annihilate the enemy.

Minimum System Requirements System: 1. The game was developed by LucasArts and Factor 5 and was released for the Nintendo 64 video game console and the PC on December 7, Kyle is informed by 88 that his father was killed by a Dark Jedi named Jerec. He escapes a gun to the head from a Gran and chases 88 for a stolen data disk meant only for Kyle from his father. Single starfighters have different parameters, such as speed, hull and shield strength, armament, etc.

First of all, the pilot must learn how to have basic control of his starship. Pilot will learn this in the Pilot 'Proving Ground'. Then the pilot can try out 'Traing Simulator' where they will be flying missions against Empire from Rebel Alliance history 6 missions for each starfighter. When players sufficiently understand how to control single crafts, he can set off on the main part of the game, the campaign called 'Tour of Duty'.

X-Wing game has 3 campaigns.

Star Wars Republic Commando 2010 Full Rip

This mission disk adds an original game: New Tour of Duty Imperial Pursuit - campaign consists of twenty missions and player has four choices of two missions Star Wars - X-Wing - B-Wing The second mission disk for X-Wing game was released in maybe ?

This mission disk adds in original game: Brand-new starfighter B-Wing, 6 new training missions for B-Wing, New Tour of Duty B-Wing - this campaign consists of twenty missions and player has four times choice of two missions, 3 short cutscenes that help complete the storyline of the campaign. The game contains: Original X-Wing game, Imperial Pursuit mission disk, B-Wing mission disk, 6 new missions for Training simulator, Enhanced graphics, Enhanced sounds, Full voice mission briefings, Easier mode available for more challenging missions.

This sequel to X-Wing stands the player on the opposite site of the galactic conflict - as a pilot for the Empire. The player is the cadet of the Imperial Navy and must go through hard training. This mission disk adds in original game: 3 new battles, New starfighter, the Missile Boat, 4 training mission for Missile Boat in Combat Chamber, Several new spacecraft.

Star Wars - X-Wing vs.

wars fullrip commando star republic

Tie Fighter The whole game is oriented on multi-player. The single-player is only something like training for the multi-player. The game doesn't contain any real campaign with story and any cut-scenes except intro animation.

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This game is very uncompleted. XvT was great in technical aspect resolution xall ships and space objects are fully textured, 3D acceleration with patch, better sounds and music from movies, etc. Player can choose which side of galactic conflict they'd like to be on - Rebels or Empire change side consists one click with mouse. Multi-player itself is very good and has great playability.

PC Longplay [241] Star Wars Republic Commando (part 1 of 3)

Every mission can play up to 8 players, which can play with or against. TIE Fighter was released in too. It contains everything, including what was missing in the original game - campaign with story and cut-scenes. TIE Fighter. TIE Fighter resolution x3D acceleration Various menus are also upgraded. Totally Games originally wanted to remake cut-scenes in both games, but it didn't happen.

The only upgraded animations are X-Wing's intro which was complete with some new framesseveral animations in X-Wing and very few almost none in TIE Fighter. The last part of collection called X-Wing vs.

Difference in comparison with previous games is that player isn't some 'no-name' pilot on one side of the galactic civil war, but an actual person - Ace Azzameen.

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The story of the game describes the family's and Rebellion's events. The finale is the Battle of Endor. Beside classic and family missions in single player battles, the player can fly training missions in the Pilot Proving Grounds. Ace can fly in various spaceships and starfighters. In the Battle of Endor, the player jumps into the cockpit of legendary Millennium Falcon.

As the name would imply, this CD-ROM combines the classic board game with the equally classic movie series. This 3D game contains over puzzles spread across eight levels of play in six unique environments.

Protocol droid C-3PO guides you through a brief tour of the game before you get started and is available to provide help while you are in the "Puzzle Training" and "Puzzle Maker" areas.

His sidekick R2-D2 can help you with the puzzles themselves and whenever you see his icon on the screen. As either the Rebellion or the Empire, it's up to you to command your side to victory against the computer or a friend via the Internet.

Take the controls of your Pod as one of over 20 racers, all taken from the film, and fly at speeds exceeding miles per hour on 21 tracks spread across eight worlds. Underlord of the Black Sun crime ring.

