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Simplification of work or the working methods to achieve higher productivity is the basic motive of method study. In this paper, we have analyzed the process of. “Work study is a generic term for those techniques, particularly method study and work measurement, which are used in all its context and which lead. By applying method study and work measurement in the industry at production line-Surma for ladies bag, productivity has been improved by %. Keywords:​.

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study method work pdf and study

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pdf and method work study study

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Industrial Engineering Method Study and Work study 1. Nashik Contact No- E mail:- shinde. Operations Process Chart 2.

Work Study: Definition, Role and Objectives

Flow Process Chart 3. Two Handed Process Chart 4. Flow Diagram 2. Process Chart Symbols Indicates the main steps in a process, method or procedure. Usually the part, material or product concerned is modified or changed during the operation. Operation 3. Temporary Storage or Delay Indicates a delay in the sequence of events : for example, work waiting between consecutive operations, or any object laid aside temporarily without record until required. Permanent Storage Indicates a controlled storage in which material is received into or issued from a store under some form of authorization; or an item is retained for reference purposes.

Combined Activities Indicates a controlled storage in which material is received into or issued from a store under some form of authorization; or an item is retained for reference purposes. Process Charts Used In Method Study Outline process chart: An outline process chart records an overall picture of the process and records only the main events sequence-wise. It considers only the main operations and inspections. Operation process chart: The basic process chart, called an operation process chart, is understood as a graphic representation of the points at which the materials are introduced into the process and of the sequence of inspections and all operations except those involved in materials handling.

It includes information considered desirable for analysis such as time required to carry out the operation and the location. Flow process chart: Flow process charts are graphic representations of the sequences of all operations, transportation, inspections, delays, delays and storages occurring during a process or a procedure and include information considered for analysis such as, time required and distance moved.

The flow process chart could be of two types namely, i Flow process chart material or product type. Multiple Activity Chart: In this chart, the activities of more than one subject worker, machine or equipment are recorded on a common time scale to show their inter-relationship. Flow diagram: The flow diagram is a drawing or diagram drawn to a scale to show the relative position of a machine or equipment, jigs and fixtures, gangways or aisles and shows the path followed by materials or machines.

pdf method study work study and

String diagram: It is scale plan or model on which a string or a thread is used to trace and measure the path of workers, material or equipments during a specified sequence of events. SIMO chart: These indicate the basic motions consisting of three parts, viz. The simultaneous motion cycle chart SIMO is a type of two handed process chart in which the micro motions of both hands are recorded. Write title at the top of the chart. Begin the chart from the right hand side top corner.

Represent the main component at the right extreme. Represent the sequence of operations and inspections by their symbols. Connect them by vertical flow lines. Record the brief description of the activity to the right side of the symbols. Note down the time for each activity to the left of the symbol. Number all operations in one serial order. Start from the right hand top from number 1. Similarly number all inspections in another serial order starting from 1. Continue numbering, till the entry of the second component.

Show the entry of purchased parts by horizontal lines. The details must be obtained by direct observation—charts must not be based on memory.

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All the facts must be correctly recorded. No assumptions should be made. Make it easy for future reference. All charts must have the following details: a Name of the product, material or equipment that is observed.

Type of flow process charts 1. Material type flow process chart This flow process chart records how the material is handled or treated. Equipment type flow process chart This flow process chart records how the equipment or machine is used. This refers to the time when the work is held by hand.

Hence, the symbol for inspection is not used in this chart. It is also used when a number of workers jointly do a job. Movie Camera. Exposure meter. A flow diagram is essentially a flow process chart drawn to: 1. Show the layout of a facility. Show the flow of work through that area 3.

Show overcrowding areas, crossing worker paths, total travel. Identify how layout can be redesigned to reduce travel, motion, collisions, etc. Store materials near where they are used. Increase efficiency and safety. Applications 1 It is used for recording the complex movements of material or men. It is a disciplined approach which ensures the necessary functions for the minimum cost without diminishing quality, reliability, performance and appearance.

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    Work Study- Method study. Importance. ❖Managing people within operations involves actual design decisions about jobs, methods, relationships between jobs.

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    By applying method study and work measurement in the industry at production line-Surma for ladies bag, productivity has been improved by.

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    The work study man must see that the new method introduced is followed. The workers after some time may slip back to the old methods. This should not be.

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    work study and method study,types of flow process charts. Download Full PDF EBOOK here { }.

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    Once the method study has developed an improved procedure for doing a work the work measurement or time study will study the time to complete a job.


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