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Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures. EN Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures. EN Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures. Venue: CEE Seminar Room A, NTU (N1-B1b). Course Instructors 2. Eurocode 1 - Actions in Case of Fire. am – am. Tea Break. CEE Seminar Room A (N1-B1b) Nanyang Technological University The course will introduce design provisions specified in Euro codes for fire 2. Eurocode 1 - Actions in Case of Fire. 3. The Structural Eurocodes. 4.

National Implementation and Annex 2. EC0 3. Load combinations 4. Global imperfections 5. Worked Examples 6.

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National Implementation and Annex Codes that relate to actions 1. National Implementation and Annex 7 EN Structural Eurocodes will be the only prescribed structural design standards from 1 Apr EC0 A structure shall be designed to have adequate: - Structural resistance ultimate limit state - Serviceability serviceability limit state - Durability serviceability limit state - Fire resistance fire limit state - Robustness accidental limit state 10 2.

They will necessitate replacement of the structure or element. ULS is governed by strength and stability of structures or members. These refer to conditions of the structure in use, including deformation, cracking and vibration which: 1 damage the structural or non-structural elements finishes, partitions, etc. SLS is generally governed by he stiffness of the structure and the detailing of reinforcement. These refer to states beyond which the structure infringes an agreed performance criterion 2.

Normal use includes possible extreme loading conditions from wind, snow, imposed loads, etc Related to the design working life of the structure. These refer to temporary conditions of the structure, in terms of its use or its exposure, e. Much shorter than the design working life Refer to exceptional conditions applicable to the structure when subjected to seismic events.

These refer to exceptional conditions e. Refer to relatively short period. Internal failure or excessive deformation of the structure or structural members, including columns, footings, piles, basement walls, etc. Failure or excessive deformation of the ground where the strength of soil or rock are significant in providing resistance; 2. EC0 Ultimate limit states: Three common failure states 15 2.

EC0 16 Classification of Actions 2. In Eq. These can be referred to Reliability Methods 3.

NTU Seminar Actions Wanted Deador Live Euro Code

Load combinations Equation 6. Load combinations 23 3. Load combinations Ultimate states Combinations of actions Eq. Load combinations 25 Variance of dimensions of a structure or a member Lack of verticality of a structure and straightness or flatness of a member Global and local imperfections e 0 h h b A 4. Global imperfections 26 Global imperfections of frames or bracing systems Cover lack of verticality for frames or straightness of structure restrained by bracings Local member imperfections of individual members Cover lack of straightness or flatness of a member and residual stresses of the member Global and local imperfections 4.

Global imperfections Ed Ed V H Global imperfections Identify the critical load combinations for the ultimate limit state design of the beam below using fundamental combinations given in Table A1. Example 1. Load combination for cantilever beams 30 P 1 2 5. Worked examples Static equilibrium EQU for building structures should be verified using the design values of actions in Table A1.

The fundamental load combination to be used is: When considering stability EQUa distinction between the favorable and unfavorable effects needs to be made. Worked examples Annex A1. Worked examples 33 1. Two options are given. Either combination 6.

seminar code 2 pdf ntu euro

Worked examples 35 In the single source principle for permanent actions in EC0, all permanent actions from one source are assigned the same value of partial factor in any one load combination.

Worked examples 36 1. For max reaction at 1 1 2 Load case 1 For max reaction at 2 1. For max moment at 1 2 Load case 3.

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For max moment of cantilever 1. For min positive moment 1P 1. Leading and accompanying Variable Actions 5. Worked examples 40 1 2 Load case 1 a.

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Treat the imposed load as leading VAR action 1 2 0. Worked examples 41 1 2 0. Treat the wind load as leading VAR action 1. Treat the imposed load as leading VAR action 5. Treat the imposed load as dominant load without wind 1.

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    IN BOTH CASES: FAVOURABLY HIGH σh! THE EUROCODES: NEW EUROPEAN BASIS FOR DESIGN replacing national standards in Norway in Part 2.

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    This course complements the basic course on Eurocode 2 (EC2), Design of Concrete conference articles on steel and concrete structures.

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    Eurocode implementation in S'pore • Links between Eurocodes • Product Standards 2. 2. SS EN Design of structures for earthquake resistance. 1. 1. SS EN Design of /BC_gaalmapat.site underscore.


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