About This Game

Mastermind behind a brazen plot to assassinate Luke Skywalker. But you, as maverick mercenary Dash Rendar, have other plans. Stop Xizor. Protect Luke.

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All via the aid of your blaster, brains and bravery. Will light emerge from the shadows? With your help, it can. To join the elite, Luke Skywalker must endure the most rigorous training.

Tests of the mind, tests of the body, and tests of the heart must all be passed before he can truly call himself a Jedi. The Rebel Alliance has received information that the Empire is building a secret droid factory somewhere on Tatooine, and it's sending you to investigate. Your mission is to find the factory and reprogram the assassin droids the Empire is creating there. Released by Lucas Learning, there is an educational intent behind this game, one which should have kids and even adults learning while enjoying themselves.

System Requirements

However, there are a few new and different weapons, and the absence of a "morality scale" means that no choice between the light side or the path of darkness occurs. As a result, all but two Force abilities found in Jedi Knight are available, with five new ones added as well.

Also differing from its predecessor, Mysteries of the Sith's cut-scenes are computer-generated instead of portrayed by live actors. Rapidshare download Link: [code] rapidshare.

All viewpoints and gameplay is through the use of motion video backdrops. Rapidshare Download Links: Code: rapidshare. After you've selected your move, each character comes to life and has special skills that'll have this chess match seem like more than just a board game. Rapidshare Download Link: Code: rapidshare. It's vital that Rebel forces obtain the secret plans to this station--and you are the Rebel spy the Alliance has sent in to do the job.

Doom clone on most levels. Though much of the action takes place in a fighter or defense vehicle above the Naboo landscape, story animations and ship selection options take the place in 3D-rendered scenes on the planet's surface as well.

wars fullrip commando star republic

There are a number of ships are at your disposal: X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings, V-wings and speeders. Although these are the normally selectable vehicles, sharp players will find hidden vehicles. Star Wars : Rogue Squadron 3D places you in 16 environments ranging from water fly-overs to volcanic regions.

You'll lead both the Empire's monolithic military might and the ragtag-yet-resourceful Rebels. Keep your war machine humming in single- and multiplayer modes. The ultrarealistic 3D terrain and vehicles give you the power to guide your troops to victory. This is war. This is Force Commander! Rapidshare download Link: Code: rapidshare.

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Through each of the 21 mission-based levels, you'll battle new enemies as you fight your way to a Dark Jedi named Jerec who aims to gain the power of the Valley of the Jedi. As you progress, you'll learn to use the Force as your ally and must eventually make an important decision: do you adopt the powers of the light side or follow the quick and easy path to power as an agent of evil? Your fate is in your own hands. Though the fundamentals and mechanics of play are similar to those of Ensemble's popular war game LucasArts brings a new look and style to the structure, with a developed single-player campaign and units, civilizations, and settings taken directly from the Star Wars stories.

You will immediately notice the serious modifications brought to the gameplay and graphics. Rebel Assault 2 features similar action scenes as Rebel Assault but this time, you'll have to avoid obstacles like other ships, moving objects, etc This makes the gameplay even more challenging because you feel more as if you are the pilot.

Not Here. Using the army battle droids, the Confederation of successfully advancing, causing the troops of the Republic of defeat after defeat. Save the situation could only wonder And it was in the form of artificially cultivated army soldiers.

The army of clones. Soldiers from the tubedesigned for war, knowing nothing but war and living for the sake of war. Star Wars Rebellion Torrent. How will you dominate the galaxy? Military might, diplomacy, or a mixture of the two? Build massive fleets, settle worlds, blow up planets, and invade planets with your armies. In Star Wars Rebellion you use agents of the Empire or Rebellion for research, diplomacy, sabotage, reconnaisance, recruiting more agents, and even training in the ways of the force to make them more formidable.

Hint: It took me a while to figure out how to do it so I thought I'd tell you all, to colonize a world just send one garrison down onto it and you hold it, then all you have to do is allocate it's resources and have other planets ship buildings off to it to that effect or ship buildings so that it can build things as well.

No crack is included because I cannot make no-cd cracks and I could not find any which worked, but if you follow these instructions Also listed in the NFO then you'll have no problems. If you like this game,please buy it license version! The third-person action game follows Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as they fight enemies, learn new skills, and pull off combo moves.

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